Monday, April 2, 2012

Who cares for the common Publics today :-

                                        The Publics woes due to various maladies remind me of Legendry Bhupen Hazarikas song,`Ganga Bahati hain Kyon,`namely-`Vristit Hain Apar, praja Dono Par, kare Haha kar. Nishabda sada .ganga Tum Ganga Bahati hain Kyon.`Today the price rise is going to kill the poors and the middle class, see the petrol price rise after every election.The Congress party have ensured that it will only look the interest of the rich.After all it has become the party of the Aristrocat with all the crore pati in this party only encouraged by the High commands.As they seems to already know the list of the rich club in all the streets and giving them coveted post much before election.And as for aam admi it is roaming like Zombis in street with their mind not functioning like actor  Nana Fathekar in movie called Kranteeveer.

                              And this previlage club never allow the bill to be passed in Assembly which goes against them.The source of Govt.revenue can be by seizing the building of the rich and powerful, disproportionate to their known source of income, like Bihar Govt. did to some extent to make it School and Hospitals.After all nothing can be expected from Anna hazare team in future so it is better now to discuss it .Though truth is bitter but my hard talk may be good for the haves also.But a community constitute of all the political party have to be made,mind it there is still few time for the Congress party to repent.After all 95% are haves not class alone,and today media cannot be monopolized also.If their revolution succeed one day their may be more heinous punishment to the unmerciful haves whom Anna brand of civil society seems to hate like anything.So parties like PPA should be seen as a middle course the best way to bring a social reconciliation.But I personally feel as there is no better tax than rising the Urban tax so that the Poor man get some relief regarding rising petrol price etc.It can be a better way , after all rich must share their booty also as the poor are also not much harmful in State like in others part.As even if legal or illegally got, the best way of the govt. land plots occupied by the publics will be accepting the ownership and in the lieu rising the tax.The Publics also need to poonder upon this mistake of not having a honest view on this the PPA may think seriously on this line.As whatever central Govt. gives officially they seems to take more unofficially.

                                As tomorrow it is very doubtful any additional fund will come from the centre if there is even ruling party in both.When Mamta didi is crying who we are?As who knows likethe Special Package the MLA Lad may be also soon ordered to be tendered. One like it or not time to speak the truth ,to search the best possible way for all.Why the Public get swayed by the fanfare and the hype created by the media purchased by rich? Who make sure their rich business supporters are not taxed in annual Bill .Instead making the Public at large to share the burden.Can State Govt. not remove the VAT on Petrol like the Goa Govt. also did.In the coming time leave aside not voting for the congress party throwing stone at them may be also possible; if they soon it does not bring the Gandhiwadi in their approach.As giving emphasise to rich candidate and becoming their katputli have harmed the party.As the Publics are fed up of accepting the astronomical figure of money demanded by the daily wages worker and price of food and vegetables.

                                The Assam seems to be better with no maid servant now willing to come to our State any more;short time memory of the Publics have been earlier taken advantage by the parties like Congress.Today PPA has many genuine leaders who could have come in a easy way by earning surreptiously also; but preferred hard way in the love for the poor and the destitute, they have to also be appreciated.As a way have to be found out also , after trying all the policies .And as their fight is for all the haves not so all should join in their revolution as they alone have a master plan to bail the Publics out this time ,as they have ambitious and practical plan for it and some already working on it.And besides they have been not given chance also due to earlier parachuting of leaders and ideas from Delhi.

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