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The Power of God various perspective :-

                               The God has made the universe as said in Holy Bible is alone truth after all their was something above every thing which made an animal as small as an Ant and one as big as an Elephant. This supernatural power is acknowledge in all the religion and scriptures but only truly when it is too late we seek Him. Only the Peoples today have become more involved in worldly life and fail to see beyond what they want to see the things like divinity and true love is repented when it is gone with the wind. Earlier some simple and innocent man in our remote and simple place accepted the gospel like Shepherd did in Holy Bible ,who like Biblical Shepherds went to immediately see the birth of Baby Christ without question and benefitted. This is like marrying the one whom you loved in life and in spirituality it is more than this.

                              Christianity is free feasting and rejoicing in the sacrifice of lord Christ Jesus sacrifice, resulting in open of free passage to salvation; as He died for our sin in advance, as there is also no guarantee that we will not also commit sin in future and like ourselves to be hanged like Him instead; specially if we don`t accept this fact now when we are alive and of little help to God.So in fact the shamelessness for Him is small thing in compare to what we get in return isn`t it? To make a small sacrifice to be called a Christian in compare to one made by our savior who died for our sin is the purpose of Christian life.Is it not a small price for salvation, security ,peace and prosperity everything in return for a one fine decision in life to keep His will above everything else.And for it we have to only pray, fast and cry with lesser privatized ones in the society in prayer centers some times when called for un- like King David did for ten days fasting for his adultery that too in front of his subject instead of being a king .Everyone do the sin, at least great man knows there is a way out for this before day of Judgement.
                         Thus Holy Bible shows ,`There was no sin as greater as king David did and also no greater confession like he made in world.`After all mare mortals like us may have many secret past in our lives detrimental to our marital life and spirituality thus some still backslide, remember the more matured one is in Christianity more temptation is awaiting us. Also see the effect of Queen Esther,Mordecai and all the Zews three days dry fasting programme against the enemy Haman.See when Lord was crucified the Gown/piece of cloth of the Synagogue /Temple where torn in two portion. It is pertinent to mention that earlier the Sadusis and Pharisees of Zews used to sit in upper platform separated by the cloth with the common Publics assumed sinners made to sit in the lower portion. But the torn of the cloth show that it was no more going to be same again, that the sin was going to be removed for ever .Those who accepted Christ is even said to have risen from grave at that time when he was crucified. Even the Magis probably the Hindu Sadhus who also where shown in advance the birth of the baby Christ by God , but instead of going directly to him they went to king Herod to report it.Though the Hindu scriptures have categorized their god`s period as Satya Yug,Treta Yug, and Kal Yug and after this again Satya Yug I,e- age of truth will come back as believed by Hindus .Thus even the Magis who is believed to be Hindu Sadhus commissioned by God committed mistakes by not obeying God`s mission , this is surprising. As they also seem to have become slave of custom and tradition and never knew when god has come and go. See while it was simple Shepherd who directly went to the birth place of Christ Jesus immediately and they benefited.
                               Thus the real truth which is searching for perfection and elevation to be more near to the original God who can alone protect one from all the threat is the real need of a man in todays time.And this can be alone gained by one`s obedience with passion for seeking truth, discarding egoism and pride ,in spite of rich and poor, educated and uneducated to believe that Jesus Christ died for them is all they need.This thinking alone seems to have more power than even not taking a baptism also in special case ,see the thief his only last believe in Lord in cross took him to paradise. unfortunately many others even does not give an status of angel to Lord and savior this is bad.The order of merit ought to have been first God,than - holy Spirit ,god,angel,man and spirit.But in our custom in my society where they don`t adjactly worship God, even the difference between malevolent and benevolent god is very thin, there is only a thin line to separate this.Today rituals are difficult as the unaware house owner who invite and trust the Priest to perform it does not know the mantras and hymns meaning and are said to be misleeded some times.

                                     But this was the same with the God`s kingdom, many less are interested in His kingdom and more interested in other .Even Lord Christ was born in manger as none allowed their house for him.As God seems to be good God who doesn`t want to bother others .And from long time as the fight was between the devil and the son of God from day one we ought to have side with the best one .But some of we Gentiles have also the unique privilege to know God`s son , this seems to have been denied to the Zews and others who have law.See Zeus who where more close to Lord biologically, only for their stubbornness and belief on their of dated scriptures they are yet to be blessed this is if seen in practical life not only Biblically. See due to Prophet Mosses mistake he could not even reach the promise land ,this was for his last mistake in crucial time. But the Jesus of Nazareth did not commit mistake he scored ten out of ten to the satisfaction of father in heaven. The presence of some hated person with the Living God congregation does not lessen the power of the living God isn`t it?If one does not come to God only for one hated person this is really bad.This will be in fact much easier challenge for some to come to His graceness as all he need to do is love one he hate .As many prophets have suffered so much for Lord`s blessings earlier and have crossed more challenging task and need to be respected as seniors.
                         Every one think it impossible to serve Lord and prefer the old practice only for small reasons while the fact is we have to accept that we are sinners and still continuing doing this and all the gates are opened for us.In fact the similar tradition of ritual of confession called Kotir Tirnam in Galo is still practiced also . Telling lie and non accepting our fault will have catastrophe , as it may effect the loved ones and own family also oneday.Because it takes lots of power to tell the truth and unless there is belief in Lords sacrifice, none can say this with much elaan also that He died for our sin, so liar as I am at least I am in God`s team that is my personal consolation I have to think that way.Even if we may still commit some sin in the future, lord may have special concession for me like the Jacheus the tax collector get; I fervently believe. As Lord seems to see the sum total goodness of all the persons unlike us.If any one is serious the God will definitely give them greater responsibility as He seems to be willing to come more near us for His blessings . A critic was saying once, leave aside the spiritual perfection .This lack of aptitude in worldly ways is the reason the Country man is today suffering even in Olympic Games.

                             If the sequence of facts as told in Holy Bible is arranged , proves this fact that the real God was Lord and Savior who came for all and was foretold by Prophets and even acknowledge by the Evil spirits. The Quantum theory, theory like big bang and black holes seems to be wrong as the ultimate person behind it is God alone .The problem with peoples is they try to define the God according to their present status and mindset. And forgets that the devil was thrown down from heaven and his followers and slaves who have died following them earlier their souls are said to be lost , will they like the good Peoples to be liberated in their present form?Forget others when we are dead we will be alone and cut from our relations, thus time to fight for ones own atman and salvation and relook and remake an strategy, if an old temptation is disturbing one may have to face her, as non should disturb one .May be meeting some old lost friends once more and telling them love of God will satisfy our heart .After all who knows if you have loved someone earlier from your core of heart let her also get thy mercy and salvation of Lord.As the voice of the true heart may not be neglected by any one and it will be best gift to them also. As for the dead good ones even in the gentiles even if they have no law of Mosses in their belief, if they had followed the Gods voice in their heart before their were missionaries send to them ;who knows they may be also born again once more to hear the God`s gospel and be liberated as the Hindu philosophy speaks of re-incarnation also.After all their must be something about all religion also.
                                 After all something is beyond our knowledge and it is better that way also, if everything is known in advance who knows some Crooked Peoples may have attacked heaven also by now -right .But today the new world order may compel corrupt one to repent also after all today the globalization has also helped the spiritual ones in their respective position. As today peoples seems to be genuinely wanting to come to work with the truthful and the good persons as they have come to know the power of the Holy spirit. After all their love is like the pearl in the ocean and good man will not leave the loved ones even in old age and sickness condition. And with prolong connection with good Peoples who knows we may also get blessing someday. As kind of friendship matter a lot in life who really inspires for better days ahead. But we are in same boat brother I am no better person than most of you all and myself looking for good friends .

                                                   Today the Publics seems to be fed up of seeing the corrupt and nepotism but worst than that -this world have lost the will to live, While the God said everything is possible ,it is also possible to even overcome death, the way Jesus Christ resurrected .But the devil says everything is not possible as he was thrown down from heaven .Thus this negative idea itself is very dangerous for mankind even if it is continued for the name of the culture and tradition. Remember most of the wrong medicines are sold in innocent tribal belt.Mind it the rich man are the most fearful persons ,as they don`t want to die ;but as they have been always sure of not investing comfortably unless they get profit in return.So they right now needs real proof to become a Christianity. But faith have come to many by sacrifice alone the one who feel shy to take Baptisma /surrender to God it is difficult for him also to get his blessing. After all we have done so much mistake earlier also we forget this.For those who started through Sunday church school it may come naturally to know God`s word; but for ones like us it was after so much rejection and failures in life we felt like getting something,this is also challenging thing with the 1st generation Christ ,but those who had already this may have not known its value also.Brothers it will be wrong to show day dream to new believers or we may make a disciple who always backslide in life.But the threat of death ,this is so real and scary threat to our society than anything else , may be this will motivate anyone to seek the truth earnestly like Yudhisthir did.
                                  But when this realization comes this is also too late for some,may be curse for hating other unsuccessful friends and relatives , who are in fact in the verge of joining the club of immortals.And for some this is also basically because from day one we took help of the devil to prosper like the character of novel of the Miltons -`Paradise lost`more so in my society where their seems to be some direct connections with it also reflected in rituals. Where society is still trying to pray this force in mass in form of celebration, the Publics today are seeing the ill effect of rampant use of Liquor and gamble I,e-playing of cards/Jandi munda etc.effecting law and order and health, as if basic purpose of celebration have been lost somewhere . And also the false sense of superiority complexion of richness and closeness is also harmful , as none seems to be interested in relatives who are called by the God.See the result the Zeus who doubted Lord and Savior though from same community, their progenies are still suffering in Jerusalem with war threat always looming large upon them .This is after genocide in 2nd world war remember and who knows worst is coming also for them.

                                The powerful one`s will see themselves as representatives of God ,their feel good factor is natural; but one have to know their human limitations. And some may always see the spiritual persons as escapists to be easily defeat able by them.The physical deformities in some seems to make them to have a hostile view on the God also they seems to curse God indirectly for this.They should have cursed their forefathers for not praying for their sons instead. As unknowingly cursing Holy spirit by one may prove catastrophic oneday .As He inspire great man to warn them for this blasphemy as the greatest of sin in Holy Bible is seen to be speaking ill of Holy spirit. Remember many talented persons could have earned than some rich peoples , provided if they have not choosen sacrifice life.And who knows in good time Lord will also give them some decent money to live life with peace , security and respect, after all one may have more boredom awaiting in place like Europe after sometimes.As true love and friendship and secure life there is highly improbable. The blessing of God is felt more by a diseased and ill person, thus those kinds of persons would have knew this , if they have searched God earnestly. So one should never allow the negative power to rule over him and try to explain the thing `s other way round like God`s creation of Universe through scientifically methods like- Big bang theory and Black hole etc.
                                    Thus by praying in true spirit alone one can experience the real mystery of the world to one , but there is also various kinds of spirit so we should call only Holy spirit while praying.Even the innocent believers used to pray in Asamesse ,`Etiya Atma Potay Diya`,it should be ,`Etiya Pavitra Atma Potai Diya`which means Send Holy Spirit now.As who knows many kind of bad spirit may be invited unknowingly by some innocent believers when praying from tongue .Even some elders of the Donyi Poloists of Galo tribe says after death rich one goes to a place called Kardi kargu a elevated platform called Gojo where they are seen to be fighting for their supremacy.This is as told by senior Sri Nyami Ribaji .And the Hindu believes seems to be little developed than them ,which says - after death the good ones are selected for service to god in god`s place called Vaikunth.And they also accept that Swarg Lok is the highest level after it and claims only the truthful man like –Yudhister of Mahabharat fame among panch pandavs ever reached their .So it is very difficult task as per the Hindu`s also, rather impossible as it is very challenging to be living virtuous like King Yudhister all the time from their perspective also.But only for pseudo- religious or political gain mindset peoples , this own philosophy may be not accepted in principle by them now ,as it has been told by a Christian this is bad.But fortunately many top brass of RSS and BJP also seems to be reading my article who know the real essence of Hinduism as self introspection like Samudramanthan to find God`s thy will.Good if salvation comes to many through them also who accept the truth and right .

                                Beginning from the Magis and ancient Rishi Munis time some have claim to be the communicator with the divine power , the practice of Nyigre/shamas still continued by the priest of the Arunachal Pradesh where they claim to communicate with dead and spiritual powers is like it.This practice seems like Brahmans mastery over the knowledge of Veda and Puran given by goddess Saswati in Hinduism. And today also similarly this priest in the stage of trans claim to communicate with the dead forefathers, god and goddess and are belived to be even stopping the rain and making it rain by some believers .Even without reading like the Shastra experts of the scriptures in pandulipis of Hindu ,they say everything inspired by the spirit without seeing any thing , in essence their chanting meaning seems to be same as Vedic preaching. But this is inconsistent in many ways as it is not in written form like in Hinduism ,and many of such practice have been banned in other community and religion by calling it as sorcery and mysticism .As there is fear of coming of wrong spiritual power which priest also accept. But still older generation seems to be committed to it and take risk in spite of the fact that no much reputed new priest are coming up. But unless they really want to seek easy salvation in Lord and savior`s gospel who died for our sin,it will take time here, which can be effectively done by preaching by keeping their self respect which is the hard way in tribal mentality. And this they will only do when their superstation is removed , thus tons of prayer support is needed for it in this part of the world where even the enlighten ones are keeping mum.But today we are also learning to co-exist and non-Christian`s are also trying to evolve and some accepting that the rate of dead man have reduced after advent of Christianity.

                    And as none can go back to all the forefathers soul and God, thus today the priest of priest can be seen as Lord and savior Jesus Christ who can go back to forefather Adam also.As when communicated the local priest was telling most of the dead ones meet by him where seen to be too much in number and mostly unfamiliar also.Thus very difficult to negotiate for the illness with dead souls in todays time ,as they claim much of time is spend in searching the force which cause the illness when they are praying spirit in trans stage .And if the wrong spirit comes than there is problem again and some Priest where even skeptical about present generations insult to the spirit in festivals like in Mopin as they don`t want to see the lust, excessive wine ,greed and violence as some Priest claims some spirits are very holy.And may curse instead of blessings if not welcomed from heart. Who knows some power may be behind violence in many Mopin festivals also.

                        Today seldom many wants to become priests in our society as the seniours claim of too many difficulties as some is  said to die of terrible hunger longing  for meat and local wine as they are made addicted to it by the devotees specially in older age , and tells lots of energy is also engaged in performing yagya/Nyigre by them.Thus only chosen one also perform this rituals also.Today some none-Christian friends are saying the peoples will eventually come to Christianity after all the priests are no more .As the Lord and Savior who seems to have bargained for all the sinners once and for all,one who not only defeated death but also resurrected himself making death seems to be an easy gamble. Who crossed all the limits and was beyond time and universe in his time and today could have alone solved and explained all the mysteries of world. And he is sending his holy spirit today also to guide us, remember the issue is real benefit to mankind within short time acceptable and practical to them, thus hope soon everyone is liberated .As God is a good and loving God He wants the fruit of the secret knowledge of the world to reach to all.It will be wrong to ban the right to expression as it will be tantamount to curtailing the fundamental rights of all which is very important aspect of life. And those who take this advantage and fight against the God`s will be doing so at their own peril .
                   Thus the Holy Bible can be seen as send to logically convince the new unbelieving disciples to answer all the questions by God himself ,this is at least my view; as educated persons like me will get ultimate satisfaction here I believe. After all we can be won over by logical conviction alone isn`t it.Honestly God seems to be more interested to reach us provided we have aptititude for His mercy ,graceness and knowledge .So Lord Jesus Christ appealed us first to know thy kingdom and righteousness and even forbade old and young who wanted to perhaps make joy ride on this mystic world based on emotion. The Arunachal BJP will be making greatest disservice to their party if they try to club this two ideology together, as Nationalism and Salvation is not different entitity.The one committed to God will be rather committed to himself his family and nation also.

                                       Remember there is no other way for personal salvation other than that to go to the prayer centre and decide to sit for a long fasting as Lord command. After all what is better sacrifice than this from human perspective as we can never do what Lord did ,right ?This I realized on 4.04.2012 in Jipu prayer centre when I set for 3 days dry prayer fasting. As told by the missionaries I come to know like the renewing of the license the fasting also need to be done time and again to save our soul.After long 40 days fasting in Chate Nagaland I have also been very liberal in living and may have needed this spiritual retreat .Also prophesy for fasting was coming through Evangelist Tojo Riba since long time and I was neglecting this for which I suffered a lot . I went to Jipu prayer centre finally and completed my fasting on -7.04.2012 .And as for my previous fasting for which I had painful memory ,but this time it was better with all the good advise from prayer warriors and missioneries.
                       Also I was least hungry this time ,seems like I am also maturing in Christ as told by a senior Christian who said now –contrary to earlier case problem is no happiness now when there is no fasting programme.The Jipu Prayer centre which is located near Likabali West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh on the plot of land given by father of pastor Karjum Riram in Jipu Village was started by Evan. Tojo Riba and on 19th jan 1985 her mother- Marsy/ Yabom Riba ( Gadi) decided to sit here and is ever since here with mother Riram and mother Rumi and others.And centre was commissioned on 3rd Dec. 1992 by Miss Vaile of Nagaland.Today it is the centre for healing of all the sick peoples and place of renewing the spiritual faith of the Christian believers .I realized it is better to come here in good times before it is too late.As all the five fold ministry of true Church is still happening here in Jipu church namely –Preaching ,tongue ,vision, prophesy, healing.

                                        The place is really holy and one is filled with the presence of the Holy spirit in this sacred place.The interested persons are requested to come to this place with the presents for prayer warriors .The Old mothers groups who are completely defendant on the donations , giving them something is smallest thing we can do for them who are praying for everyone of us day and night.And there is so much love and spirituality in their face that grace like in Mother Teresas`s face, this divine look itself heal one.I personally thank brother Kojar Nake also for sponsoring one of the building in memory of her daughter as I stayed here for 3 days in this room.The line written in her memory touched my heart which said-

                                 This prayer house is dedicated to Jipu prayer centre in loving memory of Miss Jaryir Nake for the glory of God .This fulfills her dreams of serving others partially. We find no words to console ourselves during her parting from us for heavenly abode. But by the inspiration of God our sinful tears were waved off by composition of these divine words-











           So let us prepare ourselves worth going to heaven to meet our beloved ones again in heaven once and for all.

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