Tuesday, April 3, 2007


This days mushrooming of NGO’s can be seen everywhere good that Peoples are taking up good Samaritan work in a major way but unfortunately most of them are seen to be after money and hype and believe that there are lots of American money involved other than there true dedication as no body wants to drink the cup that Jesus of Nazarath dranked. As for one thing Americans are no fool, for that matter any other Donor will not like to associate with rogues; but ultimately ones like late mother Teresa can only attract there expectation of novelty and humanity as the Western Country Peoples are less corrupted and takes the issue of spiritualism seriously. My friends in says that today Social workers are so unpopular that it is short of a insult to be called as one. Therefore big names of NGO’s are not that important other than the missionary jeal of its activists. Ones a friend of mine was surprised to see no decoration of the sweet shop unlike others though his shop was located away from Railway platform to which he politely replied that his quality will attract the customers.

In this global world every one is knowing each others and as such those NGO’s which are really working for the Poor and Downtrodden are being observed not the ones who are like after Texas gold hunt in in American history. The international recognisation will automatically come later on ; initially give a damn about recognisation it has to be began with self satisfaction in whatever you do. I see lots of scope in NGO’s working upon poor condition of Old man in our State and judicious use of surplus like collection of cloths that are uselessly buried along with the graves by the ungrateful sons, daughters brothers and sisters who have never respected the family values in there life time and only in funeral shed there crocodiles tears, I mean specially those ungrateful sons who come at last to funeral rights of there father and mother with blankets made in Thailand or Korean whereas in there living time they are treated worst than enemy. Enough is enough with this hypocrisy – costly marble stone and death anniversary etc. what is there necessary after death . Give a damn about custom and tradition that have no human utility, for a Poor man he will not question about were from the cloths have come this will be atleast welcomed in Orphanage run by Missionary of Charity in Naharlagun run by mother Teresas group as our poor country itself is basically dependent on auction cloth from outside country only and some of which belong to dead mans so why there be any double standard. If we don’t do a small work in a serious way how we can expect God to use us in a major way; consider yourself being a bastard in the Orphanage in Missionary of Charity in Naharlagun damped by your real father and mother what will be your happiness be if you receive a full stomach lunch or dinner by a good Samaritan person who send his left over food for the centre or a doll which is kept uselessly in your house but so important for the unprivileged Childrens. I challenge each Persons to become a Guardian Angel for those Orphans damped for no fault of there, this is a privilege time to serve the humanity as our future itself is doubtful as we may die any time and remember dead man takes nothing with him; the Holy Bible says in day of judgment God will say I was hungry and you fed me , by serving the Poor we are serving the God himself. The smile of a destitute whom you help gives satisfaction which you cannot imagine to taste this go to Missionary of Charity with a packet of sweet were one can feel divine happiness. Unfortunately most of our rich mans are rotten lots, richness for what if Society cannot gain anything from them there richness is meaningless so for there callousness for Social causes things like Extremists are coming up and irony is that they are blaming religions which talks about right and equality; even in there idea of charity have a vested interest- Politician spend money for Political gain after he losses power he stops Charity ; spending M.L.A fund and M.P.fund which belong to whole Public is definitely not good concept of charity need not to say about others like Businessmen and Officers they seems to packing there property for life after death. The charity can alone solve our problems to a great extent those who can’t give money can also give atleast a word of advice.I respect the panjabis as they are a bindas lots in charity as well besides not minding being the buts of Indian jock. I challenge the NGO’s to do something in this field like caring the old age and destitutes as Society is degenerating in terms of loosing humanity as there is a rumor that some old mans due to indignation they face in there old age are committing suicide also and this matter are hushed up silently.This is a dangerous scenario as one day everyone of us are going to be old. Even the Govt.ought to make the old age pension more transparent or it can at least start some Old age Homes; earlier the Central Govt. was fooling the Public through Political propaganda that in China Old Citizens were shoot dead , whereas according to Human Right group survey the Old mans are taken care in best manner in Communist China; today the Govt.cannot divert its failure by criticizing others as all our Hon’ble Ministers are also going to became Old one day and who knows there easy earned money will one day as easily puffed of by there ungrateful sons so they also need to look this aspect this time for in future no body may give any damn about them one day.

Sincerely Your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar

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