Monday, April 2, 2012

The fear of Dam break in NE is it real ? :-

                              The fear of Dam break in the Arunachal Pradesh of North East part of the India cannot be also neglected in spite of the best of our engineers models,this Assamese elites may be seen to be thinking after the part of Bogi bridge collapsed in Dibrugarh. The best solution can be making the most powerful dams, that is going to first face the unprecedented flood of the china if its water are suddenly released in the dam made above us.As between ifs and buts the Chinese seems to have already diverted substantial amount of Siang/Brahmaputra river water.The demand by the All Assam Student Union is also right in their own way, as being the lower riparian`s Assam may be worst hit in this scenario if the Chinese suddenly release large quantity of waters breaking other dams below it also.So it is not good to provoke them as eventually the siang District becomes the sufferers in case of the anger of the Dhemaji ASSU unit.

                             But why AASU have they been so silent for so long , that too after the project is nearly completed in Gergamukh and to be started in some other places.Even in the Gergamukh some Assamese contractors were the main beneficiary, the contract work being mostly done by them.Now the projects have gone too far ,a middle course has to be find out .They have to also see that it is 20 times smaller than the Chinese projects and Chinese have already completed its project effecting the volume of the Brahmaputra river immensely .But definitely the material cannot be compromised if still new dams are made.The PPA stand is the projects must be reduced to half of it and it must be made in places nearing to foothill areas.And this seems to be more practical also as JPC may be the last company to be interested in the project after reduced water level in Siang river.The congress policy of divide and rule is going to finish this state and this party must be removed in coming elelctions feels many.As there is pro and against dam and some is heard to complaining of not receiving the compensation money.
                       We have to see the whole projects from new angle in the view of latest developments.The pressure upon China was definitely inadequate,even the ISRO ficture come up only after dam is completed in China.And one fine morning water level in Siang river suddenly subside to the horror of Publics.But now since their dam over Arunachal is compelted is their a better way than friendship also.As country is least accepted to send its fighter planes to demolish it like Israil.Thus the best course may be to share each other`s knowledge.The expertise in clearing the siltation of the Dam reservoir by Chinese have to be checked in, as eventually the cleaning of the silt may make the Assam to suffer more.As already they are facing so much hardship in some area`s due to yearly cleaning process of Dam at Yazali when all the water gates are opened.

                           As the Chinese has made provision for water inflow inside the bottom of the dams where the fertile soil manure also pass to the lower side farmers in the bank of river and this also keeps the dams clean .And this also avoid the draining out of the water annually to cleans the silt, which increases the life of a dam.And this doors can be opened and closed by a mechanical way so that whole water in dam`s need not be emptied.Honestly it is very doubtful to have a state of art technology in our Country .As whole country is dominated by illiterate and visioneryless leaders and worst their seems to be lack of coordinated approach also. Only in the last trade fair Col.Rimmo Karbakji the Liaison officer of JPC seen to have been at least explaining the projects. A Japanese was heard to say he needed Indian army , Pakistan officers and Chinese technology to excel in life.So we should learn from each others and learn from our past mistakes as well.Late Bakin pertinji PPA Legislator called Arunachal land of kushi kushi .This principles is unacceptable in important matters now and as such the publics fears must be alleyed ,and unfortunately most of our leaders earlier seemed to have been only busy minting money.It was unfortunately only yardstick for respect.

                               I suggest a very strong dam with lots of water capacity or an alternative diversion of water is made in the first dam facing the inflow of the river Siang/ Brahmaputra from Chinese side .This will at least give time to the Peoples below to be evacuated if there is sudden dam break/ water release. And if the bifurcation of the siang /Brahmaputra river is costly than at least a holo area inside Arunachal Pradesh can be identified where the water can be at least stored for one week so that People in Aalo ,pasighat and Assam can be evacuated to the safe place in case of dangerous scenerio.Atleast with the China having made Dam in upper side of Arunachal Pradesh in river Brahmaputra they will be now always unpredictable with this new found weapon. we should not take any chance as they have already finished it. And this project may prove as the middle course and pacifying the Publics and help in winning the confidence of the general Publics in this dangerous places, who have till now being apprehensive with the Govt. alleged secret MOU`s without consulting the real owners. Besides imagine the cost of devastation later, if we are not prepared.

                                                         This funding can be done by all the Companies that are going to make dams in Siang /Brahmaputra river. And to some peoples sujjestions even the surruptious bribe money paid earlier to officers and political leaders has to be checked and their property confiscated to make this dream project complete. As the local will have none of excuses, if there is no mechanism for a middle way acceptable to all the party.And for this the trust has to develop by this Govt.By initiating a sincere approach so as to ally the fear of the Publics in lower side of the river, mind it the rumor of heavy bribery in the Hydropower sector may never keep any peace and stability if this contentious issue is not solved once and for all, as this is good chance for a good leader to show their sincerity; one should atleast fear God and future history even if none dare to say anything now.

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