Friday, March 2, 2012


                                     The NCTC in the line of the Homeguard Legislation of the America is a good idea , as after all Country has suffered for terrorism immensely; congress party also is its worst sufferer and in a way its mother as well.As such the Opposition may take terrorism is a congress problem. Thus opposition must be taken in confidence this time , as all the time the congress is under target it is seen trying to deviate from this by hacking up a new issue.Thus the congress needs to take all the Citizen and other states into confidence specially when the Home Minister Chidambaramji is supposed to be seen as Diljale an injured man in 3G scam.

                           As for the earlier congress mess in partition of India, the JNK, Nagaland and Punjab problem it might had some justification in pushing military, but interfering in Sri lanka was bit too much.The politics sometimes seems to make leaders take bitter steps this Rahulji also seems to accept.Today the need of the hour is a mechanism to develop a NCTC but in the Indian context as we cannot have the spirit of America who have different political set up and political will even to send its Sinock Helicopters with daring Commandos everywhere .The political will have been honestly very poor earlier in our Country while dealing with insurgency as honestly nationalism is a poor concept in this country.As the hungry man will be more concern with the food.What little pride in the freedom fighters have been finished by the corrupted congress workers , the system ensures that God fearing persons from the Christian ,Muslim and hindu background are rejected in the name of RSS , SIMI and Terrorist.And smart Crooks ensured even division of the moral watchers of the society, which would have made publics not to be forgetful.Thus just before election ,the congress itself is alleged to have used even the Insurgents in the election in the North east part of india.The NCTC nevertheless is needed but after thread bear discussion with all the states , as some psychopathic Home Minister may send tomahauk missile on Citizen journalist exposing scams .Thus even if the bill is passed , it should be after election is over in 5 State.There has to be a coordinated approach for solving the Insurgency.The regional party in the Nagaland the NPF should be credited for bringing outfits in the negotiable table which the Congress party failed all this year.Thus this success shows that their has to be State sponsor of the missioneries and introduction of State sponsored election campaigning policy atleast in this border States.As regional party seems to be more responsible to solve the outstanding issues.See the surrender of MNF in Mizoram .I am hopeful in appropriate time even NSCN will also come to negotiable table.As regional party doesn`t play divide and rule politics. Therefore blitzkreizing the party ideology to poor and fearful Publics in the poor State like Arunachal Pradesh is a meticulous plan to hoodwink the nation believes some.As some suspect that all the black money are today made white money in this State, as till now media and opposition was seen weak here. And contrary the gap between the rich and poor is today treathening the unity and integrity of nation.The strong central Govt. will not make a great nation unless the federation is made strong.
                                              It is congress desperation to come in power as they are seen to be in back foot position in black money issue.Thus they are targeting the terrorism forgetting the fact that they have grown the seed of the terrorism by their greed themselves.May be one time absitence from lust of political power in the state of Arunachal politics will reduce their sin to some extent.Or invite good mans from all the party , but this is impossible thinks some as obsessed with power , worst form of anti religious communalism and anti clan communalism was enacted here by some congress man. Tomorrow it will be shameful if they push 80% crore pati candidate from this poor place.Thus all the congress manifesto is bull shit.The list of ones having disproportionate wealth will be sky rocketing.The fools will be definitely caught submitting un even income tax returns.And only to save their skeen they will be seen to be uniting.Thus the central politics matter a lot for Poor and destitute publics of this State as they have been earlier always hoodwinked through faul play to vote congress party with heavy heart.Only those in helmns of power may have been happy celebrating for their victory.

                                               Does those who have hand in vititiating the whole atmosphere for their own end have they moral authority to rule further when today whole world has waken up.Thus time to exit honourably for some before they are suddenly caught unaware in latest revolution.As today the Youth leaders also don`t expect them to be emotionally use them as cannon fodder by shrewed leaders .The youths were perhaps made to do the worst form of thing in Seva Dal and NSUI believes some ; the emotional and immature youth`s where used as sacrificial lambs for some fatter and richer leaders.The leaders signifying the characters as mentioned about king Herod in Holy Bible ,symbolised by excessive eating habit and drinking are already rumoured about them besides prideful eyes .This is of course barring some exceptions like Tsring Jurmeyji who atleast brought a Horticulture revolution in his place.And fell prey to political treachery by one who wanted monopolistic and corrupted politics to continue, with no one to control him.As the State has few prodigal sons who stood for right than.So their where also best among worst , this kind of persons can be perhaps selected by those good man who stood against the rich and powerful in their life.Time for unity of this like minded Peoples to save our State Youth from hating the democracy and be befriended by the anti social elements.And one day I want to highlight the name of this great citizens all over the state who earlier selflessly stood for the society.

                                                     As many outfits are now in the mood of going away from Congress influence and as such NCTC timing during election in 5 states seems to be in bad taste also.And even if it is passed , the black money trail has to be also treated as per with this.As the havala transaction is mother of all the terrorism feels even CIA. Instead of enquiring innocent NGO`s and Social activities the real culprits have to be nabbed.Before they even use this money to purchase nuke from Pakistan. The Govt. seems to be always uncomfortable with some one like Baba Ramdevjis who question about the lakhs of black money in Swiss Bank.The Ram Jetmalani is more vocal about naming one Indian P.M having Swiss bank account in Swiss Bank.Now that rumour is ripe that even one swiss bank manager has accepted that there is Rupees two hundred and sixty lakh crore in swiss bank.The the Govt. should unearth this facts in priority instead of diverting tactics , as the present terrorism is also effect of corruption and nepotism of this short.First thing first ,the Govt. should immediately do something regarding the black money and than think of other legislation thinks not only Baba Ramdevjis supporter but average citizens of the Country, and this time they may be not wrong also as Country is going through worst kind of economic downfall.And as country belong to all their must be a way out.but having said that the Hindu fundamentalists also have to realize that others can create a more disciplined cadres like Mossad if they want to subjucate others tomorrow.

                                                      And also who knows there is worst kind of high level blackmailing and murder of the swis bank account holders by-ISI, Mossad , KGB and CIA.As many senior leaders also die suddenly.Thus anything charming initially seems to be deadly after some time.The future leaders fails to realize is better to earn Rs.1000/- per day than to earn Rs. 1000000/ per day and suffer from illness and uncertainity. As most of the Publics and terrorist today seems to be more educated than the present leadership who seems to have only one quality of bowing before the corrupted .Thus a new method must be also find to bring the Outfits on the negotiation table and the Mizoram experience shows that the good Peoples were in the wrong tracks for the unjust policy of society also. But for this neutral man whom society respect must be taken help of.As the Insurgents seems to have more will power and they cannot be silenced by mare threat`s and a honorable solution has to be hammered out for all ,acceptable to all and the congress seems to be adamant like always to use the beurocracy and technocracy to stay in power for hoock and crook.As Gandhis have been also given enough respect back by the Citizens and some Crooks cannot flourish cine die under its name.

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