Sunday, March 25, 2012


Even Human love can save one from death:-

                                    The God also seems to bow down before the insurmountable love and prayer support,recently the Fabries Moumba English player of Bolton wonder died in front of all the spectators who come to watch the Quarter final of F.A Cup.After scoring a goal and died due to cardiac arrest in front of all the fans .After about 78 minutes of death, her wife Christiane who prayed continueously for her life in the Church in London died of same cardiac arrest while getting blessing for her husbands life.Atleast it seem that way as the timing of his husband second life was so accurate according to the eye witness.

                              Surprise indeed, the miracle of the God is revealed in the world from time to time and more so today.As majority are after the worldly desire the dedicated one`s seems to be blessed. Even Humayun the great who was instrumental in creation of Mughal Empire is said to have died instead of his son Akbar the Great, when his lone son Akbar after lots of prayer was born .And after prolong illness was in death bad.The desperate father is heard to have exchanged his own life for his only son and as symbolic gesture moved around the bed of the dead son.Even the Yamraj the Hindu god of death,is also seems to be convinced by some dedicated relatives plea for their beloved`s life.As Sati sawitris story are told to all the wifes by their mother inlaw in Hindu society.
                                         This facts once again shows the power of sacrifice of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for us, as he also loved us with everlasting love and died for our sin.As by son of God`s sacrifice our souls are indeed saved from eternal death, this is if the ordinary human can be saved by their loved one`s prayer and love from core of heart.The love seems to have a terrific power and seems to heal a loved one through telephetic connection,need not to say the sincere heart`s prayer can do many a wonder.But the prayer has to be an earnest one and the person should pray from his core of heart.And in extra –ordinary circumstance alone one is expected to bring such kind of single minded focus and dedication.It is better to reserve our prayer subject to ask from God in our worst of time.The above incident in front of all the Publics have once again shown God`s power and love of human being which if combined can do wonder for everyone to see.

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