Tuesday, May 1, 2012

THE Big Dam Construction issue second angle :-

                                    The big Dam construction proposal  needs to be introspected nicely least the future blames us.The problem in the state seems to be lack of will to seek the divine power to solve any outstanding problem. The religious leaders should not keep mum, but must hammer out an honorable solution good for all, they must show a way for society in this confusing time. As they are neutral and friendly to all ,may can find a way with His grace also. Today the lack of charismatic leader in State who can talk about reconciliation between two opposite camp views ;say it in congress infighting case, in society like between the rich Vrs. Poor etc.,between one community Vrs other etc. is today harming the State.Let us pray to God to give us one genuine leader like prophet Mosses to lead us all to righteousness. As the greed and covetousness is the mother of all evil and that seems to be eating us right now ,as none care to hear the will of God.I am sure God knowingly did not put diamond and gold mine inside our earth like in Johhansanburg and Kimberly as innocent tribal would have died fighting like in African countries where there is prolong civil war.

                      All are responsible for this mess, the poor image of some of the rich leaders who are doubted to have siphoned off money of the MOU, and they also not coming forward to clarifying their position regarding this .And also the blind criticism by the publics, as if they are not responsible for making of this leaders. And forgetting that universal phenomenon that ,does good God above us don`t punish excessive corrupted one`s in His own way?The State is at worst transition period today and the best middle solution will be making a regional Govt. as the central party observer have been seen to have made infighting in the state to benefit themselves. And are suspected more even than some local leaders who are in zone of suspicion now for eating genuine land owners money.But the Arunachal Publics may be still ready for easy money asking their leaders to join BJP if NDA comes in center, than under what authority this problems will be solved. Thus we should not be half heartedly changed ,unless we are changed completely within ourselves we have no right to point finger at others.Why in this historic occasion also publics don`t want to side with PPA this is surprising. Mind it one who cannot love his own cannot excel in life. Tomorrow if earlier leaders secret diary is opened barring Jodik Taliji , Kembom Ribaji and myself,most of the others names even in opposition camp may be only seen in the list of the beneficiary from Hydropower money,thus it is better not to prolong this debate for some .Thus once and for all this have to be faced headlong and solved ,if tried without any vested interest this may be possible. But for this we have to show brutal honesty and practical approach.
          The original land owners place and district has to be first the target of development also as none will like others to run away with Lions share, after all they are the ones who are going to face the future risk if any as well.The Peoples need to be made aware of the committed Companies will power to deliver. Even the corporate houses also need to know that the regional power alone will have political will to solve this problems once and for all .As the Publics have faith in their leaders like in Sikkim where Tista Hydropower project is in great progress. Where the good Hon`ble Chamlingji is planning to make the Sikkim as Switzerland we are still not clear about future course of action. This is also because there is no infighting in regional party and decisions are quick and this party comes after a revolution and after it Peoples tend to leave their old ways and make a fresh thinking. As the leaders in the Congress and BJP whatever their decision taken publics will always think it have been taken under a vested interest plan.And that the corporate houses must have appeased them and more went to Central leaders. But herein problem lies also as one cannot serve two masters. And also since the regional party is equi- distance from both the central party, so there is accepted to be less interference from both the party, if it comes to power.As for congress both the alleged camps within the party also seems to be provoking some publics to sabotage each others prospects. A critic`s was heard saying,` Kissa Kursi Aor Dam Rupya Ka Hain` .

                For the sake of the future generation allowing limited Hydro power and embankment construction to protect some areas like Aalo township in west siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh may be also studied to cater the job dream of the new generation. As for the corrupted leaders who want power without responsibility and publics compelled to realize their earlier folly lately with this issues , the coming time will be time to sit in negotiable table with brutal honesty. And for this all should be ready to sacrifice seeing this issue above politics , least the private corporate make it an excuse to pull out feeling uneasy with the Chinese plan to divert the 50% of the river above amidst this arguments for and against the motion. And mind it the frustrated corporate houses may later file million rupees civil suit against the state Govt .As being the one to start the project before us ,the Chinese will have better right even in UNO mind it .So hope finally God will give us the power to take best decision in right time .The best way will be undertaking 3-day fasting programme by all the interested party to seek God`s will which will be best, but none may turn of, and some may even laugh. But this itself shows our weakness as He alone has best advise and solutions sometimes, if all the corporate house give a corpus fund to peace maker like me to organize such event I may initiate this also.
                                 Be it corporate house ,Political leaders , pro and anti Dam group to go for fasting programme specially in jipu prayer centre to know the will of God , is their any more option left now?The careless MLA`s who will like to laugh away this serious topic should not be allowed to eat the slice of cake if the project comes up later. As many are now filled with the spirit of the Judas Iscariot to sell their soul also ,that is now harming the States interest. May God give us the true realization and true leader which can be only possible by God when we seek him diligently and stop this criticism of worst order against each other. First time first, the time to run to God by all the cabinet ministers to some of whom even 40 days fasting programme may be awaiting; after all great things are done in pain.Only some of my believer friends may accept this.The programmes as such have been long undertook by some, with His graceness and with great difficulties like earlier long tapasya by Rajas for welfare of Subjects ,the State seems to be running only for their good work`s blessings now.Face the real challenge when whole world have changed, opines some young,honest and talented leaders specially Delhi returned ones , who have been doomed to be sidelined by the Congress policy so far . But in spite of all the badness the elites also need to be less prideful as there is less takers of wisdom in our kind of society. But some of them they have to be appreciated as at least so far they have not made any tacit understanding with an anti social element`s so far.