Monday, April 2, 2012

The difference between the evil and Good mans Leadership :-

            When a good man becomes a leader he tries his best to unite and rule the society as he is best in that only.The effect is seen with increased unity in all the family as he has associates to spread good will to all the society.As he knows truth alone triumps eventually and truth is the will to do the good work all the time.He also tries to compel the Publics to have good views like him and supporting those who toe his line by hoock and crook, and soon there is development and affluence everywhere, as in fact good peoples are always in majority but they seems to be suppressed now.And with the right candidate their is again peace and friendship .As the new God fearing youngsters only fear Him and none and knows God also makes way for them.And even knows that due to their prayer support they can do what money cannot do also.
                The good ones  smarty pretend that they don`t know all the gossip about them ; but know one day those who made secret plans against them will be first to join them.As long as they have the support and guidence of the Holy spirit they give a damn. As they know God bless those who suffer for His ministry also ,as every inch of word of God later  becomes true.As the place like Tawang and Bomdilla have gone far ahead in term of development for their good spiritual views while their mother land is crying.The good leaders will like the Public to develop this mindset in Sikkim by becoming first a good ideal leader.After all the peace and good manners alone will attract the tourists and investors without which our Society will not develop tomorrow.As the good leaders fully knows that tomorrow the Govt. fund is going to be limited.The good leader`s maintain their principle of the life and does not jump to other party easily as they know-`Rolling stones gather no moss`, unless interest of all the society is at stake.As they know Public hates and curse jumping Jackels secretly,who have been blot in the face of the family ,Party and Arunachal Pradesh society.The young ones like Akhilesh Yadavji who happens one`s in a life time have been long waited for their chance to serve the society.And it is also previlage to support leaders like them as they have so much noble thoughts, with them and must be given chance.
                                        The days of arms twisting is gone as all the goons have also become born again Christians; see was their any effect of seize of Kingfisher aeroplane and their may be no effect of trying to defame Oppossition leader`s like Hon`ble C.M Madhyapradesh Shivaraj Singh of the M.P as he is not directly responsible in murder of S.P.Thus this is wrong to allege someone and play dubious politics as if Country belongs to Congress party alone.This allegations without substantive proof before election is aimed at harming one party.Why no action taken on Rahulji for his violation of moral code of conduct?This country is as much as to the BJP and BSP than to the Congress.The Congress man in general and even powerful family in particular should not play a cheap politics this days, as no amount of hoodwinking is going to favour them now.As the political fatigueness and overdose of Gandhi family is the main stumbling block for the congress party now.This can only be removed by seeking the Gods forgiveness and blessings and honest apology to publics, as todays publics never threat rich and poor from different yardstick.And looking for creativeness and individual talent as bringing private investment is going to be the guru mantra .And this can be alone done by a media moghul or a tour operator like Komkar Ribaji.And God`s favour has to be gained by repenting the sin of 7 generations by themselves as others prayer support has a limitations.
                                      As no amount of sadistic plan can save Gandhi family also if their bad days have started.But who will tell Gandhi family members to sit for long fasting this is the Congress irony now, as also some of our rich and powerful leaders present, as they have also seen their good days.As truth is today there is no connection with the roots by some and also some tectics have become ofdated.In the massive use of media by some earlier plans may completely boomerange.Honestly the Gandhi name seems to have been made hated by congress supporters themselves ,namely for overuse; as much as the Gandhi family ,congress man will also suffer for their folly done knowingly and unknowingly.As this election is going to be a historic occasion where history may always remember the breave hearts .Today even heavenly power may be despising some powerful leaders name for more respect given to it , than even divine powers by some psycopants.This party stand seems to have boomeranged with the general Publics also changing their taste.who like Zews during Biblical times seemed to be fed up of making king of Davids descendent and seem to have liked Lord jesus Christ Davids descendents to be crucified instead.Some critic sees todays Public mood also like this towards Gandhi family.
                         Honestly there is no more worldly achievement left to be achieved by Gandhis.I had once invited Rahulji to become a missionery in facebook ,hope he took it as a pinch of salt at that time.And who knows God used me to warn him before bad time also, as I was used on couple of occassions.As the publics at large today seems to be unable to digest the loss of about Rs400/- lakh crore black money as told by Baba Ramdevjis camp in the swiss bank to be enjoyed by the whites.Or why their was a billion dollar defence deal before election?Is what Baba Ramdevjis team seems to have been able to tell the Publics.And definatley unprepared seems to be the hungry and unexpert looking political Spokesmans of Congress as if devoid of POA to say much on this controversial issues, as if the filmstar Govinda while shooting in film filling his co-dancer with more fatter dancers around him to be seen himself as more thinner as a film fare writer once claimed.
             But to be caught by some critical viewers like my friend Somar potomji.This seems to be case of the todays Publics who have become clever to judge all the body language of the leaders this days.And the publics definitely seems to be against the bully also, as it seems to be interested to get real azadi now, and seems to be fed up of enough of rebuke and kick by all for keeping silence earlier.And more so if the prince of Congress when he gets angry, after all the Gandhis have been defacto king of country for so long and all the evils in the society is also their gift directly or indirectly as Generel cannot escape his responsibility.But to my view leader is in fact is not only responsible for our misfortune, but the Publics also for not allowing them the life of normal human beings and giving them a befitting farewell for retirement in time,which is also their due for serving for so long.It may be time also to discuss the change of guard in Delhi ,like the close of the Delhi Sultanat after the last Mughals retirement.As the Gandhi family seems to have also increased dependency of the corrupted souls in the country.Who earlier find it the easiiest way to take refugee in their name.I am sure sacrificing Gandhi family have also been not told about this facts also.
                    As for all the only way to success left in todays challenging time is now fasting and prayer programme to God as He belong to all and only through a true prayer wearing a sack cloth even by the king His judgement can be changed as Arab spring effect seems to have already come in India also.After all many sins have also gone in the account of some rich and powerful one`s earlier  and they also cannot deny their earlier enjoyment and excess ,and the enightened Publics will now laugh at their justifications to rule more, as they have been definately seen to be poitically obsessed.As today we have a enlightened Publics who know`s now that like a Pan Dukan wala the politicians have been selling first Mitha paan at great loss to later benefit by selling large dosage of Mug Wilas Paan more costly to recover their earlier investment many a times.And wants deserving and qualified ones who will even if not anything, atleast give will for new generation  of students to study nicely in their school and colleges. 

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