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                              The sons of karko Aao who are common sons of our Great Grand father of all the karko clan Ato Karko met on 14th -15th april 2012 in the Kumsing village 17 K.m from Geku of the Upper Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India.This was a historic occasion for the amalgamation of the Matpang ,Tirki ,Manmong and Paron clan of the Minyong areas to Karko Aao clan.Today the karko clan are now are mainly settled in the Galo area of Basar in the West siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Basar and kambang area of Aalo of the same district.As for the Iring and the Echo clans of the Minyongs who are extended family of the karko Aao,they where already having brotherly relationship with the Turki, Matmang and Paron clan even not marrying each other , therefore on their insistence the member of the Karko Aao association landed on the conference and officially accepted their merger with the KAWA.Its president Sri Eken Ribaji Hon`ble Ex- Minister termed this occasion as historic.Grandfa Domin Karbakji and Brother Henrick Basarji seems to have done much of the spade work before the meeting.
                                               And after convention we have henceforth accept each other as brothers as in the conference the KAWA accepted the merger of paron,Matmong and turki clan officially.The reason for this brotherly relation from all the speakers was that since long Tirki,Manmong,Matpang ,Paron and Ering and Echo where living like brother and sisters and  not marrying each other , and even the stone erected by the common forefathers where cited as present ,and the mythology have it that they are the lost son of the Karko Aao our common forefather; as later the Erring and the Eko clan later migrated to pasighat side from Kumsing village only.As the Erings and Echo are traced to be directed descendent of the karko lost on the way .The chronological order also being Karko,Koi ,Ering,this is akin to the Galo name counting pattern also where last two alpabhet of the father is used by son, thus their recommendation was vital in this new development as they wanted to give recognisation to this relationship .Therefore the integration was in true spirit of the grandpa Ato karko`s vision who must have wanted all the tribes to unite oneday for a good purpose.And this is only not today but since long time this relationship was practiced , as barring accidental cases their was seldom any matrimonial relation with this co-clan members.

                                       The grandfather Karko is said to have migrated from Mechuka side bordering China and on the way some sons where lost this is always historically accepted as the Older generations know even the places where forefathers settled , before coming to present respective place.And this are also sing in the folksongs also among all the karko clan members.Today the family members of the karko Aao of Galo side of West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh consist`s of Basar ( Rihar ),Ribas ,Rike, ,Rina ,Karbak ,Kai,Ada,Bado, Geyi, even Gene clan is said to be waiting for incorporation with Karko Aao clan in Hills Miri area of the Upper Sibunsiri Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India.The karkos where always having a distinct culture within themselves ,maintaining a peculiar naming pattern like from Ato karko forefather genealogy counting downward is like this-Karko,Kore , Rihar,Hara ,Aka, kangu,Nguchi , chimar, Marsen, Hengo, Gomar, Marli, Likar, kardak, Dakto and Togo.Thus we know the adjact names of all the forefathers and important incidents in their life.And not only that the respect was given according to the chronology the senior one even if smaller than you have to be called as father if necessary.Where the 18th rank from Karko forefathers counting of name backword like me has to called 17th rank as father and 16th as grandfather.Today mostly 16th-20 th generation Karko clan is their in the Galo part.The Galo custom permits closeness and frankness with the family members of the same number and some has honestly used it for adultry practise this is wrong ,but today only in jock this liberty is practised by enlightened ones. The Ering and the Echo who are in pasighat side of east Siang Dist. A.P since long time and have mostly incorporated Minyong cultures are also sons of karko and late Dai Eringji first Hon`ble Union Minister for Agriculture of India from N.E under Indra Gandhis regime  was a Karko Aao member.
                                            He was instrumental in this karko Aao Unification bid and today this work is jeleously tried by Sri Osong Ering I.A.S and Sri Obiat Ering the seniour of the Ering clan  .Dai Eringjis  able son Sri Ninnong Erringji present Hon`ble Eastern Member of parliament Lokh sabha is also working for the unification of the clan.The unification bid will hopefully make the Minyong and Galos more closer also and bring friendship, peace and security in whole Adi belt in long run it is hoped.This developments have to be sincerely seen it this ways , as it is good to have a reason for a unity also and should not be used communaly for political gain.However both the community may have to maitain their typical culture and features.I even advise a larger unification bid one day within all the Abo Tani clan and the Mongolian clans as sense of bonding should help us ,as we have the reason to be proud to be related with Mughals that started Delhi Saltanat.As for some like me the sincere and innocent hope of brotherly relationship from innocent villagers of Samsing must be respected even if we have no much sentiment left in our own Karko Aao closer clan in developed place like ours.As the platonic feeling which comes from innocent  heart is divine even if they are not that closer .As what it matter more is promise to be ready to die for each other in bad times also which we can expect from them even if they are seen to lack in social behavious ethics in some points now .Good if this new found relationship is used for good purpose and for mutual interest as the clan members in this place are living a pathetic life.They must not be seen as vote bank alone and must be loved truelly.

                      Some of the achievers of the karko Aao Clan is Late Moji Riba and late Moj Riba recipient of the 1st Tamra patra being the first freedom fighter of the country from State who along with late kargo Basar my Great Grandfather used to communicate with Congress man Advocate lalit Hazarikha of Dibrugarh. Late Tomo Ribaji first-Hon`ble Chief Minister of the state the pioneer of the Peoples Party of Arunachal pradesh,Late Todak Basarji first Hon`ble M.P Rajya sabha of the state and Hon`ble Ex-Minister PWD,Sri Eken Ribaji first advocate of the state and Hon`ble Ex-Minister ,Sri Jikom Ribaji first top State Officer being the General Admnistration of the state and Dr. Lijum Basarji being the first M.B.B.S and Specialist of the State.Hope God continue to bless us.The persons like Sri Eken Ribaji Hon`ble Ex-Minister and present President of the karko Aao Welfare Association,Er.Tomo Basar S.E PHED and Sri Gojum Basarji Ex-V.P Basar made their important contribution on all the KAWA conventions so far.

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