Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Unpredictable Political Future ahead

The Political future ahead is going to be very unpredictable with the setback of Congress regime in many States and the final nail in the coffin may be with the continuation of the Mulayam Sings regime in the U.P. even after the Nithari incident. His servivle will be a great hope for Parties who wants to see debacle ofCongress Party; irony is whenever a non Gandhian becomes P.M there is a division of camp and if a Gandhi family claims the coveted post there is a threat of assasination of life , therefore the situation is like a deaf Sea and Devil for Congress party. It seems the Public prefers old Atal Bihari Bajpaiji more than anybody else as though bogged by ill health his sacrifice for Party gave divident . In Home front due to his dare devil attitude Sri Lijum Ronya has emerged as a Person to be reckoned with with his no non - sense and high moral unblemish record Party stands to gain like it gained from Nabjot Singh who single handedly demolished the forces of Captain Arminder Singh in Punjab election like one man Industry, unfortunately barring a few Press so far the Oppositions were never given due coverage in our State, but hope some more Independent Press and Journalists will come out openly to play responsible role of a Independent Press as particularly in Itanagar some journalist friends are said to be assaulted for there honest potrayal of some Persons so far considered Untouchables, need not to say they have failed to be as popular as they should have been; for journalism is all about taking risk and NEWS all about disclosing sensational things.
But the BJP got to be realistic as years of premeditated plan by Politicians to emphasise the role of money in election has spoiled the People to such an extent that they will be more difficult to be convince and more so peril at present developments the leaders no were to jump with all the Central Parties allergic to the Jumping jackles who have brought disrespect to Arunachalee Peoples as may promote money culture from now itself as they don’t have a single clean leaders like Sunil Dutt with them and they being only ill reputed for there manipulative skill and who cant change there old ways either it is also litmus test for them as many of such creatures have recently lost power in other States.Things will be not that easy for Old Panthers either as the overpopulace Publics cannot be trusted with there money spend on them as they are difficult to be monitered and most wants good governance at all coast ,therefore money may go invain as this day Palitics have become so unpredictable.It seems the BJP will have an edge in all the Head Quarters were there is majority Hindus as they are seen to identify with the BJP; in Circles and Sub- Divisions they will be needing Coalition partners as there are less number of BJP sympatisers specially Muslim and Christians seems to prefer other Parties therefor they will have to be cautious. But Apangji is also not a lamb that you go and catch he has also withstand many a thunderstorm.This days star campaigners like Siddhu who are from media background will be very much needed as the charisma of Apangji will alone be not sufficient this time as his ministry filled with loyalists alone lacking the vital creative minds who like earlier Lallus Ministers may be even unable to say the jana mana Gana properly, need not to say Nitish ensured that Samosa was continue to made with aloo even without Laloo for today the Political Buzzword is dedicated worker, team work, creative mind and crowd puller star Campaigner whom crowd really respect genuinly ; the Parties need to cautiously give Party tickets seing the winnability of the Person if one keeps good leaders in suspended animation there is a fear that they may even have a tacit understanding with Opposition as it happened with the Jamir as well coordinated attack by opposition left him no where .
But neverthless there is a other chance that Apangji become a NDA Partner as this a land of kushi kushi any thing is possible here as barring Lijumji who was speaking against him it is even doubted that few have even tacit understanding with Apang family but
with time they may also change colours; surprisingly our Arunachal Congress which is yet to take a concrete decesion and take advantage of present scenerio. In coming election it is expected that the Publics will elect a good leader from whatever Party as it is our Social responsibility as fear to the Ruling Party may calm down to great extent as Old Leaders who ruled with iron feast are seen to rule in there fage end of carrier . Today true repentance of the leader not the crocodiles tear should be seen, at the same time if our slavish mentality of electing one person again and again goes against State interest than we must refrain as what benefits Public gains by Political Party jumping from one Party to another it is all the more same with MLA and MP funds confining to few. Why all arunachalee be a butt of laughing stock for a single mans whims and fancies as today no difference in allocation of extra fund is seen by being a rulling or Opposition its all performance that matter.Therefore whole Publics should not be blamed for ones self interest. One can think himself as smart but not others as fool always, as others have also right to shut there doors for tresspassers; the practise of giving importance to ruling party by joining NDA for short time gain have today harmed the prospect of our own Leaders- unlike Mizoram were the Party stick to there Party Arunachal Publics have been made to salute the Centre this will benefit BJP if Congress also looses in UP coming election is expected to be most free and fair one as usually Ruling Govt. fearful Arunachal Publics is expected to participate in Politics with open mind that is good for State.I salute the spirit of freedom of some person who give a damn about the might of adversery, may be one day thay will help to protect tha Human right of those who loose the Power even though some are now angry at the audicity of there darring revealation who unlike Politicians have only want for the betterment of Society.The coming days will see Political campaign and justifications of highest order with the Ruling Party trieng to convince that Legislators were still behind him even when he was alone MLA, were as the Opposition will say, it was the horse trading inside as usual ; the ruling party will say that corruption was rampant when Party was no more in Power, opposition may reply that it was ones cunning Politics that made the innocent Mithi regime more corrupted as some wanted to save his own skeen. The Opposition may say that it was during Congress puppet regime during Lt. Governorship that actual persecution happened against PPA and Christians wereas the BJP may be termed as a Communual Party the lethal point for the opposition will be price rise and high texation and of course collapse of Apex Bank so allegations and counter allegations will be there, as People will prefer reading and trusting Independent Papers and taking advantage of present situation many fearless journalists are expected to come forward; but in the end jo jeeta wahi Sikkandar and a chance to blow final death nail in the coffin of the old adversery as the Political Leaders will today seldom leave an opponnent unpunised unlike humble Mithiji who proved to be a politician and a Gentleman, other Leaders like pack of Wolfs in Discovery Channel are seen biting each other and are seen to cross all the Political ethics, the Politicians making Political fight as an Personal fight of egoism is unfortunate, today may be fear of loosing power make the present Politicians more aggressive and corrupted as Laski said Power Corrupts,absolute Power corrupts absolutely, the future Politicians are also not expected to be as generous as P.K.Thungonji, Bakin Pertinji, Tomo Ribaji, and Mukut Mithiji as they may learn lesson from history as Moutse Tung said Power comes through Barrel of the gun .

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davidchakma said...

I really liked your blog. Its very nice to real about Arunachal culture, the political situation, its problem. But the most important topic that you missed out is the Chakma-Hajong problem. In every election and every political party have their agendas on it. Every political party try to take advantage of the situation but without any practical solution. I think being a political persecutor you can give your opinion on the topic and its possible solution. It will also educate the other Arunachalees to understand that the politicians are taking undue advantage of the situation by diverting the attention from corruption. This is the case with Mr.Apang. He used the Chakma and Hajong issues to gain political ground and used his post to cultivate corruption and nepotism by diverting the attention of the public. but now the people of arunachal got hold of his cunning tactics... i appreciate your initiation