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                                                                                             Like the race of the Tortoise and Rabbit the spiritual race is won by one who is regular and punctual towards divinity.The 2nd coming of the Lord Christ can be witnessed by one who have known the 1st coming.But what about those who don`t heard even 1st coming, they are still enjoying peaceful life with good missioneries driving the bus of life in front seat .And due to their lack of aptitude for the spiritualism -definately they will have confusions in trouble time, as howsoever one rich is he is not command of everything.It is wrong to infer that the lazy and psychic persons alone become spiritual leaders, in fact it is more difficult work and only the elites who have the welfare of the humanity in mind can alone give justice to his mission.I personally feel God spoke to our forefathers also in their heart , who did not knew about Christianity ;especially the forefathers who earlier lived a very pious life, as from time to time good and evil spirit directions also have been coming in our society also through the priest/mystic leaders.
                                                    Thus today also all the religion followers of the world may have also some blessings from God as from time inmemorial he will want absolute peace and tranquility in world, and all the angels ,malevolent and benevolent gods also seems to be send by him only for a purpose and harmonious relationship. As other religions have also some strong sign in their spiritual places and leaders ,this honestly cannot have been possible by human hand.But since God is a good God and he don`t compel other`s even if he is not praised he seems to have send his secret to the sinners who repent.As the intellectuals and the rich man seems to have been filled with pride, so this days more spiritual revivalism is seen in India with the holy spirit using some poor and upright persons.And God`s power is seen to be working in fall of many powerful persons in political arena also.

                                         As it is also difficult to bounce back from human desegnaration and backslide after temptations , so the revived person have to be appreciated , but for it sin confession, prayer and fasting from time to time is need of hour.And mind it is for all, the cunning person cannot be expect to run away without accountability ,after eating poor mans part of share, as whatever they earned was it due to their hard work only?The whimsical persons could have earned nicely earlier in land of kushi kushi like our`s.But is it not their duty also to praise our creator and seek him when we they are in hale and hearty condition?The closeness with any thing will come if love is the main thing which unite with that power.As Lord and Saviour jesus even pardoned his killers, this symbolizes son of God`s indomnitable love for us. All the great mans even Swami Vivekanandaji have read all the scriptures of the world religion before coming to his own personal conclusion, which gives him kind of status of John the Baptist in India, who predicted the coming of son of God Lord and savior jesus Christ.Since religion is a personal matter should be left to ones own prudence ;but the ignorant who don`t search it diligently will suffer himself as much as the backsliders.As little knowledge is always dangerous and the spirituality is like those choosen are pruned and those who are not choosed will also be destroyed by God.The knowledge about God`s commandment may bring us under his judgement even if we don`t accept him.
                                               And today in this global world none can escape from knowledge of God`s mercy and graceness as missioneries have increased as sin have also increased ever more.And from time to time the great man of other religion have been also preparing us for seeking that ultimate truth.And today the easiest format have been given to us in the form of Holy Bible.The Ramakrishna Paramahansa tried all the religion before claiming to see God any time at his desire.As the search for salvation is such a complicated issue that no single guru may be able to show it.The Holy Bible being the word of God is most reliable and comprehensive way to seek truth, after all the intelligents Peoples like Americans where already expected to follow every trial and eror method before coming to Christianity.But unless one like to follow religion in toto he will not believe it as the secret of life is for who seek the kingdom of God, as initially no pain no gain.Even the scriptures of Holy Bible says,`Seek thy kingdom and glory first and everything shall follow unto you.` who knows what sacrifice one made for God`s kingdom , God alone knows one`s heart and his commitment for him and such for one single man He can make all the world upside down.As we seldom like to leave our comfort zone and like the God to bless us only in the way we like and show our sincerity when we are in dire need,we may be seen as opportunits and despised by God.The ignorant ,impatient and sinful Person define Christianity as creation of foreign God.As we are bad,we define other the way we are ,it is even same with the Christians also,so we need to understand other`s sentiment as well,after all by rebuking we may loss a perfect friend.After all before advent of Lord and savior some are continuing to pray an ancient power made by God only.After all the gap between the truth and false is really very thin, but the greaceness of someone behind our good old days so far has to be appreciated.And have to be appreciated even if it cannot have been easy to defined that power in Biblical way.And the lesser power like black witch magic have to be in fact given no importance by us, as none can match the God`s power on earth and heaven.Even some of the local Priest accept that after chanting mantra , in the state of halculination and trans when they visit dead relatives they seems to be living pathetic life.So it seems going to heaven is more profitable, but most difficult as said even in old religion like Hinduism.As seen by the success of only Yudhister out of five pandav brothers .As God is omni present and omni potent and have made a easy way for us in modern time, only those who worship Lord and Saviour jesus Christ must worship him in spirit with truthfulness and righteousness.Thus it may be our mistake if we today deny this opportunity to us as the hunger of our spirit can only be satisfied by this loyality to him; as for the mysticism it has too many myth around it , today even Hindus are treating tantra mantra as taboo.The good man will automatically be convinced by truth and logical postulation, so come to Lord and savior jesus Christ in his own time but not before it is too late.Today each one pray according to his own liking and they have democratic right ,but spirituality is best left to God;those who refuse God`s calling and little voice are fools , as our souls satisfaction and nourishment is also very important.Unfortunately one who is confined to one form of style never knows the benefit of other benefit.
                                                       The Holy Bible is all encomposing, it has left nothing to be added or diducted.God may call any one any where , and as such joining to any religion or denomination should not be a problem if God calls or if it is God`s plan; after all Hinduism and Donyi Poloism cannot be called as religion from tactical point of view, as there is no scope for repentance here.Only the parsuram Kund concept and ganga snan seems to be like baptisma but the Hindu religion ideology also does not revolve around here, as there is no one God and one style there is too many divergent views.From societies perspective also it is better to fully decide first before joining any religion and from personal side to be extra sure was it really God`s calling, as initially the emotion seems to determine one`s step.After all one`s like mahatma Gandhiji also confessed their inability to joined the Christianity as he find it very taugh.But issues like conversion lies to divine power we have no right to discuss over it, if he calls us it is our previlige and he opens the way also. As spiritualism is like watching the football match and getting surprised at our non injury in our younger days while playing football match.In Christianity there is natural transformation, this is a gradual process if we take one step God comes more near to us and here one feels it is a result oriented religion.
                                  And also those who come first becomes last as God gives equal opportunity to all,thus none can monopolise it.But if one does not want to compete at all than it is his own loss.As more the good ones are not joining the congregation, the more less deserving ones like me may be getting blessing.Though it is not always possible to overcome temptations, and we don`t claim we are always doing good things either,as even if we are dog we are God`s dog and we are happy about it.But definitely there is a kind of kick which one will never get anywhere other than working for the Lord and savior`s will.As grace is something which cannot be shown which feeling comes only by joining Christianity.And it starts by accepting the logical conviction of the presence of lord and savior today by missioneries, after all their will be no scripture more nice and truthful than Holy Bible from my perspective.Those who deny it are telling lie, they try to refuse the Christianity as world religion and common world legacy for their own vested interest.As many have no time and guts to face the reality.But as death is a fact so the solution via scriptures is way.Friends everybody cannot be as good as Yudhister in Satyayug,thus good for ones like Arjuna also to bow down before the power send by God in kalyug for all.

                                      And as all will harvest as he reap, it is good to discuss more of spiritualism to clear our concept about it. As live aside the starting point of faith which may develop from day one of joining the congregation, after which the Person`s blessing will start; in this country everyone is seen to be confused now and in the process never starts the good works.The rich man thinks he will become richer first, poor man thinks he will become bit richer to start good work .And friends in Hindu forgets that great Swami Vivekanada tried to tell this secret mystery of the world , but their forefathers show and heard what they wanted to hear and failed to understand it.As the kind of time swamiji lived was really tough for the truth tellers, as the freedom fighters where very much against comparative study that time, as they wanted none of Christianity which they thought as pro-English and British campaign.The fact is -Christian is a world religion and is our common legacy as jesus died for all the sin of the world,ironically zews murdered their own God`s son, paving way for other`s to benefit.But it is equally true that those who don`t know him also seems to have developed highest form of spirituality on their own before the gospel came to their place , when the forefathers where not that corrupted and may be gospel was also not needed than like today.Thus unless one is really blessed by God he cannot gospel the Peoples who are also spiritually very advanced in their own way.

                                                And definitely today every Person has right to chose what ever he wants according to his own capacity and to join any religion at what time he desires, as atleast beginning is important.But the development has to be made for one to succed in long run.And one who begine will ultimately find the truth and goal based on his hunger for God I believe.Even the holy man of other religion seems to be hearing their gods small voice, and day they stop hearing they should also ponder.As the pseudo religious practice is also a activity of greatest loss, as previlage to worship God will never come back in life.This realization also comes after great suffering to some ;why that folly to seek God when it is too late, when no new avatar and good local priest are also coming up why beating in the bush?The fight for inter religion , one thinking his own is better shows that there is something wrong.Seems to be more political orchestration, I respect Peoples like Baba Ramdevjis mission against black money ,as today some have started to rever Gandhi family more than God also who knows it is Gods plan also.After all worshipping a leader is like idol worship which God despise.As in a time where corruption has confounded and none seems to say about it, the great spiritual man also need to do something about it.More so in some places like in my Arunachal Pradesh where their have been manifest injustice to the minorities.But in this historic and decisive fight coming ahead ,they should also think to retire like Gari Baldi who united Italy and left with few potato seeds .So I say I am maturing in Christ and Christ have been good to me so far, as none can be perfect even in God`s kingdom.And honestly the Christian can also be practiced by even the business man and politician I believe; all one have to do is prioritise and belief in Holy Ghost and 2nd coming of Christ above anything else.And yes there are much better person than us in none Christian community also we do not deny that.Who knows like`s of Jacheous- the tax collector may be choosen by God to show todays rich ad powerful also to retire with grace.As which come from God he can alone give,howsoever we are faithfull to God but the highest sense of blessing and accomplishment we will only get in his presence.One have to live a prayerful life always ,which ofcourse I am not also sincere at all times ,but it seems there may be less devouted believers now in my place , so I feel best among worst to have been selected by Lord and Savior in this part of world, where the devotees are too much meek, submissive and seems to have forget his wonderful plans for us and end up becoming bad example in election.A good spiritual person will never like the political profession unless he really want to clean the mess.
                                                            .As for the rich and powerful also they have to remember that the mare prayer support of others is not important; but the self confession of sins from 7th generation from their core of heart is what is going to help them.As pride and prejudice which comes from false believe that one has earned from his own talent will make him go far away from God.But nevertheless they are also most welcome to join God`s club, as Christianity belong to non, Individually;and cannot be monopolized even by us.And by the way many belivers never joined the congregation to become MLA ,MP or Minister`s.But if God wants to exalt one who is most despised of all, who can stop him for it , as thy will have been done in earth as it is in heaven for ever. So last chance to repent for everyone before the State becomes Christian State as per prediction by a missionery,and days of persecution becomes a thing of history.As for us we can proudly say we gave a good fight.

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