Monday, March 5, 2012


                                  It is better for the fighter of Civil right groups to accept lord and savior jesus Christ , as Sankat Mochak Taran Hari I,e- as guardian angel in this challenging time ; as unless there is a divine power there is problem to solve the Indian mammoth corruption and its other anciliary problems.As the genesis of the corruption is lack of love for co-human being.This can alone be removed by Gods power who can alone do any miracle.Who loved the world so much that he send his only begotten son to die for our sin.So that those who accept him will be saved from eternal condemnation , not to say about this wordly problem.Thus prayer is going to be most important element for all now in this historic period.

                              Honestly I have terrible love and regards for Hindu culture and tradition, and Anna Hazares team but they really need to introspect with changing time also.Today not to say about human mindset , the human physiology may have changed also so much due to genetic evolution that the sanjivan Bhooti medicine used to save bhagwan Laxmanji may fail to cure todays injured persons as well, as there are more poisonous substance than those days.And also today the human immunity may have reduced greatly. Ironically the same Hinduism which tells about the birth of avatars from time to time refuse to accept the latest avatar Lord and Saviour jesus christ.As he have been said to be foretold will be born in vergin mothers womb in Bhagwad Gita and said to be foretold in advance to be born in white dress in Kalyug in vishnu Puran scriptures.Thus not accepting their scripture is also disobedience of its own religion.
                                       As God loves all and none can monopolise spiritualism;thus God and all the great god`s like Bhagwan Shiv , Bhagwan Ram , Bhagwan Krishna are our common legacy.Thus through proper introspection alone we can know them more better.Thus religion are mutually complementary and a pious and holy man will never quarrel over it.Who knows even Lord Rama does not want temple upon his name.As all the great man had shown that God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit.As spiritual man is supposed to be first devoid of anger , pride and ravengful nature and know that his fight is aginst the principilities of dark forces .Thus the emotional ones are fools, as if their god exist and is angry ,they will themselves take revenge for any blasphemy against their name, so being mare mortals they need to be content with their peaceful life , so I does not support this Ram janma bhoomi brouhaha.

                                  The media exposure of the pseudo/ ponga pundits shows that they have failed in love and truth thus caught in this funny things by media houses, as dedicated man will never do so.As for some Christians they atleast emphatically claim that they are sinners and their may be little excuse for them.Thus those who have uptill now have survive on inciting passion in the heart of emotional and innocent desciples, by pretending that they are best- time may be for their doom. Friends in this new globalization world, it is also imperative that the religious practice will be also subject of discussion.How we can live aside the most important subject like religion, when we want to make this great country even greater to fulfill Swami Vivekanadas dream.As said in a Sanskrit verse-`janani Janma Bhoomisch ,Swarga Dapi Gariyasi.`The mother land is more precious than heaven.Or we can say this in other way, lets make this life itself as heaven as God wanted from Adam and Eve.Thus we should know complicated subject like religion thoroughly, it need to be understand in totality or their will be problem.So it is written in Holy bible -`Seek thy kingdom and glory first and than every thing shall follow unto you`.
                               The misconception infused by some freedom fighters for short time gain that Christinity is foreign religion, this hatred have been today seen as curse with about Rs.260 lakh crore said to be stashed in Swiss Bank itself.And you can`t do nothing about it.Even compelled to vote that same person and party,thus the solution is to hear the word of the God as all the other religion and doctrine have been tried.Thus last chance to repentace for some who want to see a better country.After all was not the somnath temple was demolished by Mohammad of Gaznabhi after it was thought untouchable .Thus the foundation of a great country should lie on truth and truth alone to be saved from this evil practices.Or it is possible some sinners know the truth better and getting protection .Today unfortunately political parties are only seen to be apt in making excuses after ot looses.Whereas good person and party also sometimes need to be modest and accept its mistake.The country seems to be in worst transition period between the deep sea and devil, only we need to call God for help.

                                          Quite shameful the great Indian Common wealth game scam was unearthed by British media and that too from small corruption which could not went unnoticed in moral upright place like Britain,that one`s ruled India.And its prime Minister Winston Churchill had once warned that India will never actually liberate itself, unfortunately this seems to be truth now .As the Indian delegates habitual with making fake bills gave the clue for the bigger scam back home.The passion of some person against corruption will surely surprise some who think corruption will take time to be finished in India, but the process can be more expediate with the involvement of the dedicated Christians, as this religion have powerful platform, only desciples have to be convinced from Biblical angle and taking help of their leaders.Though their will be many ifs and buts but the will of the God may be behind all the political revolution through out the world right now.As the more corrupted society may have started to regard their human leaders more than the God and angles.The Goa election result may precisely prove that. The last thing the country need is making of a inter religious forum for reconcialation of all the religious ideologies, which is expected to give a joint petition to the Prime Minister of Switzerland to disclose the secret of the black money once and for all.Remember religion is way to prosperity and also way to death if not properly followed.And right now the corrupted ones are trying their best to let us fight among us.

                                   Thus definitely the guardian angel of the society the spiritualism which is the last line of defence in such kind of situation must step in now.But we should also not blindly support swamijis in self made medicines marketing projects .As Alopathic medicines are after all made after experimenting with thousand rats in labotaries.And remember many scientists in their younger days prayed God and made this medicines inspired by His power.Therefore disregarding this is also disregarding to God.The goodness of Baba Ramdevji is- he is atleast accepted to invest the money he earned for unifying the good mans world over, and this new hope seems to be jeoloused by others.Any way this is a congress problem not a Indian or world problem.As how long the innocent country man have to suffer without none to voice for them , may be our stuffled soul and conscience may be making us to suffer from innumerable disease. As every man has some weaknesses , but to render voice for the voiceless is divine.This country belong to all , it will be wrong to infer that country belong to Gandhis; even some great man committed Himalayan blunders , but we have pardoned them;so this country cannot be so partisan having double view.But the religious mans like Baba Ramdevji also need to introspect their own weakness as well.
                                        As they seems to have never praised the Lords and savior jesus Christs and its missioneries contribution.As for me I atleast expect Congress party that it- voluntarily pass the strict Jan Lok pal Bill or open up the Swiss bank issue once and for all.As there is also seem to be some thing cooking in Switzerland.There is power in truth this guts may make the nation pardon the congress for its past mistakes or the ghost of swiss bank will always haunt it ;atleast Baba Ramdevji have been able to bring this doubt in Indian mindset also inspite of Congress monopoly so far, this cannot be denied.The only problem with the opposition seems to be BJP and hindus going through a transition period.As they immediately need to remove Ram Janma Bhoomi agenda as it is only not anti Muslim but may be anti Ram and anti OBC.And they need to find out scriptural way to unite Hindus and propagate thoroughly by punishing the discriminators ,identify with the Muslim and Christian ethos.After all one like it or not the BJP has a Hindu look and who is sinless in our country and mind it, on that ground alone Congress can never be defeated .

                                              The comment of some rich Peoples that- they will first like to set their business blosom before coming to politics,this chance may never come.As they are business man and they will come to politics only for their profit. politics is like missionery work for serious one`s , as some one who has waited for his old age to do God`s work has regretted also,one cannot blame the publics also as they are not as bad also, as later one may have more money but no moral authority to rule over Publics more so in this changed world .In Arunachal Pradesh most corrupted place in the planet earth ; their was a time that the opposition where persecuted like any thing.But surprisingly the same Publics have earlier stood by few families making them win the ASM post and ZPM post with thumping majority even from opposition post even if the congress tried all divide and rule tactics, seems to have been behind pushing the opposite candidate from their own community to benefit Candidate of outside community.Thus when the God wants to bless and destiny seems to about to come for one , no amount of sadistic plans like weak stage , defaming a party worker by properly enacted smart dramas just before voting etc.,or convincing campaigning are not going to change the scenerio.This shows that God is still the boss in this world and the party workers better be first loyal to him and see his miracle.This equally hold good for rich and poor person and party alike.And remember God will not bless unless one is changed from within.Thus still last time for all the political organizations to immediately make last minute prayer for God`s miracle .