Sunday, April 15, 2012

The challenge for the Christian`s:-

                         The Holy Bible is filled with the doctrines impossible from human perspective to practice , but when there is a controversy we have to compare other verse and see the portion which is more logical and convicting to us. Like for example when the doctrine says forgive thy enemy, also there is other which seems to mean don`t forgive one who have harmed the poor and destititutes.Thus we will have to take more stronger interpretation of controvercial topic in Holy Bible to accept the more plausible divine view.

                                                     Thus unless one is really planning to bring a revolution in the society in the political arena have no right to think this way also as their have to be a purity of heart to be blessed by God.Who will create such a situation which will take everyone by surprise if one is really sincere in bringing a change for the poor and destitutes.Even if to non Christian`s, leadership only means enjoyment , but soon they will also start to respect the honest .As the respect for goodness is inherent in every ones heart which shows that God is today working everywhere. So the divine dictum seems to be either you repent for past mistakes or get punishment from God `s side which is more lethal.So may be time for the rich and powerful to sponsor more deserving future Bussiness man, enterpreuners and leaders as their own sons to be loved by God for their selfless love.After all they have gained so much earlier from God thus may be time for them to repay His love by loving others lesser previlaged ones ,as God seems to be hating monopoly and selfishness and seems to want us to share our everything. Or why even Gandhi family is facing problem now?
                                 So the Haves of our State also need to understand this before there is a more problem to them from all the corners .But it is highly improbable for the rich and powerful of State to do so as they will always love themselves and their relatives first  ,So the best friend will be Holy spirit to guide oneself as sometimes our human wisdom fails also ;as if one goes for doing good work ,probability is that initially his family members will also not help him; and Holy spirit may alone advise one best according to different situation in one`s life and various features of his society and guide him through .And also good if one is used by the highest power who alone should be credited for all the victory also. And thus the best course of action will be not hating any one personally but hate the sin in one like Mahatma Gandhi said and accepting  the best from God.As co-senior Church member Sri Tumgam Bagraji was telling the Immanuel Baptist Church congregation that,- one who are still hating and criticizing someone personally and badmouthing always ,he should think that he has taken no baptism at all.And one who is telling the gospel and truth is a blessed man as this God commissioned duty is not done by most of us especially in election , some under influence of devil try to demoralize even who is doing this by telling their past mistakes.Thus after a hard fasting programme one should be able to remove his weaknesses.
                                But Biblically as the God was aware of human limitations what he wanted the peoples was  to only look upto his son and accepted that he died for our sin.The faith comes from Him in the cross not by introspecting ourselves also.As the son of God Lord Jesus Christ is made seated in the right side of the God we will also get success one day.In this world and in heaven provided we look upto cross for all shorts of solutions.As the grace comes from Him not ourselves.The knowledge law will only make us to understand the sin ,thus their is absolutely no need to look the past as speakers comment . But as most of the Peoples have a hidden agenda not to antagonize other for a vested interest basically when it matter to deal the rich and  powerful  and even keep mum  even discarding  the gospel and vision when they have to be warned  .And to one like Bagrajis view mind it  this character will ultimately make one never to succed.As more a man hat one more he is excelled by God if he is atleast dedicated to His will.And ultimately this 3rd class mindset poples will let the credit taken by some privileged persons.Who will make history of their own putting a historical mark in the lifes of others also, because they are far different from what they where earlier .
                     So in this historic era, where every things seems to change some may be one day always remembered like Mahatma Gandhi.As a one single  sincere man may make the God to change all the equations of the life as Biblical stories shows also.After all can word of God can ever fail which says ,`First seek thy kingdom and graceness and everything shall follow unto you` .And if one is criticized for this openness as one motivated by God alone will speak out his mind and enjoy the life , than he must be a blessed man to Bagrajis perspective .Also in this era of multitude of population it is difficult to make a curve a nick for oneself and unless one is really blessed by God none will take ones name for good or bad reason.And mind it this is the real politics of getting cheap publicity for which crores are spend by the company and leaders.Mind it by arguing against black man Barack Obamas planning for America`s top post , the white man ensured his win.As it must have infuriated God and good white man and above all hide other deficiency of that fine leader which he manipulated nicely to his own advantage.So if God blesses can any one can afford to be against him.