Monday, April 2, 2007

The Prospect of Regionalism in Arunachal Pradesh

                                    The Public of our State like Nagaland and Mizoram always had an instant liking for the Regional party ideology, even the Central Govt. policy to crash the regional aspiration by sending the Lt. Governor of K.A. Raja who artificially aborted the PPA prematurely but could not diminish the Publics ethos completely as there are still many PPA sympathizers left.The Arunachal Congress temporarily disturb the PPA.This was the dark period for the party.
                                                      The common Public perception that the earlier regional party like AC was only constituted as part of the game plan for the emergency situation of a particular Famiy member has also curtailed the prospect of the Oppossition  Party to many extent, as such the AC Party underwent worst crisis as it has earlier  failed to remove itself from the shadow of its God father who have abandoned it legally and looking after it from a distant like fearful father who has like  married other wife. Though there are still many admirers of regionalism but the party has to act soon thus all the cadres are advised to take benefit of the new opportunity.As new group of committed young,dynamic ,educated and honest leaders have promised to join the party.And the party old leadership have also agrred to phase out paving the way for more charismatic one.
                                                   As the fact is that the PPA have been always in the mind,body and soul of the certain section of the Publics who were sure one day it will come back with thumping majority.Thus today in this era of social network the genuine demand for seeing the regional interest cannot be anymore stopped in Publics mind.Besides the PPA filled with clean leaders now is only answer to the corrupted Congress Party.Interestingly not only the BJP is heard to be planning to make a viable coalition with PPA.But within congress party also the think thanks are planning red carpet to top PPA leaders atleast in the april 2013 Panchayat election.As the coalition era have truelly arrived and good time for PPA seems to have ultimately come as both the central party seems to be in mood to avoid head long collission in A.P election atleast in Panchayat.As the Modis win have compelled the State leader to see a middle way.  

               See a Political revolution alone can bring introspection of highest order like in Nagaland which is very much needed for the Society; as after it will come a clear motivation to do good as lately a virtual jolt is needed for wacking up all Kumbakarnas.See howsoever disturbing self assertion a father imagine about the future of his Son but after the death of the father show goes on as usual; may be it will be better also as after all once upon a time our father was also a lazy son of our Grandfather.And also like in Pakisthan what other option the Public has now, other than to hear Gen. Kianis speech for hearing sake; but not to comply it as the General surrounded with gun totting Pakisthan Rangers is more feared than respected.So is the situation in this part of world where presently most of the  redudant leaders is living in there make believe world surrounded by croonies.Where the helpless Officers are seen to be supporting them from there leap alone not from heart.
                          The time can alone tell the future- like the partition of Bengal had once provoked mass hysteria and united the Bengals like never before nothing can be said the surge of young dynamic and clean record leaders everywhere against the congress party which have lately become coglomoration of the vested interest Officers and Politicians may completely change the equations this time.And like earlier Publics  may be not for sale this time taking lessions from there PPA leaders who have stood like the rock and some of them are lovingly heard to be called as- Ek Tha Tiger for there thribe to bring a change all believe in .The bad news for ruling camp is after imposition of taxation things will be never same again; the honest tax payers will develop questioning ability like never before and if Congress finishes in Centre it may be final Doomsday for this Camp for the reason best known to everyone.As in any case the State congress prospect seems to be bleak as the congress Central party may be compelled to pass Lok Ayukta to face 2014 election.And if so many dynamic contractor leaders of A.P may suffer as already there is case registered against 3-4 Hon`ble MLA.And if it is not passed then the civil society may teach a good lessions to Congress party in 2014 which should benefit NDA or 3rd Front.And in that case fearful corrupted State leaders of the CBI haunt may like to greener pastures.So even the high command is this time heard to be pressing for incorporating PPA leaders atleast in 20 seats as coalition patners.
                   The best bet will be definately  now seeing the middle course like PPA atleast in Panchayat april 2013 election.As now every haves class will like middle course to make honourable exit in this unpredictable political days as danger looms large on them.As new anti corruptions law are being made each month by judicial activism of Hon`ble S.C.As the Hon`ble S.C have now made prosecution sanction compulsory within 3 months; so today even the ruling party cannot save any one.And worst there is now no any financial and job scope left in Congress and in absence of this ideologically acceptibility the 1st preference will be definately PPA believes many.As whole India seems to be now going through a political fatigueness.See PPA`s maize symbol was also said to be given by Godess Donyi when Abo Tani married her daughter Donyi-Mumsi.And the earlier PPA leaders sacrifice for the Christian community in the persecuted days.So this party alone can tomorrow bring peaceful reconcialation for all.And the corporate house are also appreciating the success of Tista water project phase 1-5 in Sikkim where as after number of MOU here State Govt. is going at snails phase in hydropower sector.So as critics says PPA-Pata Pat Aao Party this is time to hurry now for the Publics in our thryst with our destiny. 


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