Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Bihar without Laloo

The popular slogan of the Lalu camp that can Samosa be made without aloo and can Bihar be run without Laloo has been totally found baseless now that he has been weight measured and found wanted. This are the common fundas by which ageing Politicians tries to retain his monopoly .Like the initial doubts of non Ahums like mahantas had been now cleared by good governance of Ahum representatives lead byLate Hiteswar saikiaji and Tarun Gogoiji, who are seen to fight against anti Social elements basically of there own Community like Ulfa and Sulfas successfully; so to exaggerate the consequences of future is seen to be a mere speculation to make the People toe there own line. Biharis were once treated more than Untouchable, so much so that once in Delhi University the Biharis were ashamed of calling themselves as a Bihari.As most of the notorious act were committed in Bihar even the I.A.S officers family were not secured in Bihar remember the molestation of North East Students in train that lead to mass protests and unwanted repercation like mass murder of Biharis in Assam. As the Laloo Raj was more of a theatrical show than a serious Government it was sure to fail as he was seen more fit for acting in movie than his deliverance. As the Govt itself was based on its goondas and inferiority complexion of the Lower casts Yadavs and Kurmis etc. who enjoyed Laloos bashing of the higher cast and Muslims who were to some extent obliged to him for protection during Babri masjid Disputes . The dirt of Bihar which seemed to have increased during Laloos time, also seem to have ultimately polluted our Lalooji who was once a diligent follower of jaya Prakash narayan.

The good thing about Bihar is they are trying to retain there self respects, and a gentleman in form of Sri Nitish Kumarji have become the Chief minister who was said to be once a friend of Lalooji but did not sided with him as the man seems to be a God fearing Person as he seems to dislike the goondagardism through Pappy yadav and Sadhu Yadav; in the end he walked tall with dignity slowly and slowly that man was destined to become great as in initial stage only money is needed later common Publics manages everything who are keenly watching the show . In the later years Lalooji contrary to his stature was seen ending up in caste based rallies and he became started to be identified as a caste based leader without mass following ,as what is also accepted of a Person whose record are also doubtful; will any Person with a vision of development join in laloo sponsored development meetings when even the Public don’t believe what they speak and as such the naotanki didn’t last long and by that time laloos trump card of castism was also overplayed by him. If taking Peoples submission nature for granted if a donkey is made a Chief Minister will it lasts so it happened with Rabri Devi .As Nitisji was well aware of laloos whimsicalness of testing his Loyalties to the point of damaging other leaders self respect he prepared waiting which bear him fruit may be he thought that there are so many Laloo chamchas why not become his counter part.

The good thing about Nitish is other ministers forgets Election promises but he seems to stick to his gun to punish those found taking bribe and taking action against Peoples who have surreptiously earned money beyond there known source of income; from the day one he is seen fighting against odds. This will pay him in long run mass leader who is genuinely respected will have masses with him remember the Gandhijis Charismatic power he could have pulled more crowd than Jawaharlal Nehru any day and any time. Unfortunately in our State people has completely forgotten the power of the righteousness. In the greed of instant fame and money they get shadowed by there seniors typical image. The power of the Laloo was playing in greed and fear of the People. Nitish has rightly made a right move by doing what he is best known for- by bringing a fear psychosis among the corrupted Peoples who have been controlled to a great extent; but it will definitely take time to completely uproot a system which has made root so deep. The impossible was possible with Nitish because he himself must be honest to the core. If there is too much of everything than it may boomerang precisely Biharis were wakened by excess corruption ;The Nitish era has seen to began and is a challenge for other States- the point is if Bihar can change why not other. The success story of Nitish is a danger bell for other States were politicians dominates the States and treats its property like a family property by misleading the Publics that the next Govt. will be worst than theirs. Earlier Bihar was definitely fit to be called a hell as it was very frightening to cross Bihar by train specially in night time and list of our students who died in Bihar after getting mental torture in ragging was so much that Govt. ought to have refrained from purchasing B.E and M.B.B.S seat in this place like Bihar long time back as I am seeing 2 or 3 students casualities itself in my own place. Hope finally everything will change for good. It is not necessary that all the mayhem and chaos were product of Lalujis dirty mind but being a General today he cannot escape the responsibilities; that is also bad that when he was in helm of power no body had guts to advice him if he had been criticized initially than things like Fodder Scam were a duck was shown to eat as much as a cow and incident like Bhagalpur incidents could have been checked .But above all the worst the Lalus legacy is seen in the rise of Naxalism as when Social justice is deprived than one day or other there is a Social revolution may be he being one of OBC member had turned to become a siphon of the creamy layer himself by gulping all the Public funds without yawning.The Nitish experiment is keenly watched by Publics of other place- Nitish Bhai lage raho as it takes halluba lots of guts to refuse taking money at the highest level were only cancer seems to starts and can be removed as well.

Sincerely yours,

Adv. Togo Basar

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