Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Secret of Success of a man :-

                 The true success of man lies in his surety of salvation first and later promise of his good health and wealth which Lord and Saviour Jesus of Nazareth ensures for us.Be content in whatever position and pray continuously and God will lift you.The followers waited for the Lord Jesus in the palm Sunday when he was riding a donkey.Because they knew he was coming in the name of the God and was the real leader, leave aside petty worldly gain he can save one from death and soul from eternal condemnation.The fight between the devil and man is still their with the devil through the enemies trying to tell the fault of the man and the man taking help of the God to forget it.And as the God have all the power so the person will win ultimately who really takes the Lords commandment seriously as none can stand against him.

               You see the envious ones instead of coming to God themselves have become tools of devil ,they will try all their best but to no avail, as one enlightened one is like a thousand persons.The mare numerical calculations from voting point of view is not going to help.The Lord is one who can do miracle still.The sacrifice makes one powerful and respectable in life.The sacrifice is not by one who is lacking a talent but who have this in ample but sacrifice it for a good cause.The God seems to give one assignment which he don`t like to do as he knows our best.As the focus is on the worldly desire by the majority so the God seems to give unprecedented success to some when in fact he had wanted to do something else.

                 Thus time to fast and prayer by all and ask for his favor and revelation, but here also those who ask for themselves they may not gain anything also.Even the great Gandhi family have to start it and even if not do this fasting and prayer stuffs ;do something to appease him by an act of loving the poorest of the poor .This may be by winding up the congress party in Arunachal Pradesh so that the genuine ones come up.As atleast here still party is in vintage position right now and from God`s angle it may be a good move.As a powerful one`s when ask for God`s mercy they have to also to introspect that have they also not made someone also to suffer unknowingly.As before finally accepting thy will regarding coming challenging times in life; besides that we all have sometimes no power also.So why not do some good works in last days by inviting others to share the power also.

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