Wednesday, February 22, 2012


                                This was a question put forward by a senior relative some days back.I thought upon it later on and now fervently hope that the Gods ways are different from our`s.And it may be one plausible explanation for this. The day the Jesus was crucified the Lucifer may have been personally supervising the death of the son of the God.And he may have been caught unaware of being defeated by son of God, as he might have though that out of anger and frustration the Jesus will also do some mistakes like others and may be curse by God.As Lord Jesus is said to even forgiven the Roman soldier who pierced his chest to everyones surprise .See earlier when the devil tested Jesus in his 40 days fasting and was defeated ; it is said he went back to come back again in appropriate time .As it may have been possible that the Lucifer who himself was an Angle once upon a time still complained to God that the Human beings were also not picture perfect like himself. As it is said one time angle Lucifer himself was driven out from heaven by God for his egoism and pride.

                             As after Lucifer fall down from God`s grace he may have never reconciled from this fact. To show his mistake God may have made human beings out of his imagination , as he is loving and caring in spite of odds he wanted his creation human being like him alone .And as he might have failed to get the same result with other sons in human form earlier whom devil might have corrupted .He was compelled to send his only son Jesus to tame the devil. As that way alone devil may can have been tamed as ego will be obviously biggest with him who may have been disturbing the human beings again and again to irritate the God .See some where other , even the gods have also some defects and they where tempted by devils also.It is said even Lord Rama is said to have killed meditating Brahmans on order of Rishi Vasistha.Lord Sri Krishna is said to have thrown his chakra violating the neutrality promise in the Mahabharta.The lord Shiva was seen to kill his own son Ganesh.The Brahma and Vishnu seems to have send the poison to be drink by Shiva.Lord Budha is heard to die of eating a wild Boar meat in hurry after hungry.But even if their will be a horsnest nest after this article but Lord jesus Christ have never committed any sin.And he was for all the freedom fighters seems to have tried to brandish him as if he belong to Britishers only , this is bad .As little knowledge is dangerous we should make a comparative study of all the religion before any decesion.So my earlier articles can be read to find the real God .This are very critical matters but the greatness of Hinduism also lies in this liberal introspections , as symbolized by the samudramanthan concept.Which is basically urge for introspection by great Rishi Munis.This makes Hinduism dynamic and make them very good in compare to many.This may have been the reason Swami Vivekananda advised to have questioning ability to his disciples.

                                      Even the Varna system in Hindu was tried to be removed by the Rishi Sukracharya who wanted to make parallel heavens for the lower caste Hindus.Therefore the Hindus have to search a introspection of highest order to convince the sulking powerful regional satrap like madam Mayawati if it wants to come to power with her help.As there is also great scope for flexibility in Hinduism and a solution can be find out by talking this mythological facts out one likes it or not. The Britishers also claim that those Britishers who come to India were very cruel Peoples , basically poor officers from Liverpool areas. The Indianisation of the Christianity as tried by Swami Vivekananda may have been better option for the social reformation of the Hinduism, as it still now seems to be slaves of its own custom and tradition , or who could have defeated BJP. Today the hate has taken country to hell, see even the Swiss bank manager is said to except that Rs.26,0000000000000/- (Rupees two hundred and sixty lakh crore) only is lying in the Swiss Bank unclaimed.

                               And against this backdrop when all the prophets and formulas had some weaknesses and where tempted by devil, God is said to be moved by the love of the Jesus even in the cross, he seem to have won the match against Lucifer through him and said to bless him that henceforth only through him heaven will be given.Beloved brothers this is God`s prerogative to give salvation in what manner he likes , all the scriptures of all the religion are great and mutually complementary. Jesus Christ never negated the importance of other religion , he said he have come to give more to others.Thus we have no time to fight over our religion but to take the best in each other. As many missionaries from other religion also claims that the Lucifer is now tied in the legs of the Jesus Christ, and it is his sons who are tempting the human beings in earth. And the sinners like us who are accepting this facts are being blessed and the virtues and righteous ones may be also saved at appropriate time.And may some also doom due to their pride refusing to meet the standard of God only due to lack of interest to mingle with the poor and downtrodden in the Holy Church. Or not making up their mind for not getting enough guts to sacrifice their comfort zone like some followers of the Mosses grumbled on their way to promise land. See even than they followed him. But in our case in our society in their last day also; some Old gentleman’s are still seen to be more interested in gathering worldly pleasure in their last days, this is surprising.

                             See even the John the Baptist was reluctant to give baptism to the son of God Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus replied that it was the will of God that he take Baptism from mortal Jhon.Thus the order of the God has to be followed in letter and spirit , the egoism and pride has to be removed first to go to kingdom of God.And as such joining the congregation is the first step as lord Jesus when he was in human form also did this. This easy things seems to be the hardest part by the stubborn heart but nevertheless this is the first step to heaven and this is far less than sacrifice of Lord for us in cross, and he atleast don`t want us to go through that same trauma. As God eats human pride, and by the scriptures it is seen that the name and fame may be also got from other religion. But the peace and salvation is going to be only from the son of God, thus this may be the last chance for some Old and short time guest of the world to prepare their final journey after all many of us have also entered our 50 yrs. Of age and may be very short guest of world now.

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