Thursday, April 12, 2012

The reason for the failure of the Self Help Group:-

                                                          The reson for the failure of the most of the self help group is due to its lack of transferancy.Thus the groups must be run by equals who can complaint each other if there is need.There should be regaular audit.And those who want to go ahead for getting outside aid also they have to make annual audit with Charter accountant in Lakhimpur to be submitted to the income tax Dept.As the group who show their 3 yrs.continues tax returns alone can get outside aid.And yes the self help group is for help of its own member , it should not become financial institutions like bank or there may be difficulty in recovery of money if the money is given outside.And the money must be recovered with tooth and nail by engaging the Lawyers.It is seen the poor self help groups hard earned money is rotting in the other hands.

                                    The Ponu parties which is now stopped in other place should be now better converted into self help group.As what one get in the reception of the MLA and MP is peanuts in compare to what the advanced women groups are getting in the Apatani Plataue and the Galo`s Aalo area self help groups are earning.The mothers groups have lots of responsibility like in the Mizoram and Manipur who used to stop the circulation of money in election and stop the drug addict and the boozer.The Ponu party reminds of earlier Bhutan kings visit when they use to choose beautiful girls for marriage.It has today become out an out business with the Publics having no interest in the actual plan and the policy of the leaders .Only Ponu party present to earn some money, interestingly places now touching new sky of development like Tirap and Changlang are the ones the undue respect is not shower on the representatives.
                                                                        Though there is underground element who make balancing act,but the intelligent Galos cutting across party lines must discuss it, as more than blitzkriez before election it is imperative to make our place as promising as Tawang and Bomdilla .See the proposal for the outside tour of the Ponu Party may today be offered to only the strong opposition leaders Village and his co-dwellers.So expecting large donations at the cost of health is not worthwhile.As who knows gastric,ulcer and cancer may have come from minister visit as they wait for hours without food and in return ponu party are said to receive peanuts.Frankly earlier all the things revolved over fear of ruling Congress party.In the new change world where this slavery is about to be abolished. Let us hope one day we have good qualified and visionary leader`s to open up the sectors like tourism so that our poor mothers group are saved from this perennial suffering and make other better source of earning for them.As the unity for hard times seems to compel them now to wait for the ungrateful leaders barring ones like Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Setong Senaji.May more of his kind come up who means business to do work for motherland.And those who criticize this type of new politics are giving immense disservice to the future of the State where everyone will suffer tomorrow.
                                                                      The need is incorporating sum total goodness of all the tribal community like Apatani, Galos and Lamas.The selp help group should be motivated to visit Aalo,Zero and Mechuka instead of going to Delhi where they seems to learn less.As from this state societies perspective lots of mterial are available in this places only.Like the use of cows, kitchen garden ,stopping of zhoom cultivation and hunting etcTime has come for the Govt. to even interefere the internal functioning of the NGO and the self help groups specially monitering the finance part. 

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