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                                The Muslim is seen to be more orthodox and sentimental to God and believes their Holy Book Quran was written by Ullah -God alone.The presence of the verses of the angel/god in the Quran in some chapter of Quran as questioned by Salman Rushdie in his novel-`Satanic Verses,`made the Muslim furious world wide as the Muslim`s did not accept the presence of god and goddess/angels.And doubt of their intereference in the Quran making and this controvercial verses in some chapter alleged to be written under influence of god /angels by some Muslims where unacceptable to them ;this was later removed from Quran after Muslim uproar after its exposure by Salman Rusdie.Interestingly the same angel and demon quoted in scriptures seems to be prayed as Uyi in my Society, the modern Uyi may be demons and angels.Surprisingly in the tribal system the word God seems to be completely absent in the prayer .So is this devil worship good or bad is subject of discussion in the contemporary world.This form of prayer have been now removed and declared as taboo in many parts of the world.
                         Even the locals pray the Uyi with no much regard  also, as they are feared more than respected.And even after  knowing this the Peoples seems to be slave of the custom and traditions.So the Lord jesus said our fight is against the principalities of dark forces.And dark forces surely seems to be ruling the Peoples in the back word places like ours And to bring the real revolution after the congress party debacle  in the centre, this system needs to be evaluated  for the greater interest of the Peoples.Even the enlightened ones in the animist are accepting their helplessness in removing the supertitious beliefs in their community.And as such accepting the Christian contribution in removing this dogmatic beliefs who have decreased ones self esteem.The Peoples need to know that the greatest gift of the Christianity is the liberal interpretation of everything.It seems earlier the simple tribal Peoples have to see only one point of view of everything, which become impossible in todays complicted world.Thus both should help each other in this fast changing world .

                                         As we have to remember that earlier everyone was after all working for the glory of God and the Enimists like Donyi-Poloists are more near to the Christianity that way by accepting same powers like angel`s and spirit which is accepted in Holy Bible also.But the one who gets real blessing is who do will of God that is who really try to live like Jesus Christ when he was alive and it comes to taking baptism like he did when alive.Unless a person is purified by the holy blood of Jesus his sin is not pardoned that is the Biblical doctrine.This get challenge by some fine gentleman of other religion ,but sense of superiority in goodness field is also a pride according to Holy Bible.As Biblically God send His only son Jesus of Nazareth to supplement all the earlier powers of all the religion ,this is one if Holy Bible has to be believed ,thus the end product to get it one have to follow the God`s word thoroughly .After all His word is final as when Lord Jesus Christ took Baptisma the voice from the heaven called ,`this is my son and I am pleased with him,`as surrendering to one like John the Baptist who was authorized to take Baptism by God was first surrendering to the will of the God.And honestly with no ritual symbolizing praying of God in the enimists makes it wonder weather it is religion also.As Hon`ble Supreme Court has declared Hinduism also as a way of life .The spiritualism is a personal journey and the Holy Bible is the passage to undertake it.The animists by emphasizing living an aestatic life and the Christians by acknowledging the son of God both try perfection in their own way. Both here the holiness is needed ,but the true intelligent man having business man like acumenship will eventually see the best result .Thus in the kalyug where the Lord promise to forgive us 777 times it seems to be a better option to be in Christianity, as all may today commit sin even if not now, in future also.As salvation is most important topic in the life and for persuating it, with it comes sense of peace and security in life which seems to be its bonus point.
                                      Thus before even loving someone ensure salvation ,because you will atleast know the secret way of getting God`s favour after you backslide also .Remember nothing like total happiness in life which comes seldom that is surety of salvation first than anything later, the enlightened ones should be regarded for opening ones eyes.Honestly for the secret of richness in Christianity the price is parting with your 1/10th of all the earning and that too with happiness as without God`s mercy we could have well died anytime we don`t realize it.And more so in present case where world is unitedly up against the corruption and nepotism.Remember God`s mercy is not unpredictable like others , as He is always loving and caring one .And for the dishonest persons like me ,the fasting programme undertaken by me recently may have been the punishment for my long trespass on His unflinching love.As the Angels and gods spirit also seems to be angry with the spirit of the Judas Escariot type persons ;after all everyone seems to be in God`s service only even if we the worldly one quarrel foolishly on this subject which is beyond our control.

                                   The innocent tribal have also religious beliefs this are also like Zews law of Mosses though not in written form, and they also have many wordly blessings ; surprisingly my family members who are yet to be evengalised namely-`Marli Son`s` still claim there is rain if they worship their deities /malevolent and benevolent gods, and it is also find to be fact.As may be from forefathers time they seems to strictly continue a bond with the Angels and dead forefathers through the priest.But Biblically the blessing of God is the most important thing ,and as such this wordly blessing have also limitations more so in future where God`s order and discipline is going to be followed in society. Thanks God my family is also accepting thy glory slowly and slowly .As truth seems to be unstoppable now even for the most traditionalist of the family in my State.

                               The religion should be seen as mutually complementary and opportunity to select the best according to ones own capacity. But we should pity them those who have a small view in life and us also as we have been so un trust worthy earlier by them ,that- today when we are telling the facts the loved ones are also not hearing .But remember we were also like them earlier and we should not laugh at them now.The problem of us all seems to be not accepting the fact of each other. The one who have no Holy spirit it is better them to be guided by other spirit atleast a friend jocked.The fools will fight for this divine power`s, especially by those who belong to none of this camp, as others serious one`s in both the camps have atleast had started to learn something in their own ways .The goodness for them atleast a beginning is made and after spirit may be Holy spirit time may also come to work on them ,as God being our master must be choosing best one among us when He need, thus it is His grace alone we are choosen .Can we help it?As the believer of all the community will also seldom want to commit sin and want to excel with time according to the demand of the God who seems to be wanting all of us in heaven.Thus we have to change first .The spirituality is not under control of time and space, it takes one even to the life after death this Lord Jesus showed the unbelieving world.Thus to play with it is playing with ones future prospect as only a sinless person as Lord Jesus could have conquered the secret of world in short time.As because he feared God who sees the things done in secret also.Thus after Sunday from Monday till Saturday one should be more vigilant to be spiritual. Specially during election he should be extra careful when the demon and Judas Isciriots spirit seems to be active like anything.As a God fearing man will be also of some use to his enemy and opposition as his faith will also inspire them and whole lots of generation.Thus some Peoples are yet to know hard truth unless they are sick and helpless in old age.Their hard earned money may be also valueless some day if they think they can do anything with imputiny.The destiny of person predicted by spirit is seen to be definitely happening in this world and by Holy spirit even in next world.
                        The blessing will come after true sacrifice as spirit knows the core of heart.Even lord Jesus in cross finally said let thy will be done from his heart, and it was with full satisfaction and without any remorse thus God accepted his greatest sacrifice ever did in earth and give back him more as it was willingly given from a son what His father in heaven always wanted .This was probably ever since he was tried to be humiliated by the angel lucifer.As sacrifice is giving what one has , see Lord Jesus Christ could have fight back through the heavenly Legions who came to protect Him.As he came to world for this final drama alone so he supported God`s thy will in crucial time so He was blessed .And some innocent believers ask why Lord was crucified? See even the sun and moon hide that time and cannot see the glory of son of God in that state.As after all they were made by God alone isn`t it.See it will never be prudent to hake up an emotional issue and let the disciples of all the religion fight among themselves.Even the god and angels seems to have prayed the real and living God and they will also not bless this kind of persons even in their side of fence.So eventually having no where to go Judas Esciorot also committed suicide was it not? So one Persecutioner and critic is eventually seen as ending up becoming a Christian, as guilty feeling never leaves Him.And thus the persons who are anti Christ will not be pardoned as they unknowingly end up making enmity with one whom devil also failed to harm also.

                                  Thus Lord Jesus by sacrificing his life earned his greatness himself ,it is not his greatness as postulate by Christian missionaries’ that he is great. Only because one disciple is hate from heart of one person this Living God`s religion doesn`t become less trust worthy. Thus one have to become sage from heart and seen ambitious from outside as active man and his mission is alone respected in world also. The one who really gave everything to God after repentance and always pray, alone will be used by God.Much to the irritation of his critics who don`t see how much one have sacrifices in His life , and thinks only his money earned by himself is secret of his passport for , also time is coming for them to change before it is too late.The same property may oneday make them pleading God for quick death.The comparison between the past and fear of future is maya ,to overcome it one have to sacrifice everything in life ,or fear will always grip him not to say about loosing any thing which will come eventually.The true born again person will not fear death alone but he will have long life,with true loving family as the one which is all encomposing and most highest from God`s perspective is also accepting holy spirit whch fulfills life.The foolish man tries to compare it with the worldly gains of a person.

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