Monday, April 30, 2012

My side of story:-

                                                    We only read others biography in Holy Bible ;but never write our own testimony was what a speaker was exhorting us to do in last Church service. And it seems the Christian duty is also to do so contrary to the common Indian ideology as told by Pastor Jumni Rina which says,-` If One can do, you too can do.If none can do you can`t do.The Japanese ideology need to be followed which says-` if one can do ,you can do .If none can do ,you must do`. After becoming a Christian  it was always my long felt desire to work for the glory of the God.And to do the impossible for him and I always wanted to do something for him.And for it I may have sometimes gone to some  extreme limits .I take personal apology from the Gandhi  family and any one if I have hurt them knowingly or unknowingly. But my intention was pure always , as I thought it divine duty to tame the  rich and powerful by being a believer.After all the poor and destitute cannot be accepted to tell them the truth. As I show them as one responsible for injustice to my believers and poor in my remote areas. And it was divine thing for me to first tame the person in helm of the power and make friendship with ones like Baba Ramdevji to accomplish my mission.But now since the battle is equal between all the parties ,with the power of the Gandhis also minimized very much by the fate .There is no reason why I should not also pardon the Gandhis and others if they are also seen to be repenting to God, after all it s wrong to hate someone cine die.

                                                    But God has a different ways and  that I realized  it in my 3 Day  dry fasting programme few days back.This fasting programme coming from God as told by a missionary was due by me since long time and for not complying this I suffered immensely. Honestly in this programme I have been diligently seeking the  God`s will for future course of action. And as such I was also ready to become missionary leaving my political commitment also if He will and  clearly show it by vision and dream in that  fasting programme that He seems to be still liking me in politics .And this was inspite of my  sincere prayer  for my prospective enemies and his family welfare also; as only will of the God is best and He will not show me His will if I am filed with any anger even in fasting centre. As I may have reason also to be angry with a gentleman , as  I have helped one local politician earlier in his difficult times and in whose promise I believed that He will leave the dais for me in coming election.As such  I had  declined my candidature in last assembly election , as the person concern happens to be a relative of my elder brothers relative  .Even if it harmed me immensely at that time, specially in context of my reputation ,and I become buts of jock and doubt. I have mainly sacrificed as my religion guide me to do this also.As for me at that  time loosing may  have been a better bet, which may have created a  scope for  practicing advocate like me to sincerely practice my profession ,forgetting the ghost of Public interest once and for all .But even than in the fasting programme ,God showed me the Holy Bible verse, which  wanted me to go to the same person`s house for taking his friendly help first .Thus I was compelled to go to his house on 28th april 2012.And I could only meet his wife and have to pray for his family and God`s power to opening up their mind.

                                                         The plan of the holy spirit is different he wants us to do the things with peace and love and sometimes when we are least interested as educated and knowledgeable person like me may be still filled with some amount of pride which is bad isn`t it.But we have to follow His order neverthless. After all everyone is son of God and everyone may have some good qualities in them, even my local leader who is heard to be good in helping others specially this days.Thus God must be also loving him and knows him and want the work get done without hurting him. The will of the God must be complied first , as it will be also wrong to think that other will be also not filled with love and compassion specially towards one who have stand by their family in times of troubles also. And definitely the power of the God is also seeming to be working in their family now ,with couples of believer called by the God recently from their  family also.It is hoped at least they know the power of the Holy spirit and tell the family patriarch about God`s will; even if they will like to trust in their own wealth only, for which God seems to have shown me plan- B also.That I have partly complied God`s plan- A ,I am at least a satisfied man now; as the guru mantra in the world seems to be either you make money by hoock or crook or you appease God by any way and never take his name invain unless acute need be.But today was a special case as in my constituency my co-believers have been never been given any chance of leadership as yet,and they desperately need a reason to believe in themselves also.And God seems to be siding me as the Poor and desitutes also need to be helped more in the future .Even if they seems to be more comfortable with the present system.
                             Earlier in the healing crusade in Aalo also Evan. Christopher have also already predicted God`s plan of Christian C.M and God`s willingness to make this State as His own, which are concluded by good Christian to mean sure Christian victory in most of the area. For this the none Christian brothers should not panic, as the will of God will be good for all,and they have been also given ample cooperation by us.And it is time for political reconciliation for all ,after so much Christian injustice in some place earlier which need to be addressed to bring a reconcialation.Honestly being a believer we have no other scope than to come in name of Lord ,it has to be appreciated that many leaders of this community could have also played worldly ways, may be worst styles could have been adopted . Thus the need of hour is love and trust by all as an individual and society to side with righteous and condemn the injustice. Even if one who did this injustice may be rich and powerful time for them also to change .
                                    Thus it is advisable for my previous  friend in ruling party, whom I have also shown my earlier sincerity by being becoming friend in need when to get one time  leadership chance was His only motto. Today his time to  help me complete God`s mission, as it will be divine also for him and his family to retire with grace and for a good cause. As I may be chosen by Lords grace to protect my believer from backslide in election, as even if some may criticize me of worldly lust but critics themselves may be planning same. After all I have passed the worst test in my life to refuse heavy bribes in my life,Rupees 3 crore is not a easy amount for us isn`t it?If I am that bad man God would have also not used me also so far that is my satisfaction ,though the leaders will be always criticised.The miracle  of the God upon me  can be checked in my earlier article by that heading in my blog.The witness name are also put in case any doubt arise to verify the incidents .Honestly this is never my personal interest to take political post that too in this challenging time when there is paucity of funds with Govt. also unless it is God`s plan.Friends is their any other scope than to be loyal to God, when we have joined the congregation once upon a time with pure heart.And remember worldly power was never was our intention than and now also.Some have a misconception that from day one I had political ambition for my personal gain ,this is completely wrong as I have served Lord and maximum numbers of political leaders in my life.My aim is goodness of the Publics only.And Lord alone can guide us in this challenging time.

                                After all being a Christian leader I have to be different and my earlier articles which may sound against that fine gentleman is also wrong as it was for other lesser privilege places. As for me I had always believe in my friendship and his promise fulfillment capacity and I believe  eventually he will show his magnamity to call me up;  I pervently believe .As I was accepting him to help me by now to face the new challenge for society, any way nothing is late. Who knows many vested interested Peoples may be corrupting him to covet for one more time which may prove his own nemesis, as things are difficult today.Even if I don`t cite the God`s mercy in my life.But  It is wrong to think that everyone is hundred percent fit also, Unless friend like him also bless me from his core of heart, an elite like me can also not serve my peoples to optimum level also.The time is ripe for showing peace and reconciliation in my place  in letter and spirit  to make a lession for this State.As the new generation leaders is ready for taking up the new responsibility.And the other community are looking towards the Great Galo`s who boost of more civilization in this transition period  to remove the barrier between the germ of the society like clanism- Larey Vrs Karka, Christian Vrs.Non Christian and rich Vrs. poor if any remaining  once and for all.History is looking towards both of us to stand above our petty gains.As for my friend he have already proved his point and still have a good bussiness profession in future and may show me his magnamity.

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