Monday, April 2, 2012

The new Tender process need to be rebamped:-

                                 It is high time the senior Leaders allow the local contractors to learn the nitty gritty of the contract work , as tomorrow the outside contractors may benefit if our local contractors is not preferred for challenging times ahead.perhaps this is the only State where most of the representatives are contractors and earlier have earned without any one to control them.They have earned enough, and who knows just after back listing of their firms they have started doing work in other name as well, as they seems to come to politics only for earning .Truth is bitter but this is grim reality and when they are compared to ones like-Komkar Ribaji proprietor Giddon Travels,Tugo Gankagji proprietor Siru Rijo Tea garden,Teli Doleji –Orchid business man and Tsring wangeji Proprietor Himalayan Tours and Travels etc.others unfortunately look like looters.
                           Honestly coming days will be difficult for whimsical leaders as the fear of ruling Govt. upon which only they used to enjoy power is nearly diminished now.And only creative and dedicated persons as mentioned above will be alone seen to be of some benefit to society.How long the truth can be buldoz with state machinery and trying to bring festive occasion in elelction time which is the temple of Democracy.It seem`s to be Opium war in the State like the Britishers earlier did in China. As more money is thrown by corrupted one`s more they are seen to try to recover from Publics, thus who will believe them any more.And their bill in the State Assembly seems to favour the rich class only.Today the Publics have appreciated the removal of VAT tax in petrol by the non congress rule State.How long Publics can be hoodwinked that the new leaders will be more after money.

                                                   The rich and powerful did everything to keep their monopoly,While the other poor and genuine contractors work are said to be regularly scruitinised by vigilence,none officer had the guts to check the project work of the representatives relatives.Thus who knows many complaint will come tomorrow regarding poor works by rich and powerful, as this days Villagers are also very conscious and knows that the schems like NABARD and PMGS will not come again.And the bad contractors must complete the project from their own pocket if they have not completed it or completed in name shake.As future of the Anna Raj may prove deadly for earlier plunderers who may have to now correct their mistakes before heaps of RTI and PIL surrounds them.And this projects have been also seen to be made, neglecting some more deserving place, whereas still some other village`s have even no basic road connection.
                                                    Honestly it would have been good if some politicians who have earned enough dubiously if they move out to some other business like Tsring Zurmeji ex-Hon`ble Minister from Dirrang did in planting apple and Kiwi etc ;as now what is important for them is true respect and regards of the Publics which will come only through repentance.Earlier everything was done to favour themselves and their chamchas and none dare to question the power of ruling Govt.Earlier so much monopoly by some that the state have become truelly the coglomeration of the officers and politicians vested interest groups more than in Goa.Interestingly the local house and shops of the ruling contractors seems to be completed before their projects,and some critics say it is much better as some are making shops outside state also and marketing abroad keeping the local shop keepers in lurches as there is wealth drain.

                                            But today as the tender have been made compulsory of the Special package of the MLA also, there is need to make a guideline like in Sikkim where the local contractors are not marginalized.As due to the jeleousy nature of the leaders ,our local contractors seems not preferred and exposed to face the coming challenge in compare to the Tawang and Bomdila contractors who even do contract work in Army cantonment .In recent Assembly session of the State, a commitee was constitute, to look after this issue, this is a good move.Say tender below Rs.3 crore should be allowed to be done by local contractors only.And above it say 10 crore should be allowed to be done by the State contractors also and above it tender should be opened for all the nations. And above Rs/- 50 crore it should be tendered to all the world, after all our contractors also need to interact with them for the booming stake in private Hydropower developers.Sorry due to earlier leaders obsessiveness to control everything all the majore tender seems to be in the hand of the outside power,and this loss seems to be irreparable.And some have the audacity to still show them as better than others.Politics apart educated and qualified leaders like Hon`ble C.MTukiji,Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Senaji and Ex-C.M Jarbomji are much better than uneducated ones whose tantrums have been beared for enough.Hope the Brahma, Bishnu ,Mahesh of the Arunachal politics will help modern Rama kill the unrelenting Ravana`s.

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