Monday, April 2, 2012

The peaceful religious reconcialation need of hour in A.P:-

                                                                     In my last article I have written the list of innumerable persecution`s meted out to the Christians in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. For which devil was mainly responsible but as the ruling Congress party was in power mostly in this occasions, therefore it may be time for them to apologise also.The political sincerity can be shown by repelling the draconian Indigenous fate bill passed earlier.The Hon`ble chief minister Nabam Tukiji himself being from Christian background should work towards it. As historically it have been found that the Christians have endured unending hardship at the hand of the majority indigenous peoples who was made to thought it as a foreign religion. This was basically by the corrupt who feared the justice and equality concept coming from Holy Bible or there is no problem with both the religion members. The Arunachal Christian Forum should spearhead this campaign and pursue our case in view of brother Neelam Tarams data presented in his book which I referred earlier.And must try to convince the elites of the other religion to take this case as an exceptional one as one like it or not this is going to be faith accomplish that tribal peoples will choose Christianity.

                           This earlier persecutions was unfortunately in direct contrast to the Congress party policy of secularism, why party was silent for long when injustice was happening under its very nose? The party need to be more affirmative in giving more power to present leadership for rooting out this short of things in the future. Even the Hindu institutions where said to be given much preference earlier by the Congress regime in State in late 70`s,even more than the local institutions this is bad their should have been an equality. The justice and equality must have been maintained by all means, even tomorrow when we will be a Christian State , as the prophesy is coming.Others should not penick,if it is God`s will so be it.After all earlier was our peoples not Animists in majority.Atleast our leaders will also support us by their prayer when some one is ill and suffering isn`t it. The PPA will evaluate future coalition and partnership with the Congress based on this steps by the present make a honest reconcialation as its earlier divide and rule policy seems to have divided the society between in all the clans and religious communities. Unlike other political parties we don`t believe in playing an opportunistic politics for our individual selves, if there is any allegations against any members we are ready to take action. We are not waiting for the 2014 results to move our card as we believe in our service and discussing outstanding issues head long,as future generation deserves secured and peaceful society.As the fundamental rights have been trampled by this party, this party owe an apology to the Christians in deeds not only words.

                             We give a damn who goes out from PPA as it may be good in the end as today Public is demanding young, dynamic, educated and honest leaders and Party is all set to give them those kind of chance.As it is ultimately 30-50 yrs. which is peak time for a person to be energetic. As the seniors may soon get retired by virtue of their old age, poor health and enmity within both the suspected camps within Congress party. The PPA stood like rock with the Christian brothers during persecution era ,therefore we don`t lack faith in the time of troubled water also like Apostle Peter did, if God wishes our good time will definitely also come.Surprisingly even in some places up-till now, minorities and Christians were reported of never being given majore development work`s, this is really highly condemnable, once merit should be counted . Though this may be inadvertent but friendly sujjestions -the good Govt. must reach the Poorest of the poor. Unless one goes thoroughly and read Holy Bible one cannot criticize the Christians .It is wrong to think that Christians goes to any extent to convert a person and preach, by tying him in a rope. The intelligent person will ultimately take the best- the best person as his friend , a genuine person as party candidate , the best religion for his souls protection. Can someone stop this.

                              Thus the pay back time for the congress party, it can do it by cancelling the Indigenous faith bill and also giving the party tickets to the Christian aspirants in the persecuted areas.And not only that I am appealing to all the political parties to show this same magnamity. As equal chances must be given to all.Even if there is a fight between the Christians candidates in this places, it will be a friendly fight I believe. Though I can`t affirmately say about this in none persecuted areas where Christians are in majority. Though this steps can never mitigate the suffering of the Christians in this earlier persecuted places, but to some extent this may give solace to them to overcome the suffering infused by few smart politicians who makes tall claims of justice but in fact are the number one anti Christians and manipulative person as graphs are their to prove that most of the projects taken in the name of minorities benefited them only.

                                     Thus before modification in peoples representation comes along with other laws like a new election law which is expected like- right to reject and right to recall and keep any person or through him any party in uncomfortable position , it is now time for some parties to be real sincere and pave the way for the God`s will to be done in earth and heaven.This definitely does not mean survival of only Christian leaders but also not none development of the society due to lack of some bold development initiative in all the front by some old mindset leaders.Who may try to take this article as an excuse to make a mountain out of mole hole, without visualising the future where the need for inter-religious peaceful co-existance is of prime interest for all.

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