Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Injustice to the Good Contractors :-

                                                                      In the earlier Congress regime there is seen to be injustice to the top contractors like in PMGS work,the good projects like box cutting was said to be eaten up by the top officers and politicians relatives and the difficult ones like black toppering where made to be done by some honest mans.The Govt. immediately need to black list firms of the defaulters and manipulators howsoever rich and powerful and politically connected he is.The five years performance must be checked to see was their any manipulations to get work and the work done nicely also and white paper dossier be released regarding this.This has to be done with the help of fifty percent opposition leaders as the members of fact finding mission also.As ruling party is not invincible,before the congress fell flat like in Goa it is also good for them.As the witch hunting is after all started by this party only and tomorrow if the Congress is routed the majority Congress Leaders/contractors may be the first victim.

                                                Had some of the PMGS project been also not given to deserving private contractors by accident, some work have never been finished by now .Like in West Siang Dist. Basar.The contractors of the Piri/ Sago PMGS and the Regi/ Pagi PMGS went through untold misery it is heard .As the money was less and restrictions too many,See when 7.8 crore was supposingly given for black toppering for 20 k.m. to M/S D.T Construction. In other sceme Rs.2 crore is said to be given for PMGS road within Basar itself. Not only that even too much money was said to be collected by the officers in the name of Public leaders and central officers.How far it is correct God alone knows this, but this is bad if this things are practiced to suppress the genuine contractors without political godfather.Even today some vigilance Officers are deputed to verify this places whereas the other project should have been checked more nicely. Interestingly some nice contractors where said to have earlier hand in helping this ungrateful leaders in their time of troubles also.
                            The chambers of Comerce and the Contractors association should have taken necessary action in this matter.Had poor contractors had not been having their own stone crusher machine and stone depot the contractors would have never completed their target of the project.The Contractors have went through untold misery and spend their hard earned money it is heard .As in Sago/Piri road even the officers are accepting their mistakes in making lesser money in the project estimation.But who is responsible was it a ploy to victimize some sincere contractors.The PMGS work is time bound and the money was limited coupled with regular checking by the central officers.And also inhuman time limit was said to be further set by some politicians to take unnecessary credit in the eye of the innocent Villagers.

                                      This is to be seen if the Govt. can enhance this project money seeing this as a rare of rare case as the Piri Sago PMGS road is also impossible for anybody else to complete it as per as critics.As the contractors should not suffer for the wrong project submitted by the Engineers.If a honest comparison is made with projects of other place money will be much lesser I am sure,thus Govt.must give additional funds to the suffering contractor even from State Excequre or it may one day open up the hornest nest.As so far their seems to be no yardstick by the do minimum work work by the contractor and as such this may be the standard precedent to check all the previous 10 to check close scruitiny of all the PMGS work in State .This seems to be knowingly done to give unnecessary hassles to the upcoming contractors by the vested interested coglomoration of beaurocrat and politicians the critics believe.Even this has to be checked weather box cutting made by the contractors of the politicians and Beaurocrates relatives where not made upon already made road under some earlier schemes.
                                                              This yet shows Congress policy of rampant corruption and favouratism as this Govt. have seldom black listed the unserious contractors specially ones who seems to  want to become A Grade contractors to hide their relatives black money opined a critic . In the view of the greatest sacrifice by some Contractors the least their fans and well wishers in this village want is not the fight by Politicians for taking credit for completing this projects which alone belong to this honest contractors.  The contractors who thought this villages as their own and as such revered as demi god by the villagers for their selfless service are the rightful guardian angels.The Govt. need to immediately file white paper dossier on this developments not only here but in all places and give justice to genuine contractors, as schemes like PMGS will seldom come back and should have been used properly.As good contractors are not one`s who like politicians are eating more than they can chew and inhumanly making the Ponu party stand for long time waiting for them.Whereas this Piri/Sago PMGS is the life line of 4 Villages and good day will come for all the villagers if it is completed.The sincere Villagers knowing the gravity of situation is also giving their utmost cooperation to the proprietor of the M/S D.T construction who is burning mid night lamp to make their dream come through.

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