Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sri Lankan Military Atrocities :-

                       Was the spirit of dead Ravana hovering this time also in Sri lankan Peninsula to once again cause so much death and destruction. The killing of the LTTE was in a way justified but not the civilians and hope the Govt. of India name does not come up in giving them tactical support for this carnage.

                                          It is time that that the Sinhalese really show the world that they follow Budhism to the core.The film that channel IV and CNNIBN showed was horrible.The Rajyapaksha Govt. must render his unconditional apology to the Tamils and the world leaders.The shops snatched from Tamil must be given back to them.And the military officers who committed excess must be taken care of to satisfy the international community.Or in the appropriate time the revolution may again come up.As the history is witness that the force is never a solution to suppress a ideology.See Israil have come up more powerful after untold misery on the Zews in 2nd world war.Who knows this hatred will one day repeat in bloddy war between Hinayana and Mahayana Budhist sect of the Sri Lanka after all the demon with ten head was born here.And who knows his spirit may be still hovering to eat his next prey.

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