Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Regarding the Cabinet reshuffling in Arunachal Pradesh

It is surprised to see no concern for the dropped Cabinet Minister Jarbom Gamlin by Along Publics in particular and People of West Siang in general so far as it is an immense loss for the whole community that is very bad, People should be not that Dishonest and greedy and fearful ; however it shows the grim and dangerous reality to others also those who are at the upper hand as of now riding on the back of tiger themselves but a consolation has been also made in the form of re-induction of Sri tako Dabiji which is a welcome move , today the Society have become like the merciless spectator which watch the Person drawn without feeling the need to reach out for help like an incident in Rajasthan. Greedy to the core and lacking the morality and the guts to speak up the truth one day it will have a dangerous consequences, the silence of the Poor is the reason for the rise of Evil as already said by Edmund Burkey . I fear sometimes, that if he had not said this in context of us, who are class apart when it comes to sycophancy and chaploosi of the highest order and running out of sinking ship first like Rats at the first hand when your masters Ship start to sink ; this days it seems like the respect and regards showered to the Leaders are artificial, temporary and mare formality basically out of greed to stick to the comfort zone of privilege and position and fear of loosing it, not out of genuine love. That is the reason moment Official Tour of Minister finishes things goes as usual.

Who is responsible for it the leader or Publics God alone know, I remember the famous quotation of late Tomo Ribaji- You Guys keep on eating Cows ( in Assamese) but may be the leader being in the forefront of the system has failed to initiate something to get back the goodwill of the People like earlier Leader that is only possible if he keeps the interest of the State first, but that seems to be not possible in this Kalyug where all the Political rhetoric will be only in letter not in spirit ,as for now all the blame will be given to Public for taking money in the Election without evaluating who is giving money in spite of the Election commissioner Bane, if there is a Political will there be a Cabinet decision on action against excess Election expenditure, Calling CBI against all scandals- Lottery, Power,Subba project,FDR,PDS,Vana plantation Programme and Apex bank etc etc; but not in the interest of self Political score by persecuting adversaries relative who speaks truth- than only our State will prosper, by the way a honest MLA should be rewarded and under Right to information and Election norms all the list of Property of the Candidates be displayed in the Cine Board in DC office before Election, the Poor public have the Fundamental right to know how much rich there leaders are, but it is improbable – today the success mantra is divide and rule, money culture, Persecuting and telling ill of other who is not toeing your line ; unfortunately in our State instead of seeing the Performance of the candidate he is favored by how much loyal he is, but time is coming when you cant take the People for a ride any more as exemplified by recent lottery scandal . Those days are also gone when you cant expect popular criticism from public for persecuting the person and relatives those who speak truth as many Journalists who have expose corruptions have become Hero’s in there own right.And if a Democratic revolution does not come than one day a revolution by force may come which will be very bad for State as a whole unfortunately viewing the History through a revolution only a change may come as People seems to prefer a new wine in a, as the Old folks maintain there same character; today Politics have become art of clinging to power by hook or crook .

The Open hearted man who calls Spade an Spade seems to be not favored in our State and he will be dropped instantly that is bad for Arunachal Politics as we need honest and uncorrupted leaders as well so what they are vocal and brutally honest as the ruling Govt.Party without check and valance is a direct threat to the State as series of scams have rocked our State previously- Lottery Scam, Power Scam, Subba project Scam, tree plantation Scam,FDR Scam, PDS Scam so on and so forth the Corrupted politicians have minted money out of State Coffers and made disproportion wealth for themselves this can be verified if there is a neutral check by an investigation agency like CBI which is at present the popular demand this proposal will be definately pooh poohed by corrupted Peoples from top to bottom everything is rotten, let us accept the truth before it lead to a dangerous situation interestingly in other developed Countries also there are Constructive Opposition within the Party as the State is nobodies private Family property, the present trend of Corruption and Nepotism will have a dire consequences one day; for the Rich and the Haves who are right now justifying there monopoly by saying that leader is one who at least gives an impression of helping financially as peoples basically are greedy lots and justifying corruption and justifieng corruption, but in case of Mao Wadi like situations they will be first to migrate to green pasture as T.L.Rajkumar did leaving the Public in lurches who has to ultimately face the music so monopolistic activity in any form is definitely highly objectionable by any Civilized Society . Let us respect a leader from his performance not out of fear in this 2006 century when even the king of Bhutan last of the symbol of royalty in planet Earth has relinquish his Power and all the Dictators mostly exterminated including Saddam who is going to be hanged there is no scope for fear at present there is acute lack of moral uprightness by our Peoples they don’t enjoy the life to live with high heads so called dignity of living. Each successive Politician take no action against previous Corrupted leaders as there seems to have hidden agenda to lead a same life need not to say corrupted leaders are preferred for Chairman, MLA and MP tickets for reason best known to the Bosses.But I pervently hope a time is coming with growth of Spiritual Pursuits were People will be committed to live with dignity by following righteous path of justice, Equality and Corruption free life and at that time gone will be days of Chamchagiri and Chaploosi which is at present made the only mantra.The top Priority of all the Intellectual has to protect the interest of our loving State and definitely no son of the Bitch has right to spoil every bodies common legacy. The Galo Politicians in West Siang like always have once again shown there greed and self interests by placing interest of the Society below there personal interests; and like a Crab in the Plate they are seen pulling each others leg to come out first. But Man proposes God disposes, nobody can stop the God gifted merit of a person if he is really destined. At this time of crisis of his Colleagues bogged by scandals like Lottery the Jarbom’s capability could have been exploited to there benefit. Jyoti Basu used to take opinion of the majority Colleagues before taking any major decision- that way even the blame of the wrong decision used to be shared by Politburos, because in future everything is accountable so what people at present are evidently submissive by nature, when even Gandhis who have sacrificed so much for the Country there Dynastic hegemony are even challenged today one has to be realistic today the Leader should be more then contend with getting an Honorable exist as Jyoti Basu with no enemy in future against him. It is hoped ultimately, better sense will prevail on Jarbomjis Colleagues. Its high time the big Boss in Itanagar who will be solely liable as a General in future to do away with the Psycho- pants and misguides who have there own vested interest who are ready to change there loyalty like it happened in Nepal any time at any day.


Adv. Togo Basar

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