Monday, April 2, 2012

The generetion next needs to be ready:-

                                             The good aspiring leaders need to be careful of the senior who will try to do all short of trick`s like they have done earlier, as some may be taking their illiteracy as a good ground for their excuse.But hope this time this will not work as successful as against some smart chaps who is different from good gentleman whom they have earlier deafeated, as their new adversery, the smart new generation of Nayaks with new wave of public awareness in their favour like never before may give devils their due in coming times .As the Urban elites earlier the backbone of ruling Govt. have been also today taken by surprise by the Hon`ble Supreme Court Judgement in 2 G Scam.The prosecution sanction to be given by any Govt. within 3 months have opened the road for the Poor and destitute leaders who will have a better teeth aginst the earlier wimsical leaders who may have always thought that Publics naturally is liking them.But in coming days this myth is poised to be broken for ever.As the publics have increasingly realized that giving chance to educated and qualified is alone going to keep their prestige.And benefit all as it is the only best factor to motivate the future generation.

                                      But still some have to meet the senior leaders atleast once for old time shake and request them humbly after all many of them were good friends once upon a time.And had made some promise though it was high time to keep their promise and show magnamity to leave the dias for more deserving ones.And as such only after one have warned them in several possible way ,than only should make a precise strike as Publics need someone to begine the salvo also.After all fight for justice for the destitute is also devine duty especially if the leaders are unable to give new direction in this days of price rise feel by common Publics.And unfortunately higher ups are now only seen to benefit himself and some coterie around him.Though some critics are doubtful that weather the seniours will be ever ready to give chance to the new generation even if in this changed world they feel themselves out of touch.Only for their bigger ego , but we must approach them once as they are also our own and who knows some must be willing to sacrifice for the new generation also who have better plans for the society.After all it is not having better plans for the society.Specially when we see so may developments in places like Tawang where the leaders with connection worldwide and creativeness have brought in new methods.

                                    And who knows in the new situation some of earlier spoiled ones they should also like to retire with grace, after all when they not pave the way for more educated ones who else will.After all Leaders must make first sacrifice for the society.Those who have worked for other leaders must be also rewarded.It should not be like as if only one person and one family is only seen to be interested in enjoing the fruits.And after this honest proposal on behalf of all the Youths , we have to be beware of the uncompromising leaders who don`t easily leave their egoism and pride and try to divide the family,friends and the villagers to make his opponent unpopular.The earlier guru mantra have been sending the Opponnents village members for a Delhi or outside tour,while other villagers are denied this previlage. So as the offence is best defence so firstly make friend with his own relatives.It is hoped they will also side with right person and party ,it is wrong to infer that today father and son will have same idea.
                                        As the unmerciful one`s will try to compell the officer relatives through ruling power though they will pretend as if they are not interested in politics and throw the responsibility on the Publics.This have been earlier been seen.And not only that even the Oppossition Leaders have been tried to be forced.Thus for young aspiring Leaders my advise is make a distinct ideology of your own ,where you will not need the relatives also.After all today it is Anna Hazare craze and the Public time has really come.And if the corrupted are not ashamed of exposing their illgoten money ,why we should be to claim our commulative rights?Remember if God blesses, slowly and slowly peoples will side us as the truth and justice is with us.Today the rich and powerful are more apprehensive of us , as this way that way Jan Lok pal Bill passed or not is going to harm the haves community.And see the excessive corruption in the State may be sending divine persons like Anna Hazareji and baba Ramdevji for our rescue.

                                From now itself we have to make political awareness against the evil of money in election, it is like slavery from our own money and specially the spiritual persons like Pastors and evengialists should be easily convinced as selling of ones right is banned in Holy Bible.As the truth comes up eventually the list of the bribe takers name in election is exposed soon, and remember this important day becomes the most important day for the Christians as many are seen to be backsliding here.Remember it is God also who chooses the king and we have no right to stand in his ways of choosing which will be never through corrupt means.The corrupt Leader become anti Christ in this most important time.Why only help before election, and see how the devil works in elections where public automatically developes greddiness and mischivious plans.thus this is time to pray and fast and do what God wants.If non Christian candidate was a plausible explanation for earlier misdenemore we have to push one to remove this.As even if we fail atleast good believers can be find out.After all identifying good believers for prayer support is the main essence of Christianity.Thus good dialogue in Sunday does not make one a good Christian,it is only in the 1st day of Judgement by God witness by publics that should be in election time we should be dedicated .As five years god work should not be finished by one days temptation.Remember the blood of the poor brothers are in our hand when we vote, as Poor and destitute are crying for good leaders as they are fed up of corruption,nepotism and price rise .
                                         The election of leader such an important issue is also a very important part of the God`s mission.Thus this should be done prayerfully, least we have a leader who don`t fear God even if he shows his outside support. Why only before election some movement starts by some who are lacking vision inspite of so many Public funds with them.And mind it God fearing persons are for all religious community also, as he alone can deliver many things.Remember the jeleous persons will get burn out due to their own pride.Some should personally realize that he have been already given enough chance by the Publics inspite of his limitations in some field.Why Publics like the Self Help Groups should be feeling ashamed to ask back their own loan money given by them.The condition seems to be right now like this.

                              Remember none has money tree in the backyard it is Publics own money this is distributed in election and it is pea nuts of what some senior leaders have earned in their life.And as such if one voter want to take money from forceful leader,he should eat in crores as his salvation is at stake in election.Specially the Christian and gangi members in minority area need to be the ambassadors of their community to show that they are different.And believe one man can change the face of all the history and in this historic time previlage to all to be always remembered in future history as the Congress Party citadel is already crumbling.The coming days is going to be the day of repentance for the Galo`s in particular as we cannot afford to go to king Herod first after hearing the good message of birth of Christ like 3 magis did.And like good Shephard should be all time ready to follow the Lords direction without question.As those who knows the fact and disobey this have cried later on.See we have to vote Gandhi family 3rd time because Motilal Nehruji had the vision to understand that British Raaj was going to finish.So is the golden chance to make history by all even the sinners to be repented before they are kicked out.As individual sin apart the new generations have never plundered the PPublic money.The more burden of duty on the Christians and Donyi Polo practiser, as they have to be clean like their God above.After all for some experts view year 2012 onward is going to be a danger year,thus it is time to repent for many.

                          Some leaders who throw the responsibility on the Publics on use of money in election as easily, as if their wealth and properties rethoric rise is not seen by all.Time for them also to realize also before their good family members don`t lock them up in the room to stop playing with their future prospects one never know in coming times.And not to say about larking danger of numerous PIL from the social activists side unlike other times, which may also harm the family members interest.After all it was ruling phobia earlier which made the Publics to vote the undeserving ones and today Publics have woken up, and this witch hunting was started by some one in helmn of power themselves.And who knows even the hired immateur Youths in election emotionally infused to commit violence may spill their been against their master / conspirator if they are arrested in the poll related violence; after all will congress come back in power this time inspite of all the crucked methods like they used to apply at some place earlier?Honestly this pain is taken so that there is a coordinated revolution from all the side so that it become impossible for Govt. to stop this undemocratic practice like earlier .As for long the haves have enjoyed at our cost in some place.And this is to serve some more difficult places who need our physical,mental and spiritual support.

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