Friday, March 30, 2012

Please stop stealing others article:-

                                      Those who steal others articles in blog please note that this is illegal.The reader of my blog are requested to inform me about the similier article if some is seen writing like my style , after my article is published none can duplicate it or publish in his name according to copyright Act.In my blog also the warning is given that the copyright have to be taken from me if someone want to write my article.As 70% article content should not match with my article as per the legal norm.As today the cyber piracy is a big crime and a person can be punishable from 3 month or more if he /she is seen stealing others article.

                                                                Mind it the creativity comes out from inner core of heart and soul,and very taugh job as well.Even if one take any portion of this articles , he must reflect the name of the original writer.For the interest of the future writer who will solely defended on this as bread earning, it has become imperative for me to appeal this.Even if I was not kind of person who was coveting name and fame, as friends this is really a taugh business unless a spirit power really motivates.Therefore i request my readers to inform me if their is a case of infringment of my copy right as I will be compell to take legal action against him as given in my notification also.

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