Monday, April 2, 2012


                                The supporters of the PPA feels that their should be a secret Plan B –N of the party as its safe guards.In case the APSU ditches it like always and the officer class betrays this party.After the Hon`ble S.C intervention in 2 G case the power is with the Poor and Poor party now, as there is no more need of prosecution sanction from it ordered it must be given within 3 month.Also as reported the chakma and Hazongs are dying for tying up with this party, and this coalition is not averse to spiritual persons in PPA also, who only want them to be flexible enough to make their incorporation easy.As in the views of our Shingpo and khamti brothers suffering immensely, we may have to also find out an amicable situation.As the Congress has betrayed everyone so far .First by bringing a problem and second by finding no solution to it.And worst by using divide and rule tactics for its own end.This party is a threat to whole state for long it has hoodwink the State see the boundary problem between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.Surprisingly encroachment of Assam in regional party ruled state is less.

                                     All Congress have been doing so far is trying to make everyone its vote bank and taking the money to the observers as suspected and they to swiss bank to be used by western country man.I still stick to my earlier comments as congress have created the monsterous haves class and brought communalism and refugee in this State .As the Congress party atleast owe an apology to the BB Plaza shop keepers and Christian community for its earlier persecutions.Though this issue should have been rised by the Bussiness Community and Arunachal Christian Forrum long time back.Unfortunately in our State our leaders seems to be only interested in getting the post, that should not be the case atleast in spiritual arena .Thank you brother Nilam Taramji for unearthing the bitter truth of dark days.As for the senior politicians and officer groups many of the corrupted and whimsical one`s have even not shown their property return in the annual record of income tax office via Charter accountant .And even some has shown sudden rise in their income beyond their known source of income.And in the view of the 2 G scam Hon`ble Supreme Court Judgement, time for them to change and repent and stop acting smart.Thus we are expecting the good Persons of haves class to be more considerate to the genuine parties like our`s , as we have always played responsible opposition role.I remember the green and peace bonus topic was coined to the Planning commission members by PPA where I was also delegate.Next day it was find in the newspaper to be hijacked by the Congress party.Thus how long this can be tolerated, you never know, one may be also of some help to other some day, thus one has to give a serious thought upon need for making new friendship also.As days of kushi kushi culture are gone, as there is prima facie evidence of property of the haves everywhere which will be above their known source of income.I appreciate the Galo society atleast in checking the gap between the rich and poor due to its advance culture , as inner democracy seems to be inherent here.As atleast from J.E level itself we don`t have millioneries here, atleast the rich persons are seen feeding the Poor`s in the rituals like Togu and Mopin etc.But it is still not enough, they need to invest in their motherland in factories and industries to show their repeantance.And some son of the soil have already begine doing so, which is very welcoming.
                                        The Public leaders should not tell anything about their charity, as they want vote in return for whatever good they do.And besides the fear of the rulling party was the main reason earlier for siding with the Congress party while most of the Publics are fed up of this now.As it has produced a monsterous haves class , price rise, communalism,unemployment ,adultration , law and order problem etc.As there is something called human dignity of thinking to be infused in Publics for betterment of future generation as well, as voting for one family alone and selling vote right have symbolized slavery and loss of human dignity,which is more important than few cheque in march ending.After all for this only one is taking his family to Sunday Church and Gangi to develop God fearing and promise to live righteous life. The new unemployed and frustrated youth even want to beat up the pseudo spiritual persons who take money for vote during elction.After all they are last hope for a dying society and must keep their respect.As for Chrsitian community before each election we issue a dictum to missioneries and evengialism to prayerfully deal with this God`s subject as told to me by a Executive member of GBCC.Why new opportunity like organic crop export and tourism has seen to be not developed so far, as the contractor leaders seem`s unable to inspire the youths in this sector may be due to lack of time.The showing of business will not work one has to be a result oriented leader.Taken by surprise by new awakening one cannot be seen to eat around in all the party it is only by God`s power one can give true development thus time to repent for all.But the evil will again try to make it an issue between Christian Vrs. Non Christian.Baba pray what ever god you are interested in but Publics have losts patient.And what about the Self Help group schemes like-NREGA and pilot projects etc.
                            This all seems to be completely sidelined by most of the leaders, who seems to be more interested in their easy earning way like tender and supply.And who knows the regional satraps may have to also suffer in coming time for their own earlier advantage like the Gandhi family who are seen to be very different from this society.Remember presently the Poors and downtrodden are right now struggling for their bare survivle,the situation now is like the scene in the movie –Titanic.Where the rich man are seen to lock the gate to check lower passengers to come above save themselves.The silence of the Public cannot be concluded to be sign of their obedience anymore they are ready to give their vote against the Congress from their hand and legs.The State is not anyones fielfdom, the meritious must come up in all the field and supported or their will be soon accountability.And the one who maintains equ-distance from leftist and rightists ,Hindu fundamantelists and pseudo secularists must be respected, as State can never be kept at ransom for single persons interests who have no vision.And living comfortably alone like the Czar in Russian revolution.As the state has now changed and Publics now want delivery .Not the muscle power and the money is anymore going to suppress the truth during elections and more it is applied more zero will be given to congress party.

                   The enlightened politicians and officers who seems to have maintined the tax documents to some extent since ten years atleast good for them, and not to say about some rich family members who have plausible explanation at all times.After all their father`s started business when Itanagar was in jungle specially traditional rich son`s from Chawkham, relatives of Kings of Tirap and Changlang, Bomdila ,Tawang , pasighat,Aalo and Basar etc.And some of those who had the common sense of showing their relatives as A grade contractor`s earlier may have some sense of security for explaining their excess richness. As earlier richness through surreptious means was a big cause for roaming around with bare chest in some places where injustice where more.And the haves class where said to have befooled the Poor and downtrodden in the name of communalism making them hate their own co-brothers in other tribe.This is going to change as the real fight in future is going to be between haves and haves not supported by repeanted elites.As the ill will between the Nyishis and Galos are concocted and fabricated by this haves class.But also has to be accepted that few Congress man in top level are also very good God fearing persons.Hope in right time they will take right decision also.

                           Tomorrow if there is an impartial enquiry their should be a yardstick which should depends on the commulative decesions of the Hon`ble MLA`s and cabinet minister`s.And even if 70 % of corrupted ones from same community goes to jail so be it demands an agitated unemployed youths.Who feel enough is enough of politics ,which don`t address the real roots of problems and is played by misleading innocent youths in the name of communalism .Inspite of odds , in case the genuine leaders come in assembly than their may be a strong bill for it.So for a social reconcialation their has to be accommodation from all class when there is time.The superiority complexion has to be removed ,what richness if it is of no use to others.And in State none is too rich to purchase others ,thus instead of finishing himself and his family by pride.It is better to move on as they were best business man and will make right deal in their life.As today with new awareness business is not that easy and only truth and transperacy will attract the Publics to person or Party which PPA is doing.But this seems to be highly improbable and situation like Goa may eventually develop as some are still filled with pride as if they are king and still feels others have to come to them for request.Though this was the time they should have invited some genuine ones to share the power and interestingly some Crooks who lied earlier they should fear God also,as this time He seems to be personally supervising all the revolution in the World for good.As the Public money going to Congress Observers and rotting in Swiss bank is bit too much man.Atleast good Christian persons in Congress camp are expected to be different; as time has come for friendly and healthy relations with good ones cutting across party lines.
                                   Forget the days of dadagiri it will harm the top brass interest, learn from the history why Ravana was conspired to be kicked eventually by all the god`s as none like one who make quarrel among them.As there are some smart ones whose success have been changing camp often and where the one`s making others to fight.Who knows Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji and Ex-Hon`ble C.M Jarbom Gamlinji may ultimately unite to teach them a good lesions,after all big peoples also don`t want to cross each other and start 3rd world war and get undue sin for their own interest.As both are our senior leaders and have atleast got H.C.M post once in their life time in this competitive world and reached Hall of fame also.As such they must do good things for society now as History will record their every move.This healthy communications should help in unification of Abo Tani clans for good purpose and rooting out the black sheep who always seems to be the master mind behind communal chaos and riots to maintain their fielfdom.As both the H.C.M should have not reached that stage if they were not blessed by God also, may be for a noble cause.So they have a divine duty to forget the past and work for future transformation, after all God and Society have already given them too much , they should not stuck to their egoism in their last end when they are nearing to meet God.

                            So even if all the good peoples from place like Tirap and Changlang is only left out, we may have to take a strict action ,belives some critics;thus better to attack them now by all whom nobody in this changed time likes.Those who resorted to lie and deceit to make their own end earlier and still telling the importance of money in election as they want to serve their own end.See what is his connection with the God and his Individual capacity and talent as an individual, as none has money tree in his back yard and only misusing Public money,so don`t boost on money which belongs to Public.Thus the ball is now in the court of the haves specially of the Abo Tani Belt who claims to be the most civilized tribe to carry the torch of justice and equality everywhere, if it is really civilized.As we easily claim ourselves to be holy and pious, but friends election is the first day of judgement, as here Publics become very vigilant.Thus this is time to be more God fearing and living a prayerful life to become the ambassador of own, his family and congregation.Some Crooks earlier seems to have treated their poor relatives as third class citizens ,even though he was aware of his mistake.As the poor are their everywhere and as such we expect a sudden reversal of fortune in next election as the good persons are now coordinated like never before.And the coming elelction is going to be basically the fight between two ideology of haves and haves not, and the congress being filled with the rich persons who seems to have been out of touch with the Publics .
                          Where they are going to stand in coming election?As it may be filled with most of the crore patis even if party don`t like it in next election also; making a perfect mockery of majority Poor Publics who have been looted of their right.Therefore the time for the rich and powerful to think twice before harming other`s interest like it did earlier, as fact is barring Late Yimar Ribaji, late kabang Borangji and Late Gohain of Chokham there is no genuine rich man of his own right in our State, and others are like Ali baba and Chalis Chor character.But will it last?In case of non repentance by some the PPA may have to think of other plans as this is a golden chance given by God for galvansing the Publics this time.It is upto the Publics of the Abotani belt in particular and others in general to ponder upon it.The enlightened ones of the Budhist belt are supposed to be more helpful in this good cause I personally opine, as they also love animal than what to say about fellow beings pathetic life for which they need to do something also.

                                But there are also good man in the ruling party and officer circles ,as it is also difficult for a person who is enjoying power and richness to be good since long time and as such the few good congress man who are good man, thus we invite them also. Specially ones like Hon`ble cabinet minister Setong Senaji who is heard to have refused C.M post also.A friend was saying once- when we ponder upon list of good officers and leaders it definitely zero in on the officers of none Abo Tani belt, as for our own list of good one`s it is in finger tips.But I also personally know many good close officers who have peoples blessings from core of their heart.Thus Peoples blessing also matter a lot for ones good life and for good Peoples, bad time will never come as there is truelly God to protect them in all time to come even if they are not manipulative.As some have already shown their goodness earlier by supporting and financing the good persons and party even against the rulling candidates. I personally respect them for they stood with justice and equality which God liked most ,that too at a time when it was unthinkable.The helped candidates should be obliged to them also.The sponsors are also the prodigal son of the soil in their own right,who were merciful to poor and downtrodden and genuine leaders, I salute them also.After all everyone needed someone to play this responsible opposition role earlier, but others did not consider from where bread will come for this good Samaritan peoples.
                             I have great expectations from Zorro like characters from officer groups.Who may also secretly help us in times of troubles.But honestly worst is coming for selfish and self centric peoples, to some critics opinion- some mischivious lad in future may defile some graveyard and secretly write in some corrupted dead Persons grave yard that-`This man always left a greedy and selfish life and never left the ruling party for his own greed.`Everyone is answerable to his conscience and One day to the history as well theirfore all have to fear the consequences as well.After all some looted the State like anything and yet to show their guts for good cause.The coming elelction is a good way to wash their sin.The rich leaders should also now bother upon the fate of their innumerable photo`s in calendar hanged everywhere.As even if it is not damaged the publics may put evil eye on it.As it represent artificial imposition of self respect over others in the name of state machinery.As more important is putting the favourite leaders photo in the Public heart which will come naturally, as this is a small place and everyone knows each other.And Publics rightly knows Individual weakness apart, who is the best for the Public? As it is all about the judicious use of Publics own money that is demanded from our leaders now.Hope the unrepeanted haves class will never allow us to go for other plan`s which may make them more unpopular and desperate.

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