Monday, April 2, 2012


                       The General V.K Singh acting as whistle blower in Tatra Vectra truck deal has shown that he is a real patriot. And now the age row regarding his early retirement seems to have been started by some vested interest to retire him prematurely for his outspokenness. But this has boomeranged you see, and many more honest officers may come out openly in this historic time to give side with the truth. And more skeletons are expected to come in the cup board of defense ministry specially who since 30 yrs. Were doing something fussy living aside Bofors Gun deal also.

                    But personally feels the good chap Defense Minister A.K Anthony is really innocent ,he may have been really unaware that he was sitting on the gold mine. The peoples fail to see the cost of maintaining once political fiefdom, as today it is out and out money alone that counts. As few think of earning name in a hard way.So the non congress leaders end up being real popular eventually. Once Jamsedji Naroji Tataji said I alone know how much it cost to maintain Mahatma Gandhiji.The Chief Election Commissioner need to check all the helicopters used by the Central party in the election and seize their suitcase filled with money. As so long it is not done even corruption at the risk of sovereignty cannot be stopped.

                   The ruling NDA has fallen to such an extent ,the Country need to know that the last line of defense seen to be breached by exposure of lack of items in certain section of Army and ordering of some items which was not needed. Not to say this has made Country vulnerable with the China even after Brick Bank Group formation refused to support India’s candidature as the permanent member in UNO.And also the alliance made the Western Countries to term India unfit for investment.

                         Is India suffering for Congress ideology of making vote bank of Muslims and having to date with Israel in the international forum ? And not to say about some doubts that some smart crooks seems to blackmail the Swiss bank Account holders in powerful posts for their own end. The God alone is the owner of this beautiful Country where we honestly need more patriots.

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