Monday, April 30, 2012

UESI Centre in Naharlagan:-


The UESI NE Retreat Centre in  D.Sector Naharlagun near the State capital of the Arunachal Pradesh where  EGF fellowship  is conducted  every Sunday at 3.30 p.m was dedicated to Lt.Toli Doye on 22.04.06 by his bereaved parents;Lt. Toli Doye who lived in this world from 2.8.1993- 17.05.1999 may his soul get salvation and his family members may meet him once more in heaven for this good Samaritan work.
                                The room is donated by the couples Dr.R.Doye eye Specialist and his wife  Mrs.N.B Doye who have decided to give the mission permission to run it above their own residence  till the mission runs cine die , this is remarkable.As their is acute lack of charitable person in my society like him and brother Gokar Lombi.they really need to be appreciated.

                               This EGF fellowship is for all the educated Youths of all the denomination and conducted every Sunday in 3.30 P.M.The couples have been a real dedicated Christians and even the GBCC is very much dependent on this family members .May God bless them in this endeavor and ever more in complying the will of the God who wants to make Arunachal as his own as per the prophesy of Evan. Christopher and others.