Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The world is a drama stage for all:-

                                                          From time to time good God above us seems to have truly send great man to make the Peoples to repent in all the society from time to time. None knows the amount of sacrifice made by great man, who burnt like candle to enlighten others.In this line can be also seen  Lord Sri Krishna also,who seems to have exhorted the Hindus to wait for higher spiritual realization in their life.He can be treated as one like-Prophet Elizah in Holy Bible-who predicted the birth of Christ long time back, see his famous sloka in Bhagwad Gita,`yada Yada hi Dharmasya , Glanir Bhawati Bharatam ,Avhyutanam Adharmasya ,Paritranam Sujamwayam,Dharma Sansthapanay Nityam ,Sambhawami Yuge yuge`.Which says when evil rules to the suffering of the righteous one`s, God will send someone to save the righteous from time to time.It is wrong notion of others religion followers that we have problem with each others, all the religion are for that higher realization goal. Thus great man like Swami Vivekanada also can be seen as John the Baptist in the Indian context; who in fact seems to have paved the way for gospel propagation contrary to popular notion that he showed the seed of RSS and VHP the militant form of Hindutva.Think global act local seems to have been Swamijis philosophy and it is also needed as we are not that blessed with resource in our country.
                                                     Therefore the Yoga Postures of Baba Ramdevji cannot be hated as also the beutiful music that have once come from the flute of Sri Krishna must have mesmerised the Gopis in his own time.The need is the emotion must be channelised for a good purpose.As the Hindi writer Kamleshji wrote Admi Kushi Khoj Hi Letan Hain.See  Lord Christ have also emphasized on seeking God`s thy kingdom with full knowledge and conviction. In this global world we should rather see each others doctrines as privilege to study truth within short time.As all the religion in fundamental seems to be complementary and mutually beneficial, even Lord Jesus seems to have said I have come to help all .The realization of the presence of Holy Spirit power seems to have helped great man like Swami Vivekanadaji and Matma Gandhis also as they are seen to have read Holy Bible thoroughly.It is seen that Lord Sri Krishna who is said to have married Rukmini from my State was also not happy always as lady he loved Radha he could never meet.Even the great man have to undergo wordly tragedy, as after all Radha was a simple women and must have been filled with pride and prejudice as girls have in their young days.Surprisingly Lord seems to have been always for look of his lady love everywhere. The  place of eloping of Lord Sri Krishna and Rukmini is still there to be seen in Malini Mandir ,Likabali West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh about 90 km.down  from my place. Still Hindu folowers flock to Likabali to attend  its monthly Malini mela in the beginning of april to experience the true Hindu Valentine day feeling.See great man have greater secrets and not good to discuss grandpas personal life  isn`t it? So Lord may pardon my trespass, as He is so great that his mistakes also prove to be lessions for us.And their initial lack of confidence even to propose someone they love shows how they did not lost and later achieved divinely greatness.
                                              Interistingly Radha become equally famous for the worshiper of Lord Krishna and their idol started to be worshipped together even if they lived a separated life and where never married.May be this was Radhas only luck to be associated with lord Krishna The failure of love apart lord Sri Krishna created a masterpiece like Bhagwad Gita, this is his greatness , the essence of Bhagwad Gita is in fact the importance given to the Holy Spirit which Hindus seems to not  realising.May be this master piece has never been created also if Lord had got Radha in real life, so everything seems to be free destined in world.Happy and accomplish person seems to be casual and one who wants to prove a point to someone end up crossing  all limits. As the search for true love seems to be the beginning of the search for Godliness also, as the intensity of wondering heart seems to help a person when person also starts to seek divinity seriously. As some in worldly way also may have been destined to progress long time back if they have got their lady love; but every thing may have a purpose in life.So one should not cry over spilled milk as Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ makes every one new creation when one come to him diligently.And the frustrated persons must look towards great peoples story to struggle in life, as their story is choosing the best when they were also once upon a time in brink of frustration.After all the divine power was operating from day one to save some special peoples for a greater role in the world.So always believe God has a better plan for all ,this lession is for the young and immature who is yet to see the world.

                      It is surprising to see that unwillingly Lord Sri Krishna seems to have enacted innumerable flirting scenes with Gopis may be to arose jealousy in Radha, who is said to have become others wife by then , the irony of fate.But through this pure love lord always seems to got inspiration in his life also, he showed the world that the true love is not all about meeting a person also or accepting anything in return as defined in Holy Bible also regarding true love .As many marriage eventually develop fissures in their life also,as many may have been never destined also to meet other to captivate their true love for ever, which one have to accept it some times ,one likes it or not.The God`s love above us seems also to be like that in a way. He loves us even if he may have only meet our forefathers .The Young prospective  couples should always ask and pray God for important decisions in their life before a magnimous catastrophes happens in their life, as many may have no Godly power to fight with frustrations of worst order as some great man have.As for great Lord Sri Krishna he never seems to have cared about his past, expressing this secret to his subjects and Gopis for his lost love;and for this he seems to have become immortal mostly, as it may have been his mission to encourage the failed heart in love.As the love is universal and is solution and problem to all one time or other after all the complicacy of heart can one fathom.May be many more master piece may could have been written regarding this based on true stories like the famous novel -`Farewell to Arm`s`.But the best way is reciprocating the Lord and Saviour jesus of Nazareth who loved us with an everlasting love to also die for our sin.By not looking at the cross we will be doing greatest injustice to ourselves and humanity also.
                                         The great Lord Sri Krishna decided to finally support the righteous Pandavas in their epic war in Mahabharata, this is the most important decision taken by Lord Sri Krishna in his life. Death seems to have no reason to be feared  for a true lover anymore and he is seen to be commiting to put himself under direct threat as Charioter of Arjun. The present generation of the successful persons specially the Hindus  are also expected to follow their Lords step in this historical occasion.When the fight between the righteous and the unrighteous have reached a crucial stage and like in mahabharata now battle line is drawn and all great man at that time where compelled to side one camp or other. More so in my case when few years back one Hindu panditji predicted that my good times is coming and affirmatively asked me to meet Ex.Hon`ble MLA- kito Soraji whom also he claimed to predicted of becoming a Hon`ble MLA oneday when he was a truck driver. In case I doubt him which I do still being not resourceful, good if every one bless you.See eventually even Bagwan Shiva is said to have supported Lord Rama to kill Ravana. As the BJP friends will be also compelled to see my case as divine command, as the manipulative Politicians from my State earlier always seem  to have  ensured that the genuine ones were sidelined if the power shifts in centre.If Congress join Congress if BJP join BJP much to the irritation of the general Publics who want change More so in my case as some smart ones may be already planning plausible explanation of my being from  a Christian leader good enough reason for BJP to hate.But fortunately for me good friend BJP national Spokesman Tarun Vijayji and State Unit friends may interfere one never know.As sometimes earlier in this most corrupt place also money seem to have not work in some place.

                       But for mortals who are still waiting like Godots for their true love ones to appear oneday. I pray everyone also get whatever they want oneday,especially in this days of social networking, which is far better scenario than Lord Krishna`s time,when he might have lost his Radha for ever also .And they may also receive as said by my face book friend Shahrukh Khan in movie called ,`My name is khan`-Agar Koi Siddat Sey Kisi Ko Chahega To,Duniya ka Har kainath Ushe Ek Karne ke Liye Jut Jayega.`Hope for me also love may be reciprocated by God and poor Publics for whom I promise to live once again ,when I was once dying inside the operation theatre many years back.Thus the Christianity support a global vision of human love and hope  and can be called as truelly world religion which have the capacity to deliver great expectations , if not in this world in the heaven.So love as defined in Holy Bible is wanting nothing in return ahould also apply for me from my readers , when I have also burnt midnight lamp for all of them  to write some articles of hope ,which may be of little relevance to this world of divorce and failed love.

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