Monday, April 2, 2007


I am writing it from my heart, the way Mani Ratnam tried to say about the cause for the rise of ULFA Insurgents in Assam in his movie,` Dilsey’ which was released with great difficulty as our Country prefers to hide the facts without evaluating for it, for which Country has already suffered to a great extent .The immediate cause of rise of ULFA can be seen to the Assam agitation which was initially against Bangladeshi infiltrators but the irony is today all the senior leaders are said to have taken refugee in Bangladesh itself, good for them and Bangladeshis that they are using them the way ISI is using Dawood Ibrahim as they can now at least show there anger for releasing of extra unwanted water from Farraka Dam during rainy season; but the ULFA’s mission also suffered to some extent as it would have been more headache for the Country if there Leaders had settled in China. But there was a geographical limitations as going to China was difficult for them. Herein comes the danger for the Country if there is insurgency in the region of Arunachal Pradesh ; this part of the world has the close proximity with China and it may make the matter worse one day, though as for now China is seen to be busy with Taiwan issue; the way they grab Tibet and Honkong one by one this scenario cannot be nullified altogether one day and worse, if we don’t develop and give financial aid in this places quickly later in case of opening of Border trade the Public might longe to migrate to China like the way People die to settle in USA from Cuba, already reports of good governance unlike in our State is pouring from ones who have visited China mostly unofficially by the hunters who are in hunting expedition for Kasturi an animal which are find abundantly in Chinese side and earlier Political propaganda that old Peoples are killed in China is now seen as a mare war propaganda made by the loosing Government during 1962 Chinese aggressions ;contrary to the popular view that every thing is hunky deory the things may be worst here in State like Arunachal Pradesh as the 95% of Peoples are right now are Have not’s and if there is an accidental fight between anti Social elements and Govt. than chances is that it will escalate to a gigantic proportion as every one is related to each other somehow which make the matter worse as you cant expect clan members to sit idle if there is an incident like this; Army better got to learn about this aspects as well in dealing with such place; the Public definitely like a border trade with China but at the same time our poor state should not be exposed in the front of mighty adversary due to mostly our own failure as an Individually and State. The potential source of insurgency in our State is nothing but unemployment with the opportunity only going to the rich which has become a way of life in most of our North East States for which every body is responsible the Leaders as well as Publics our Challega type attitude without the urge for change make the matter worse and worse the silence of good Peoples and Intellectuals; without blaming the Centre we must make an introspection of highest order . I am doubtful that even alleged Chinese interference will be used by the corrupted leaders to save there own Skeen to blackmail the centre; now that Supreme Court has given judgment that CBI can be send by Central Govt. without the State Governments demand; one day we may see corruption of highest order like food poisoning in election rallies like it happens in UP and Bihar by anti Social elements. There for security reasons even big Politicians has to manage with Ladoo and rasgullas in election Rallies as it is impossible to monitor a large feast unlike in North East places were innocent Publics unaware of the danger are still carelessly relishing the cows and Buffaloes meat specially cooked for them only during Election along with suspected expired Whisky and Rums tasting bit different not to say unending lines of Patients flock the Hospitals after each election which temporarily smells like a Hard drink factory ; the Patients mostly Villagers , Old and illiterate whose face looks as red like colour of rums itself and with there bodies having every thing intact excluding the Liver .However in spite of so much criticism in place like Bihar there is also accountability to some extent as persons like Laloo has to breath the air of the jail in the end ,only for the superstious beliefs and practices like Dowries and Untouchabilities prevelant in the Cow belt the things are not that bad for those State were there is no dearth of real son of the soil like Nitish Kumar.The good governance alone People want as no body wants to see the dangerous situation like in Assam were the same situation once exixted like in Arunachal Pradesh today; the false sense of self pride and communal feeling infused by the Politicians may make the innocent youths as cannon fodders of ignorance and dillusionment in life for a reason for which they themselves have no belief only for there never ending hunger and the frustrated at the stories of lavish life style of rich Peoples they said to be enjoying secretly in Five Star Hotels and alleged Bank accounts now that alert Students studying outside smell foul play as well and there apprehensions are what the main issues for them not the army as after all they are also under the Politically appointed Brigadiers who have been reduced to be a Political tools by a corrupt Political system directed to shoot at hungry Crowd by Bullet, thus the source of all evil has to be cleaned first this time by Ballot and Election Commissioner is expected to give more emphasis in North east State Elections were there is more violation of election code without any control .

Sincerely Your’s,


Adv. Togo Basar

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