Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Scope of Films in Arunachal Pradesh

The Arunachal Pradesh has a tremendous potentiality in terms of Film Production as today the perfect time has come for the making of BollyWood Films with a different stories which the viewers want to see gone are the days when the local Peoples were sentimental if movies like,` Yeh Gulistan Hamara were made’; of course a beginning was made with the film called Koila by director Rakesh Roshan which was shooted in Bomdilla and Tawang but there is more scopes in other place also for example in pasighat side were the William james was massacred and the famous Achin morin incidents were many Assam rifles Army were massacred by innocent and illiterate Villagers of the Talia etc This are historical facts which we have to accept it gracefully without any reservations. If this stories are made into movies it will be an instant Hollywood blockbuster as the movies upon Red Indians made in Hollywood is a blockbuster like,`Last of the Mohicans’, `Dancing with the Wolfs’etc. It will be a golden opportunity for the Countries top creative Directors like Mani Ratnam and Priyadarshan who have run out of beautiful stories and are fruitlessly expecting the Oscar awards without looking to the east were there are real life stories which will be natural and appealing to the Panel of Judges in the Oscar.
Some of the local Arunachal Directors who have made a name is Sri Moji Riba whose famous film,`Between god and me,’ was Internationally acclaimed. Than the Gope Kamdaks ,`Ane Ge Nyode,’happened which was as fresh like the Satyajit rays movie pather panchali. The stories shows the grim reality of the mass exodus to the Villagers to the Urban place, which really makes no improvement in life and the actor, is compelled to come back in his Village. The movie shows the grim reality of today’s time when the Unemployed Youths are compelled to look for greener pasture without any real gain. Meanwhile the market is flooded with cheap movies which have failed to make lasting impact on the Publics. If a good sponsorship is made the State has a potentiality like Honkong Film Industry which produce regular dose of Martial Arts films which has made International presence felt as the locals in Arunachal Pradesh speaks good Hindi and today the Martial Arts movie is a craze therefore this may be a Bollywood chance to penetrate in world movie Business through North east States as they resemble the Westerners in great many ways and stories and locations which the Western Movies like Last of the Mohicans and Horse Whisperer shows.

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