Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Superficial World ( Sunday Special )

                                                                  The spiritual persons one catching the Hindu imagination alone are earning in Country this days .Whereas their may be lots of Gods man also who may have better power and they may have healing power also even after they die, but none care them, as People are yet to know the truth and seek thy kingdom with all sincerity.This is the irony of this country,after Mother Teresa died who was everyone`s mother and world was shaked ,some realize her importance too late.As contrary to us God sees the heart alone and knows how much one has love for others and thus give healing power to some choosen one`s.But the ones who have fallen from grace die unrepented till last end ,only for their unbelieving and proudy mind many would have not died before time.The need is to see the inner strength of the person.Even if one is in a diverse profession God may give him some power one never know, right.
                                             Some Hindu ignorant belivers still seems to be enslaved by the Santoshi Mata films effects, where gods are expected to come with magic band in traditional mythological attire if he is prayed with much devotion inside temple. Even if the magician propagate himself as god man this Country are going to be easily manipulated believes some. As they seems to never doubt their credentials who hypnotise them with many good words. This is only for this Countries superficial and hypocritical attitude, or this Countries should have developed long way a friend opined.After all if there is a sudden war with China what we will do with all the money reserve in Swiss Bank control.Thus Hindus have to go back to their past ,where the Hinduism has been shown to be a Philosophy of life to seek the truth.And this can be alone find by intermingling with all as all have some goodness in others.You can`t except the most intillegent man Zews to leave any space for criticism in Holy Bible.More so when it was written by Prophets under influence of holy spirit.
                                                Today none seems to be checking their guru like Swami Vivekananda did to Ram Krishna Paramhansa who really tried all the religion as trial and error method to discover the best.Honestly many of our own Country man have looted ignorant and innocent Hindus belives some.Though one respect likes of Baba Ramdevji for his truthfulness but regarding his medicines their need to be some scientific experimentation also, as everything he says will be also not picture perfect.Today the Poor Christians are alleged of taking help from foreign countries,but God seems to have blessed many with holy spirit in persecuted place like our who are really famous for God`s presence in them,see in Holy Bible; 1 Corinthians 1:27 -`God purposefully chose what the world considers nonsense in order to shame the wise,and he choose what the world considers as weak,in order to shame the powerful`.And lucky more so for them who was with lord and savior in persecuted time and were blessed more for this chance will seldom come now.With the State poised to becoming a Christian State if the visionaries and missioneries are to be believed.

                                          One have to really appreciate Ramakrishna Paramahansa to send Swami Vivekananda to break old concept and discover new horizon as earlier crossing seven Sea /Ocean was considered a taboo. Thus we still seems to be inside our cocoon of self built make belief world.Thus I appreciate the acceptance of holy spirit as the last and final goal even by some Hinduism like Baba Ramdevji, as the truth has to be accepted by all.After all self soul has to be also saved as worldly richness alone is also meaningless.And without God`s mercy and graceness this evil of black money cannot be really fought also,which Babaji seems to have realized also.As it is for oneself to save his own soul or atma, as even if self and spiritual guru is important,but salvation is the ultimate goal and only holy spirit can tell this .It may be possible that ones like His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji can never commit sin but as for us as we are not.God is the way for the truth and salvation from our perspective and better to be his servant.Even Ramakrishna Paramahansa seems to have wanted to tell this facts to the general Publics at his time;as Bengalis have more questioning ability than us, and they must have grilled their Thakur more than us.
                                            Remember Swami Vivekanada tried all the religion before coming to his own conclusion; and his philosophy sounds like preparing the Hindus for waiting for a greater truth like John the Baptist announced regarding the coming of the Messia more powerful than him.Thus the one who is able to tell this things with much ease is one who seek God`s kingdom truly, as there is no scope for competition,pride and egoism in this field,as it belong to God alone.And if the gods have also fight in their life unitedly against crooks like Ravana, why we should hate each other and not unite sometimes for good cause.The truth is one like it or not, their cannot be two truth like the water is one so is God.And honestly the Lord and savior jesus Christ is what the Hindu scriptures may have also predicted in advance of future avatar in Bhagwad Gita.But the good one`s get disturbed by the evil force,so the veil has to be lifted and ones life has to be studied completely to understand a person in totality.The person most hated may have reached highest level of spiritual perfection and God`s favour , after all this field is no ones family property.Thus I will not be surprised if no help come from my own Indian Countryman for our thryst with destiny for my Society, as they may see us as foreign agent and take no interest in our endevour.As from their perspective talking and writing may be very insignificant but the word of God is what is needed by this sick country also.As the feeling of God and his blessing can alone be felt by following a right guru who have himself felt some of his power.
                                              I am sure given proper time I can also answer some critical question answer of the spirituality, but right now there are more better ones than me also ,one have to just switch on the God channel to begine with.As days of Swami Vivekanandaji moving around for spiritual guru like a mad man is gone.Only in this field one has to be not communal which is creation of society and also number one temptations.The problem is also that, everyone is communal howsoever educated he is; some use communalism for self agrandisement but some for uniting publics for a good cause.But for one thing God was never communal and truthful and as such seeking truth is the main essence of all the religion.The doctrines,Church and temples are meaningless unless one has a personal relationship with God.And since no new and powerful spiritual leaders are not coming up.We may have to think it as will of God to follow the missioneries and Prophets who satisfy the question of wondering heart.And think everyones as our own,who knows we will get the good things from other also,as this will make one successful as God has given something to all.
                                      Thus God may have decided to bless the generous selfless givers that too to an unknown person as everyone is his own;so even the rich Christians should give somethings to others.A Hindu giving charity to a Christian is more praise worthy, and may get more blessing from God that way also.This is from God`s perspective, as his ways are different from ours. It is not that we are desperate for money now,as if it is God`s will fund will come naturally in time.But the fact is we want the salvation and healing to reach to Hindus as well.As more than me the sponsors will also get blessings in a good mission after all it is their contribution more for the success of the mission . As more this articles are changed in other language and more Peoples will read it to be enlightened and saved more the better; as one need to know the truth to liberate himself.As finally what seems to be lacking in our Country is the truth to be spread and said as much as possible.
                                          Today only genuine one`s like Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hazareji have been successfully saying truth, here in this country, but we need more of them.As they are saying what God ought to have excepted from each one of us, as out of all the sin in Holy Bible God seems to despise injustice to poor and destitute more.The other good persons from other religion also want to joined team Anna and team Baba ,even many good Congress man will accept this but honestly they have also fund limitations also that need to be catered.Even if there is no place for yoga in Christianity, I personally feel the quest for sound health should be also better for becoming a good Christian.As main Christian enemy seems to be idol worship and by the way some sins have been also Biblically rated as per with it; but still we continue with some sins in our life. As no where Yoga have been criticized in Holy Bible as such it seem to have been taken as normal issue.Therefore we should also build our body as healthy mind dwells in healthy body, so long as it helps in seeking the kingdom of God what is harm in it.

                                              In this context few good Congress man may be also not wrong at times, to doubt some sages who seems to have only benefitted without responsibility so far.But this definitely seems to be wrong in case of Baba Ramdevji as he may be against black money issue, but not saying anything to Congress party other than this.And mind it spiritual person is a gift and boon to all.Till the world is secure it is better political party will come and go.After all this is a free country and there is freedom of expression and lately when none has dared to say anything against powerful party like congress party misdoings.Their guts have to be appreciated, they are showing the real spiritualism by not bowing before the wordly power and lustures.Who knows the congress man themselves may be fed up of chaploosis and cunning tactics of highest order.But it is fact that some crooks in Hinduism barring one`s like Swami Ramdevji have become like a big boss, only they don`t marry but do anything other than that.As many of their evil works are exposed this days and worst form of evil is still to be unearth.Some of their election practice inside their math and mission is said to be more manipulative and corrupted than the outside world.
                                           But their may be also stray incident with some Christian missionaries and pastors, but they at least cannot be seen as that indiscipline ,after all the inner democracy in the Christianity is very strong.After all great man like Swami Vivekananda is also seen to be given break by Americans only, one likes it or not.And see kind of support to Dalai Lama by Western Countries . Thus the disciples should be more vigilant as the God and the spiritual leader is something mattering a lot in one`s life. And we also seems to be committing Himalayan blunder sometimes by making quick decisions in most important issue of our life. The human expertise and knowledge has a limitations, only through God one can always succed.Some Spiritual Gurus easily tie up with which ever Govt. comes to power , and keep on enjoining their life , so they also seems to be power obsessive, so if the Gandhis are criticized as self obsessed they are also no exceptions. One has to respect one`s like Baba Ramdevji and Pt.Ravi Shankar as they are atleast seems to say spade a spade and have come up on their own also.As God punish the religious persons more if they commit sin, thus if they were that bad they may have also not seen such success.And so also none other spiritually imperfect person also has the right to criticize political leaders who may have also done many good things in their life.

                                             But even the one`s like Baba Ramdevji are also not picture perfect and at times ,seems to be Hindu centric , as I doubt he personally may have also never helped any Christian institutions taking love thy neighbor theory in letter and spirit . Honestly also he need to improve in that line.And may be someday visit my Basar on my invitation as he was personally very good on my first appointment.And surprisingly knew my name before hand which was surprising .Thus I expect more resourceful person like him to bear all the expenses. This Country is after all a pre-dominantly a Hindu place and desciples are motivated by the Communalism also .And even in the charity this may be reflected, though this will not be accepted by them now, so why not use it in good manner.After all spiritual unification is last thing we need.Honestly today ones like Baba Ramdevji also need support from this places which in fact play majore role, where his mission is not that powerful.

                                Thus more step should be tried to connect with the members of other community by the majority Hindu , this is if the BJP,RSS and VHP truly want to bring a Pan Indian image and make nationalism as its main agenda. As some other community have been historically deprieved in this Hindu dominated place.Even many genuine persons are not that well off to start a NGO and charitable Institutions of their own in other communities. Therefore ,already established charitable trust must help them. Thus the true meaning of the religion has to be shown as love which can be really seen by sharing profit also . As unless love which cut across everything is made as sine quanon by a spiritual person they are still seen to be incomplete. As communalism in any form is bad , spiritual communal being no exception and lately BJP seems to be suffering from it.Even if there are lots of god persons in that community like my friend Tarun Vijayji National Spokesman BJP.
                             As God also may be hating Communalism most and as such the benefit may be now going to the party of corruption Congress party.Thus the time for wake up for the BJP ,RSS and VHP. Thus love and respect more to spiritually persons of minority community God will like, as we cry for similar justice for Hindus in Pakistan.And the father in heaven above us will also do same thing, if we are similarly good to others in our own place. Man it is easy to rise a finger at others but difficult to introspect on own. The Britishers where ruling us as earlier we may have also some weakness also.Thus Baba Ramdevji and Pt.Ravi Shankarji who are also in the threshold of their carrier should ponder upon this.As for the quest for advising others they should not miss their own place in heaven.

                             As for some of the Congress man they also openly acknowledge that they are sinners .The confession with the time also need to be appreciated ; howsoever one hate some crooks in Congress, this seems to be appreciable fact of the Congress cadre also . The BJP in spite of its all the good qualities should not suffer only for their superiority complexion also.And discovering the religion to the logical end should benefit themselves and their party also.As the guru mantra for success is either you become a total bad man or a total good man.Thus my previous articles should help them also where I tried to define spiritualism.As some seems to rise this religious issue without knowing the conclusion and in the process antagonizing the minorities and in a way leaving more bitterness.Thus their has to be frank discussion on all the outstanding issues.And as fact is BJP today represent Hinduism, one like it or not and have been even not sensitive to remove the widening gap within Hinduism also.So why not to make India as the platform of world religion, atleast it is already in half way mark, as BJP has also learned a bitter lession that it is also impossible to bring all under Hindutva card .The comparative study of the old religion shows that there is a mark similierity between all the religion. Remember what Muni Ved Vyas said in 18 Puran-`Astadeshu Puraneshu Vyasasya Vachana Duyam Paropkaray Punyay , Parpidnay papay` .This is akin to the love thy neighbor theory of the Holy Bible. Today in the quest for the number game we seems to have forgotten the basic fundamental of life. Only charity and divinity to the most deserving one`s is going to save the Congress and the BJP eventually this is bottom line.
                                                              They are only seen to do this with political motive this is bad. As whatever development we have achieved in life , the importance of God and spiritual activity cannot be gainsaid. To the genuine and right person who have been deprived for years, time may be ripe to help them, why we should wait for the western countries also to take step in this regards. As our father in heaven who bless the generous giver to the unknown human neighbor seems to be only happy at this selfless charity, as love which is defined as the most noblest of the spiritual doctrine is best done without wanting anything in return .And as charity begins at home sooner the better.Remember the Hindus believe in 2nd birth what if tomorrow they are born as Christian also.The rich and powerful Party like Congress party in State like Arunachal Pradesh,the time may have also come for them to show some magnamity to opposition party. Remember the best delicious food of the God is human pride. Before his anger comes also at least give 30% developmental benefits to the Poor and opposition members also a critic was heard saying. As they are not alien persons, as lots of FDR scheme are already said to be hide in far away Tirap and Changlang Dist.But can it be hidden from God who is God of justice and equality.

                                                   It is doubtful none will send me any help responding to my earlier article, but someday it will open up one`s heart I fervently hope.For the universal fact is God is their and one day or other everyone has to come back to him and his dictum as this is basic fundamental of life.As it is natural philosophy of life that rich and powerful have fallen down in life at one point of time or other.Howsoever rich he is none can stand against God`s word to save the genuine one`s.Time to repent and exit honourably for some powerful man in the corridor of power in our State, who where the once to swore by God to do good always.And today have they not misleaded innocent Publics for their vested interest, as this index between the gap of the rich and poor shows dangerous graphs rise in favour of the apex predator the officers and leaders club ;and in this conscious world some gentlemans are still seen to be laughing mischiviously and thinking that they have made a smart move before corruption become a issue, as if God does not exit above, but he alone knows wath the future is stored for them also.

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