Friday, March 9, 2012


                                It is time to repent for us as the year 2012 is approaching and future cannot be predicted as dooms day scenario is predicted by some.But I personally believe the year will be beginning of new realization and repentance inspite of Chinese Dam above us.As many good peoples also unintentionally become spoiled in our state earlier as their was failure of whole system and worst pressure from rulling Congress Govt. to do something even against their concience.Thus time for all to repent specially those who have gain so much from the system and some politicians who have enjoyed like doing job more for them to show their responsibility.As the family monopoly has been seen to be breached in earlier election even in Congress strong bastion like Goa.The clean has to begine from above from 10% of rich and powerful club ,who basically have become the coglomaration of the vested interested like in Goa ,the day they stop their deceitful life better it will be for all.
                            As warning and muscle flexing against someone won`t remove this facts.A friend told me that the selfish man alone become officer and Politician earlier in our State; as he was for all along for himself and have also given good time to academic pursuit for himself only and have played manipulative politics to loot the booty.As there is no mechanism to find goodness of the person in Public service commission and election of representatives , and as such earlier money and muscle power alone mattered.As if this representatives won`t retire after sometimes.But few also changed with harshness and grim reality of life as their was also competitiveness among them .And the result the servivors who are few but powerful, this ten % are the ones who are commanding the masses so far , therefore the cleaning has to begine from top to bottom as they also want to change now especially the power being with the Christian leaders now and fortunately some have still God fearness with them.

                                      Sometimes I feel whole revolution in the world is only for saving the poor mans in the Arunachal Pradesh and Goa; as the poor persons here mostly constitute of good believers seems to have compelled the God to bless them.As they belong to some unprevilige places where they were really suffering .As if there is pot full of food something will be given to all.But some Crooks ensured that the pot itself is hide earlier than what? Therefore my column in a small way should help the masses in long run, as the injustice is also mother of insurgency so common in North East.As so much waste in convincing a Central party observer.Thus for now I have selected the elites who are the man who matter most and need to be targeted first.Who need to be real repeanted ones before changing others, thus this articles is to reach the elites who need be more born again Person in place where their was earlier lack of good leader, opposition and media.And other co-intellegentia should respect those genuine ones who could have earned more than them.Repeatedly rising the voice of the voiceless can only help in thwarting the revolutionary feeling that will be dangerous for beurocrates first.And help in getting the blessings of majority society as true leader is one who sacrifice.Even if this is despised by the rich and powerful who wants to earn without no one to control them. And as they are being today neutralized by many good Samaritans today who have done enough for the society and the others also need to come and help them.Today the genuine leaders who can be seen as professional and full time politicians who are different from darbari politicians need to be psychologically prepared for the right occasion to benefit from this new developments.As if the whole Publics is involved at this stage their may be aqute need of fund and the business man and contractor leaders will make sure to purchase them one by one.There will be also more demand for fireworks if the action is started before time.And as the moneywallas will play money politics the elites have to also play what God has given them.The power of logical conviction given to all the elites, most powerful of all the society members who are after all thousand times better than animals and revolution should start from them being the enlightened ones.But we do understand now that the nervous Govt. will now compell some weak officer to join them openly.But inside them passion for revolution should also burn , after all they started from farmers son and this good revolution is also for their less deprieved relatives in Villages .This articles does not mean that all the present politicians are that bad also.I am espeacilly expecting good treatment from some who was one`s upon a time in Basarn my man friday.Good also for the repeanted ones as they are also great , as time seems to have come for whole Arunachal to get berseck like Goa Publics.I thank the day the Editor of the Echo who earlier refused to publish my article telling that it was too direct against the establishment.The apology letter is still with me, probably this compelled me to make my present blog.
                              There are many who are writing openly against the Govt. this days; but their was a time to spearhead the revolution against the untouchables , whom less Peoples dare to criticize earlier and above all to bring a social reconcialation as all the officers where also not initially bad and still many wants to change and willing to support for the change all believe in.And fortunately for me that passion and right kind of connection seems to be blessed by God to some extent.As the most difficult class has to be convinced first as they need time to change also.And they also need our prayer support, after all they will have to change with time which they never imagine it will come too soon.And if they change than so good ,after all they are also our own .And after that who is going to be bad in the rulling Congress party?Honestly many Congress man in private also show their willingness to join PPA in the constituency where PPA seniors are not supposed to contest.But why they should wait for the 2014 Lok sabha election, as the seeking congress ticket may be a foregone case than , as the trend is definitely against family monopoly .The congress party honestly seems to be going through multiple identity crisise.As God gives time to all and definitely their time seems to have elapsed.Now nothing like honourable exit and rethink an strategy if one wants to servive .As the wrong decesion is not going to help the rich and powerful leaders in todays kind of politics.Today the Publics are going to support one alone  in whose heart the Public service motto is in letter and spirit.

                                        Mind it the elites have the most important duty, in the day of Judgement they will be the first ones to be thrown in burning sulfur first according to Holy Bible followed by gnashing of teeth.As there are also others schemes where they can make others also rich and live a happy life; but honestly most of them earlier where seen to be least interested than to make Malls and supermarkets, making themselves more vulnerable in future.Atleast for once like Tugo Gankagji,Tsring Jurmeji,Setong Senaji,gegong Apangji and T.Migo Basarji etc. they have made something for the Publics benefit as well.Thus time for repentance and show it by sponsoring good leaders and good political parties which may be a small way of repentance in comparison to kind of gain they have made earlier.The PIL against the disproportionate wealth by Kripa Shankarji of Congress party of Maharashtra who started his political carrier by becoming Vegetable vendore shows the Congress corrupt culture.As for some of our State leaders, the income rise annually may be far more than other State leaders as well.And most will be caught in disproportionate wealth case, if a honest and impartial enquiry is made critics are sure.Some clever politicians are already blaming the supporters and public for the money demanded in election.And day dreaming for their unopposed election`s on the excuse that in that way only they won`t spent no money.And the critics are seeing it a ploy to make them more richer and to make the society more poorer; as no amount of their excuses is going to be successful now. The Public now needs to realize that today God seems to have given power to poor and downtrodden to certify ACR of Public Leaders. As complaint will come from them only, not from rich friends.As the Hon`ble Supreme Court has given three months period for giving Prosecution sanction against the corrupt public servant`s which means ruling party also cannot protect the corrupt now.

                                            Sometimes truth is bitter but best also to find an amicable solution; the problem doesn`t go by not thinking about some issue.Thus it is better to support one who has the moral authority to broker a deal for all. As the adviser peace and Justice Dept.Council of Baptist Church North East India it is my duty also to bring a peaceful solution to haves and haves not alike.Howsoever some might be hated he may be also gifted one to broker a honourable deal for all.As days of secret match fixing and settings have gone now, with the Country seems to be even rejecting vote to Congress party cinedie in the name of the Gandhi family.Thus one like Baba Ramdevji who wage open war against an issue their time has come even if he is not that rich and powerful.As power is truelly given by Public and none can dare to terminate one like Baba Ramdevji at his own peril.

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