Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You have to take the Cross of Leadership :-

                                                                       Sometimes the divine order seems to come to some to become political leader even if many Peoples will make bru ha ha of it.The more the disciple want to run away from terrible responsibility of not taking the cross the more divine order seems to be directing them to take the pain of the world.For the true believers everything is a divine task even his profession or business and even politics which some sees as way to only mint money .If the divine order comes directing one to join the politics to change it for good he have to do it like a missionary’s he like it or not .So best way is to sit for a fasting programme to know thy will and get His power though world will laugh at this ,but this is only option for us.As without God`s mercy non can deliver more so being a Public leader. For world is in fact envious ,leave aside others even the family members will initially stood against Prophets .The Christian believers in my place are now seen to be slow poisoned to lost the trust in themselves made to backslide in election by bribe and the Christian officers compelled to make gospel of badmouthing the co-believers who are potential threat to the corrupted one`s.
                                The anti Christ whom none dare to challenge have to be faced headlong. The prophesy of the Christian State in Arunachal Pradesh which is coming soon as prophesized by Evan. Christopher is akin to the Hindu Philosophy of Ram Rajya this should not be misconstrued ,it will mean maximum good of all.And as it is will of God who does open politics it is our cumulative duty to fight the last fight to show our loyalty to God as it is His will.So the believers should now want to move out from the comfort zone not like the Israelis who earlier refused to follow Mosses and repeatedly doubt his capability and mostly died before reaching canan the promise land. The more of this corrupt practice is happening the God seems to bless some good Samaritans and blessing them to plan to fight against the spirit of Judas Iscariot specially in election in which even the missionaries are made to backslide in this most important occasion of world where God wants to be in the command. And God thus seems to tell some of you ,`You have to take the leadership, ‘even if you don`t want to at least that seems to be the result of fasting answers by some who themselves acknowledge themselves to be sinners and surprised at this God`s direction. Game seems to be different in my State for God to play as most of the co-believers may have been filled with inferiority complexion now and have become increasingly pessimistic and escapist only telling big big thing in Church never to practice it outside.
                              As many don`t know that some have never wanted to take the political leadership responsibility for their own interest and least joined the congregation for the cheap popularity. There earlier testimony can be enquired ,friends it is not easy to refuse Rs.3 crore bribe by some. The place where I live their seems to be direct confrontation of the evil and Godliness as the stage is like in the Old Testament period, thus last chance for working for thy glory when the indirect persecutions is still on.A friend was adding even if our candidate lost in deprived places at least we will know who are good Christians and get good prayer support. And yes true Christianity is more difficult specially in today’s kind of situation in our place when every one wants to be an escapists, if there is vested interest and secret agenda God will also take what ever talent one has also. And mind it an average Christian would have earned more by being a non believer if he have invested kind of time and energy on a business project like he is doing in religion right now, thus they have to be believed as they never pray in fasting centre for getting blessing for their own plan. But they have prayed the God to open up His will and God doesn`t fail one who is deserving. Enough blame have been given to my community of being cunningness and greediness in election , it is time to clean this image once and for all.If the co-believer cites lack of their own candidate for this fall from grace now the time to show their sincerity. And remember God also take kind of test to the senior Christians before finally giving His blessings as He alone knows how much one has suffered and is committed by heart for the poor and destitute. Thus one has to believe who come in name of Lord as it is more challenging task brothers.

                            Peoples only criticize great man with impunity but remain mum when great peoples are in their front like Akhil Gogoi.If dare one to criticize in their face if you are real son, not in their back like a women. This shows how worthless and insignificant some are in front of this great mans who have put an imprint in the history. Only few friends of great man like them probably know them more personally like the song in movie-`Raju Bhan Gaya Gentleman,`Who To Hain Albela Hazaro Main Akela, Sada Tune Aiw Dekha Huner Ko Na Deekah`.I have also modestly always tried never to make an individual attack unless the interest of the poor and destitute was really at stake.As God will open the way if we fight His war.Friends it is difficult to make an impression in the history if one is really not sincere in divinity and filled with love for Poor and haves not, it is our privilege to work for Yug Purush like Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hazareji who happens once in life time.And friends it is more difficult to reach the position of great mans like them as their story is a long story of suffering and sacrifice. The egoism of the rich and powerful who think themselves untouchable may have become the reason for success of dedicated ones in place like Goa who may have burnt extra midnight oil to make it possible; some of the opposition leaders also considered as unachievers ,fools and sinners by some earlier they may have been also preferred by Lord and Savior to ride above them like Donkey on his triumphant entry to Jeruslam.Only for their loyalty to God first than to anybody else they are their where world never accepted them to be in this position now. As ultimately victory belong to God and remember He does miracle sometimes more in places where life is more hopeless. And the worst manipulation and the cleverness is tried by some to the deserving one`s.

                       The God must have blessed some one for a purpose and is their any other way than to follow his will in this days of evil when everyone criticize others but don`t introspect himself.But guru mantra should be ,-`Khud Ko Kar Buland Itna Har Insa Se Age,Khuda Bhi Khud Puchein Beta Bata Teri Raja Kyan Hain.`And the good God have earlier also blessed the none Christians in my place. So they should also show magnamity in places where others have been never given chances. This love can alone take us ahead I also appeal Christian majority area to do the same to them. As the word of the God is truth which says first choose the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything shall follow unto you. Friends this is for glory of God and your own welfare that I am sharing this rare secrets ,some could have also enjoyed the life the way the normal persons are living now, may be more also flying off to some special ones in Europe. But today in this historic occasion good that some realized that they are not animal to not bother about others who are in more desperate position than them in today’s environment of price rise and corruption and nepotism of highest order. God alone knows their heart and sacrifice as He can see inside the soul. I too some extent also learned this the hard way when I was dying in operation theatre years back, so please cautioning all of this grim reality as one day our everything will be gone. Those who can separated with their worldly desire in this life itself God may give him less pain in death bed also I fervently hope. So there is a larger question involved as every bit of once life is accountable one day so hope all will repent now. And surrender their cunningness and selfishness to God before worse things comes. As from God`s angle and the Peoples movement the excessive corrupted one`s are in greatest threat ,why they are trying to act smart again and again when odds are against them?
                             Whom they are fooling? And the best leader should be who take cares of life of others also like a good Shepherd . Prioritizing divinity will be most important aspect of a good leader without it nothing doing. See even the climate change may finish the farmer if the God becomes angry ,so God fearing is needed more so by the leader. Today how much fund comes from centre ? No more NABARD and PMGS scheme .Even the Centrally sponsored Special package of the MLA is directed to be tendered by the state Govt.Thus God fearing leader is going to be the only way out for the Publics as today no one want some one to earn for himself and family alone from Govt. coffer. As Rs 50 lakh MLA LAD cannot be denied to any opposition leader. But earning from one`s own talent and creativeness is a complete different aspect this is seen to be nil in my State, whereas there is terrible scope for tourism and organic crop export also.Earlier the influence of the powerful Congress leader`s was so much on the publics and they where so scarred of ruling party that some leaders will have made heaps of files against them the records which speaks of their injustice. The Publics need to be vigilant least this records are burnt or destroyed. Today the God seems to have been directly intervening now to stop the power of the corrupted leaders specially in my State, the corrupted one`s who basically used to draw their power from the ruling central party especially Gandhi family will have tough time if the Congress citadel crumbles in the centre.Rahulji should realize that for a poor place God may be more sentimental as year of Congress feel good factor seems to have harmed poor and innocent`s in my State.

                     But lately it has to be also accepted that Congress party are also trying to do some good stuffs now in A.P, we must also forgive ones wrong mistake as we ourselves have been forgiven by God and bad times also comes to all sooner or later .And who knows tomorrow it will be whose turn to be rejected by anyone also? But this is if Congress man really want to change and think seriously about the friendship than we must reciprocate also. The post Poll coalition with Congress party should be a step in this regards, as we have to hate the evil not the person and party. Remember the evil plan will never succeed with the good God above the earth and this evil thinking should not also come to holy ones always in non Congress camp also ,sometimes we must talk about peace and reconciliation after all everyone are son of God. Though some will laugh this things away; who will still expect the Gandhi family to damp large money against persons like me and some vociferous opposition leaders .But the God fearing Gandhi family should be cautious this time ,as they have suffered earlier for deviating from God`s mission of helping the righteous and genuine one’s. Who knows the Christian leaders of the foreign countries are also studying the situation here in this tiny place which may have become focal point of the world for analyzing the congress party`s real character .

                      The problem with the Congress seems to be their inability to see the power beyond one`s simplicity as if the God does not exist and there are also not some of his beloved one`s who can get God`s blessing ,convince their friends ,family and co-believers when time matters most. The problem in the Arunachal is the corrupted one`s are seen to be shameless and having thousand justifications. Like Col. Gaddafi and Saddam Husain, Bahia who will tell their weakness to be targeted. As for the righteous seeking persons their was better way than the politics to live but now divine power seems to insist to take them leadership in worst transition phase of the country. And who better also to speak truth when everybody don`t dare also. See excessive corruption and nepotism and visionless nature of some leaders , lacking the political will to at least change the things to some extent seems to have frustrated knowledgeable persons and youths of whole the world over. This also may be will of God as He is truth and can be alone accepted and defined by logical conviction of the educated and enlightened ones notion about Him.The one who goes to Church,Gangi and temple have terrible responsibility as God want to use them for a right person; As they alone can convince the Peoples and despise evil ,only because earlier their was systematic failure of the system that they kept mum.The enlightened one`s; who also represent the will of God in earth in their own way as they also like to now do genuine things on earth we should also welcome their repent now.

                                     Today everyone has to be seen as a sacrificing kind, after favorable ground is created with great difficulty by someone else ,some elites should not be seen as trying to cash on the new favorable situation like an Opportunists also. As earlier also less resourceful person have also won election only for heavenly intervention and their connection with publics so for the ambitious good chance to show their sincerity. So this is last chance to join the decessive battle when God seems to be completely with the righteous.As the congress man also respect this kind of persons in their heart of heart as everyone is fed up of the traitors. Those who want to continue to be willing to serve the pharaoh and refuse Mosses has ever become  foolish person in eternity ,the coming election also seems to be historic that way. As the society is today in the chaos of worst order as none had the guts to face the corrupt and powerful ones, some may have to be needed to call spade a spade by God also to begine  , after all was God also not compelled  to earlier accept most hated murderer like Mosses also, isn`t it? not for some of his unique qualities but obedience first to Him. And mind the one who  sacrifice now, tomorrow they might  be one who will be respected for ever for they will prove themselves to be like last of the Mohicans as this is a historic occasion. So why blessing is allowed to be monopolized by few specially ex-PPA cadres their earlier sacrifice will go invain if they don`t come forward in this historic occassion .
                                   Friends Congress party have been definitely made to be more important than the Christianity and religion and that is the problem in this State. And the clock is ticking backward for the rich and powerful in our society also who where behind this, also time for them to change fence. Some of seniors are still said to be propagating the need of money in election it may be right or wrong alone time will tell; but they are also nervous of future no doubt about; it as image of excessive richness is also seen to be dangerous today going by earlier election result in some place.As barring few, many in the congress party did not earlier show bad days and it is doubtful how they will face the famine after 7 yrs. of abundance as some new kid in the block who are true game changers now are too fast for them to be catch as critics dub .Accepted there are better persons than some new generation leaders also, but who have the guts to catch the Bulls from horn. Earlier Opposition MLA`s also won basically projecting themselves as the B team of the Congress party,thus they also did not contributed substantially. The time has come for head long collision with the Congress as the Publics cannot be taken ride any more.Thus tomorrow the sincere and daring opposition leaders are going to be a legend in their own way like Hon`ble Nagalnd C.M Neupho Rioji.It is pertinent to mention that the PPA accepts in principal its partnership with NPF.

                          Things are suppose to now change in the coming election with unprecedented joining of the young and educated ones in Opposition parties under PPA,who knows that this is party with difference and with lots of promising future. And this is a historic time to make a choose and become immortal as the revolution is at its zenith today , as things are different now the haves not are in more advantageous position today with all shorts of legal avenues in their favour.Another thing there is more reason for the old politicians to fear the new ones now, as the new batch of leaders mostly clean in regards to probity in Public life will have no fear in the eve of passing of strong Jan Lok Pal Bill.And as such should have their time coming in spite of worst criticism against them and interestingly the number one critics will one day themselves will support them according to a friend. As none will like to go to jail with their family members also a critic added. The strong Jan Lok pal Bill should also set a time limit for the corruption case besides the prosecution sanction which have been made compulsory within 3months by Hon`ble Supreme Court.As it is pertinent to mention that already couples of cases are pending in the Hon`ble High Court against the top brass in the State of Arunachal Pradesh also thanks to colleague like -Addl.Adv. General Kardak Eteji and others ,if convicted this may start a chain reaction and take under fold some one who may be now finding themselves secured, as none will like to go to jail alone.Thus best way is now siding with the God`s will and retire gracefully as promised by some earlier. And some who are ready to sacrifice to bring justice to the Poors and destitute I salute them also and hope tomorrow my friend Baba Ramdevji will also do something for them.

                     Thus the time is best for Peace and reconciliation I being the Adviser peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI also this is my agenda; if there is no concrete decision by Congress party by than to incorporate the opposition view’s we will have no option but to join the august revolution headed by Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hazareji . As many of the undeserving leaders can be shown the exit door by the Congress party still ,if they really like post poll alliance which honestly is congress desperation. Some leaders are even seen to be repeated Jumping masters and is said to be irritant to both the camps in the congress and also to BJP.And even if they are rich and powerful the critics say none will shed tears for them if they are removed.Speacially my dear friend Tarun Vijayji BJP National Spokesman are you hearing also? Make sure crooks will try to also badmouth regarding my Christian beliefs also. But hope our friendship will overcome this,also for a common mission of making this country great you and your party will give a damn like earlier Aya Ram gaya Ram policy of the Arunachal Leaders. But one also never know some may really prove to be good person in the end keeping their promise to quiet honorably. The repeated congress debacle recently and the incidents like the report of the Governor order also to be under the ambit of the RTI etc. has today reduced the power of the Central Govt under Congress. As it now cannot dislodge the Opposition ruled State under garb of President rule anymore after it is formed.Thus no more fear for the Opposition ruled State anymore. The resignation of national Spokesman Manu Sigvi and reported internal feud . The bad news one after another for the Congress shows that time have come for doing charity for the congress and develop accommodating quality to remove their future shortcoming. Who knows even the Assamese citizens may remove the congress party in the coming election making dam as an excuse. Thus it is wrong to project Arunachal and Assam as congress property anymore unless real step is taken to win the peoples heart and soul. Today peoples want appreciation to other`s also, and this Congress party have never ever praised least accommodated other ideology and seen to be not different from BJP which is said to be filled with chauvinistic Aryan superiority race.

                 Thinking enough punishment already given to the congress by helping the cutting of the umbical cord of the High command with the Congress Party in the State; through which earlier the corpus fund seems to have come to back up, to beck up the weak party candidate of the congress in the crucial time.Thus making the rise of opposition party difficult in the State .Some of the good Samaritans after doing all the best they could have done where willing to take final rest, as their family and friends also though they have done enough for the society and should now focus for themselves and their family members. But the destiny seems to wanting them in right time at right place , as God seems to have chosen them for this moment as their fasting prayer result seems to guide them in this line.As today it seems the revolutions all the world over seems to be orchested by God and this is nothing personal as we are slave of God as some congres man claims to be slave of party High command. And for us also there is no way out ,as sometimes one have to make a choose even if he likes or not.Hope the congress realizes this facts and Rahulji will also keep the good thing get going with his good move making Mukuth Mithiji as the party president after a long time ,after all any one can may can still change God`s will through true repentance and bold decisions. As the charity has to be done by all and best done by showing mercy to the least powerful persons and party, than only God will forgive one as an individual and party.At present Congress in the state is still in some vintage position and tomorrow the world magnamity may be also become obsolete for them.But in the end every one is baby in front of God`s graceness even if he is Gandhi or obama family member,and as such hope Congress party should not do any Himalayan blunder for few expert ones who have show far shown their exceptional talent in art of surviving. As it is possible they will also try to do something like always ,but remember the excessive praises heaped on the Gandhi family by the Narad Muni kind of persons earlier should not have given them feeling of mistaken divine origin connection which seems to be at least lacking in face book friend`s including Rahulji .
                             Though we are also sometimes really ashamed of our poverty, but if God himself seems to be with us, is their any option also for the Congress party with all its wealth and weapons proving powerless like it happened in Goa election if it don`t introspect.Mithiji may truly broker a deal with the Opposition party as he is a nice person and knows todays coalition compulsion .But this is if he really thinks for his party interest after all this is a judgment day for congress party. Things may be worst than earlier if still remain filled with pseudo pride as non give a damn of sinking ships even rats isn`t it? Remember all the mischievous plans advised by the vested interested peoples possibly the account holders in the swiss bank will harm the Congress only .And lastly the party may be compelled to fill its fort with the old and young like the Germany did in operation Valkyre before final fall of Germany, because when things gets tough than tough gets going.See more Congress money is dropped in election in this remote places like ours , it may infuriate the God ever more and more limited Publics alone will be benefitted who are already hated by Publics,also thanks social network and channels CNNIBN etc.See the things are not going to be easy in the future as like earlier, democracy cannot be curtailed here in remote place anymore. In the coming time even the Election commissioner will be compelled to hide the innumerable congress statue in the State not to say about the checking of money circulation here as the awareness and technology will ensure that this is practiced minimum .And the corporate houses who have played their dirty tricks in the State I will make sure Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hazareji team later give them sleepless night if they are later find to act smart on the opposition in my State.After all when friendship will come handy isn`t it for this days.It will be a childish act to create artificial multi millionaire of congress candidate in some place by the Congress High command before election anticipating the betrayal by the seniors .The best way will be only and only repentance through prayer and fasting as no amount of human wisdom can change ones bad day .Surprisingly their seems to be not a single God fearing person in the group of Rahuljis think thanks or He would not have seen this bad days after all and may face personal doom if he is made adamant by the advise of friends specially the -lean and thin hungry looking mans as wrote by William Shakespeare in his famous Nobel-Julius Caesar.

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