Saturday, March 24, 2012

The great man are needed to work in backward places also :-

                             One who could have married and settled abroad and have a comfortable life , their sacrifice is also praiseworthy if they settled in their hometown, though they were genius and could have find place anywhere under the sun.But they prefared to serve their home town .Though they were pretty sure of rejection and hatred .As said by a friend – monkey will never know the taste of the ginger.What motivates this great Peoples, the passion which comes from an unfulfilled love story or death of a relative. we never know , but we have to respect them as they have shown us-`if we cannot run we should walk and if we cannot walk we should crawl as our Peoples are sleeping right now` .
                                                       As the society who don`t respect its elites and intellectuals will never prosper. And as such I am starting this good Samaritan work of bringing them to light. one of them is Sri Tobom Bam of Bam Village of Basar West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India. He is of 44 age.He is currently Horticulture Development Officer (SG) Basar ( Since 1992 January ).He did B.Sc. ( Ag) in SKUAST Kashmir & Jammu ( 1987-91), And did M.Sc. (Hort. )floriculture & Landscaping BCKV, West/Bengal (1999-2001) on deputation. He is (1st in NER India ) this is a unique achievement. He did his DIT ( Manipal university )(2006) and did M.Phil ( pomology) TGOU, (2008-10). This is a new course in India inducted from Europe and America system of offering M.Phil in Agriculture and allied discipline. Hence (1st Indian ). This is an important landmark and not only this he is first Indian to write thesis without a guide.

                                          And being from the state of Arunachal Pradesh it is unique of him to be exponent of the Vedas , Gita and Upanishad in public speech since 2003.And only beef eating person to be invited by the board of the Amarnath yatra to visit the shrine as special invitee, that too knowing his beef eating background. He is also Proof. Electronic media , Public , Professors and Sr. Scientist everywhere in NE India ,AAY , Jorhat, ICAR , Shillong etc.He is freelance Journalist and wrote in leading State papers. And HDO( SG) duties –Execution of NHMNE,NBM,NMMP,NEC, Projects. The Exceptional duties undertaken by him is-AIMA Master Trainer of trainees of RKUY ( 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010).The Bam Saab is truly genius in his own right .The people need to benefit from his immense knowledge may he continue to benefit us in this transition period where the public don`t realize there is a great man among them.Only waiting to cry when they are gone far away.

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