Friday, March 30, 2012

``The Bad times for the Congress survivle in Arunachal Pradesh in the future``

                                       The loss of the Congress even in the Raivellary and Amethi and its traditional strong hold in the Goa is really a danger bell for the Congress party in Arunachal Pradesh.When going gets taugh than taugh gets going as the Congress in the state is defendant on Gandhi family name for survival, and with its downfall it can do little as the party consists of leaders who have never seen bad days earlier. Now that the Gandhi family who had a divine image may have problem themselves overcoming this political threat to their fielfdom, unless they are really made of nerve of still and muscle of iron, as like the fish the Indian Public`s seems not interested to bite the Congress hooks fourth time, and seems to be uninterested to vote in the name of Gandhi family that long;and to some critics , it is even doubtful weather they will contest in Lok Sabha election`s as M.P also.
                                                      And more their supporters try to pacify the situation,critic`s are seeing the Gandhi family as power obsessed and may distance more from them as none want to be with any one in bad times.As unlike the PPA cadres who have seen the worst of life the congress party in the state is filled with rich and powerful parasites of the Gandhi family.As this time Congress Raaj is really at stake with the fear of the secret of the Swiss Bank ghost ready to haunt them if they lost in coming election, making them redundant for ever,theirfore now time to show real party discipline by the lousy ones.And mind it more than the Gandhi family members , the corrupted congress man seems to have been more responsible for defaming the party.For the future Congress party interest, it is now very important to have an alliance with the regional parties which will have the capacity to dislodged the Congress party like it happened in Goa, if it choose a head long collision with it as critics opine.
                                               This days nothing can be predicted, those secured leaders may be in the more trouble zone for not being in touch with the grass roots now.Thus time has gone to underestimate the innocent Publics who earlier where basically ruled by fear of ruling party over them .Who are today seems to be not convinced with the politicians and officers nexus in State who is trying to justify their disproportionate wealth beyond their known source of income, which they claim to earn by investing in partnership ,share and debentures of the private company.Publics at large now see it as a true lie and believes still many weakness can be found against their justification, but good if they make a honourable exit and true repentance .And worst what Publics are complaining now is that- the haves seems to be not even repenting for their wrongs by siding with the revolution. And are still seen to try to retain their fielfdom by siding with the redundant leaders.And this attitude may make the Publics and the opposition party to have more leftist mindset, doubts some critics.But few exceptionally good persons are also their with the beorgiouse class, they have to be appreciated.

                                                            Today it is time to take practical steps and address the ground reality, as the coalition era has come and Congress where caught off guard in Goa for their selfishness,egoism,boastfulness and pride.As the parties like PPA also are ready to accept a pragmatic and viable step if there is a honourable approach based on mutual respect.Smelling coming danger even the youth groups like NSUI and Congress Seva Dal have strong doubts that the Seniours will run away to other party in bad time like always specially, if the Congress losses in centre.And knows fully well that coming election is going to be the historic occasion when the Congress foundations may be shaken for the first time.Thus many Youths are also exploring prospect in our party, but unless one is really ready to serve the motherland which will be only by accepting our ideology of searching the roots we are not interested. As time have come for selecting quality Peoples, as with God`s graceness good day of the PPA party also seems to be coming.
                                             And amidst this rumour that some sincere congress man are also heard to be advocating a viable and practical arrangement for the interest of their party by having coalition with the Opposition party, the day of reconcialation between two ideology may finally come.And not wrong also as no Congress Youth leader is fool today to take care of the party after every one runs away and wait for opportunity which may never come, as the future of the Congress will be itself under question in case of 2014 Lok sabha debacle.The present occasion may be an opportunity to join the PPA and become legendary leaders like Garibaldi of Italy,who fight for unification of Italy in the time of historical and decessive battle. Thus for those who where always known for wrong reason earlier also time for them to repent and damped by Congress party in interest of coalition.But the coalition is not our desperation as God seem to be behind us now.

                                             As being the common friend of the BJP and Congress and having equi-distance relationship we are not aversed to a concrete discussion with any party for State interest also.Even if seldom people so far believes Congress stand in state of Arunachal Pradesh and also doubt the commitment to Publics by the BJP for not accepting the PPA`s earlier plea for joint action plan and coordinated attack against Congress party.As for the Hon`ble MLA of TMC,NCP and others they themselves know that the gate of PPA is open for them also,after all they are also prodigal son of soil and have proved their mentle also.We have personally no problem also tomorrow to have a working relationship with any party in the centre for State interest.

                                                 As a revolution alone should bring a transformation in State believes some, so there is need for like minded Peopes to unite to back the friends who are in need of dire support.It is not good to be prejudice to any person or party, all the Arunachalees are same brother`s even if we have different ideology.It may have been much better if tomorrow we make a united Govt.of all the party.A step towards all party reconcialation and national Govt. in the centre.After all the peace loving Peoples of our state should set an example even if the BJP and the Congress party don`t see eye to eye in centre. As for the Congress man if they have problem with BJP it is their personal problem not our`s , as for now lots of sin confession has to be made by ruling Govt.feels most of the critics.And who knows tomorrow the same justification of the earlier Congress supporters for need of cordial relation with power in centre may go against them this time.As their coming to power seems to be difficult now as everybody seems to be fed up of misusing of CBI which seems to be used to compel congress support.

                                    Today their cannot be any double standard for any party as the State belongs to all.Congress party cannot treat Arunachal as its fielfdom, as only a psychopathic and maniac illiterate lower rank cadre ,one brainwashed in NSUI and Seva Dal camp will think so.Even I was sorry to see the poor condition of a house of a senior NSUI candidate in compare to their MLA relatives.It is time they also give devil their due, after all they were emotionally blackmailed for a long time.Thus Arunachal Publics have they any better option than to have a party equally liked by BJP and Congress if really congress losses in the centre.As who knows in time to come PPA may be uniting point for both the ex- supporters of BJP and Congress party also.The Crooks should now stop back biting us, as it is seen in times of troubles they are seen to be one`s jumping like frogs ,while rebucking us now in the front of the innocent publics. By the way in PPA ,We honestly prefer to follow first come first serve policy.

                                     Atleast good things about the BJP, they are even said to be ready to give about 40 % of the seat to regional party, if it accepts the post poll coalition.This is more practical as well,as the state Christians here are not matured like in Goa,accepted that some non tribals in Dist.Head Quarter`s are very dedicated to the BJP party but honestly they are very less.And have realized it is better to support anti congress party than to loss their vote voting for BJP here.As they have seen corrupted ones are seen to be investing outside the state losing them in their bussiness.As a matter of fact even if there is no clandestine membership drive by PPA now.But by virtue of natural factor`s all are its members only and will definitely feel themselves connected to party sentimentally in right time.The Gangi goers are already seing its ideology identical, thus this party alone has the capacity to unite the Christians and the Enemists for the peace and better future.Last time I supported my College friend Kiran Rijujuji the BJP candidate for member of Parliament, but unfortunately found that many of my Christian believer`s refused to vote him in Christian strong hold as they really felt uncomfortable with BJP.This is inspite of fact that most of the persecution to Christians where made during Congress regime.
                                    It seems some of the innocent Christians still sympathise with the Italian connection of the Gandhi family,thus they are expected to choose PPA more who stood with them during persecution era.As many PPA leaders who where basically of Christian origins their houses where said to be burned at same time the Churches where burnt.They suffered along with the mass persecutions against Christians, as if their was a state level plan to harm PPA vis a vis Christians .So Christian atleast cannot deny their sacrifice also.As the morally upright Christian leaders than preferred to support the uncorrupted late Tomo Ribaji philosophy of justice and equality , which may have seemed to them to be same as Holy Bible preaching .And PPA team also stood by them in time of trouble, as I still remember Tomo Ribaji telling me when the persecution was in its height he show the secret file for persecution of Christian in the table of Lt.Governor K.A Raja.I was not even Christian than when I heard this from him.
                                Thus why not Congress makes post poll alliance with PPA is what some critics are surprised at after all the Donyi polo worshipers and the Christians are the main pillar`s of our society.This sincerity can be shown by Congress by officially announcing its inclination to sharing one M.P seat with PPA and give 30 % of the Assembly seat to PPA, barring the seat of the present Hon`ble Cabinet ministers in the coming panchayat elections as the mark of goodwill, than only the sincerity of Congress party may be appreciated .After all beggars can`t be chooser`s, who knows who will become beggar tomorrow?As it is certain in the absence of this arrangement their may be a joint opposition against Congress party before next Lokh Sabha election.And with the Wiki Leaks prediction for Congress need for coalition with regional forces.Is not the sword of demogogles hanging on each congress man neck after what happened in U.P.
                                                             The goodwill can be a good way to win PPA trust and even if it hurt few congress man interest is it not a better gamble, after all is politics is not marriage of convenience.But Congress party as a whole should gain from this masterstrock believes some, some clever MP`s and MLA`s may also see this formula as a pretex to contest from PPA and interestingly party highcommand may also not mind it this time.As politics is all about creativity and flexibility and getting the available opportunity.But honestly right now many of the PPA Party cadres still feels BJP is more realiable as the party have been betrayed by the Congress earlier on many occasions, thus unless olive branch is send to PPA with utmost respect nothing doing.And some extremists within the party sujjests that from right now itself the PPA party need to start its tirade against the Congress misrule and make a head long collision with it like in Goa ,but moderates are saying atleast let us wait till M.P election ; so this confusion now.As the post poll alliance with the PPA is Congress desperation, they may have to take step first and sooner the better .As also to some moderate within the PPA, who think long congress rule earlier will now make the PPA party as the probable number -1 choose for some Congress leaders, who wants to take political refugee in future.Thus when good time is coming any way why need for fight , as enough fight and sacrifice have been made earlier by present PPA cadres why not relax now.But we have to be preferred and remain alert for coming time , as we cannot be cheated like earlier occasions, I exhort party man to be preferred for mid term poll.The last of the PPA have proved themselves to be most genuine citizens of the state, who safeguard the state when everyone else was busy looting it, and should be ready to give one last final kick to the central parties which finished the State.
                                Remember every Publics are waiting for the Messiah and they know only PPA can deliver as this is only party where the poor Leaders can easily sail through especially in Abo Tani belt where the tribe member`s also now want the name of their forefathers in Govt. project.This time definitely the pressure is more on the Congress party than anybody else,Lets be practical howsoever Congress candidates swear party loyality falsely now, it is now in worst position in the State;with the two camps ready to collide any time as an insider believes.And the haves class created by the Congress becoming perennial eye of scorn of the poor publics and with the Congress party still not having apologised for earlier Christian persecutions the things may be worst than in Goa believes some critics.As some Congress old timers seems to be sincere in saving the party from perishing in State and said to be lobbying this in Rajiv Bhavan the future will be interesting.This may also make the future of the State secure for all, if corridor of power changes in centre atleast through one PPA M.P the fund will keep coming from centre .So this change of policy may be worth pondering for State interest.Thus those who make swift change in the State interest, their position should be also respected; thinks some, as time for regional party have definitely come believes all.As if ruling party mindset persists when world is changing and our leaders remain adamant,who knows the long suppressed Arunachal voters may now vote more against the State Govt. than in Goa, in the coming election in A.P.

                                           As the silence is more poisonous ,after calmness may come political Tsunami.The 80% Goa Voting shows that the angry voters have come out this time like never before ,and precisely there is danger of this repeatation in our state also more so with majority good Peoples only using the congress party earlier only out of compulsion;the years of anti incumbency may make the State voters of Arunachal Pradesh India to make a world record and bringing kind of revolution in the State which earlier one never thought.Thus this points need to be studied sincerily by the Congress think tanks in Rajiv Bhavan and 10 Janpath office ,as with new times new approaches has to be made, the days of egoism and pride are gone ;there are some real game changers now, who can make chain reaction everywhere and make things upside down .It seems to be too late now for the Congress party to remove some regional satrap in its party to appease a new rising star`s in politics ;now their seems to be a virtual need of autopsy of whole party body,for this also party should be ready after all this time congress integrity is at stake like never before.After all still there is time for introspection and time to avert the dooms day scenario for the Congress party to some extent.

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