Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The Swadesh was a hell of a movie were the actor played by Shah Rukh Khan comes back to the motherland from being a privileged NRI to work for the unprivileged and downtrodden Villagers. This is an eye opener for many of the intellectuals who prefer looking for West in this respect I adore one of my qualified Doctor friend who could have settled abroad due to his NRI Connections but preferred coming back to serve the motherland. The Society must realize the importance of those People who are silently contributing the Society immensely; unfortunately the Publics prefer favoring an outsiders where as our own brothers who have become very successful in there respective fields are not respected; for a quality service you definitely have to spent something, the People don’t mind spending so much in outside Clinics and Legal Firms but keep shy of paying the basic fees to our own Guys that is very bad; as we must feel it a privilege to get served by the Professionals who have come back to there own Country men- specially those who have relatives in Foreign Countries and in big Metropolitan Cities like Delhi and Bombay were they could have earned more.

Lyrics of Sri Rokkom bado is far superior to many Grammy Song writers, the Gope kamdaks movie are not less than movies those of satyajit Rays Pather panchali time and the Choreography of Miss Liter Bagra more beautiful than those of Farah khan, regarding the songs of Galo singers it is difficult to decide whose is better than other; thus it is our Privilege to have those genius here, however in journalism we have failed to see some quality writers as this is a field of immense responsibility and sensibility so some Students must also pursue Journalism seriously as it can alone give a direction to the State.The Development of the State is a team work if there is no contribution from other professionals than politicians cannot also do anything, I do not discredit the work of the politicians but earlier there is seen to be lack of coordinated effort in tackling the State problem for example on the line of Swadesh Govt. must give more emphasize on making small Hydro Projects as big Dams are said to be a liability on Environment and without proper verification of catchments areas and Chinese intentions who may completely one day change the direction of Siang and Sibunsiri river as in the International Politics Powerful Countries are seen to not respect the other Countries interests the development has to be given seeing the ground realities unfortunately earlier many of the chances have been wasted by trying and aping the Delhi and Bombay mode of development; in our State the feasibility of source for perennial economic source was not considered for instance Igo Belt of Basar could have been a good source of Chilly Production to even supply outsides,Tato’s Temen could have been saved for catering the Alongs milk need, Mechuka and nacho could have been identified as source of apple orchard to cater the need of Dibrugarh,Tinsukia and Silapathar etc.the other forest areas should have been encouraged to plant Bats and Raidang of local varieties which are in great demand and matures within ten years as locally available bats are on verge of extinction, the traditionally made Lura could have been good source of milk production as I mentioned earlier in another article and the relegional institutions such as schools and prayer centers should have been actively involved in implementing the Govt. Policies and giving hospitality to the Foreign Tourists as relegional centers are powerful tools, after all is there any dearth of beautiful place in Europe and America in fact they like to come to our land only but our bad manner towards them have made them to prefer Bomdila and Tawang.Though earlier Leaders contribution cannot be under estimated , but they have failed to make development as the single point agenda unfortunately in State there is a negative Politics which is not constructive persecuting the persons who have said against them by way of transfer and demotion etc. has made Public fear more than loving there own Govt. in that way fear of the State machinery instead of love for the state have become the issue the sentiment for the State is only there during student time by APSU but later on it dies a natural death most of ex- APSU leaders have later on become a perfect son of a bitch.Only one of the exception is heard to be Dr. Moji Jini who is said to serve the Publics freely but who also may not be as easily available now after his promotion. The love for State was in its zenith during the P.P.A days at that time something was also left for opposition leaders unlike today when even Ruling Party members are grumbling for even bone marrow it is heard but ,` Bukh to hona hi tha,’ if there was no vision remember the Biblical saying ,`Seven years of abundance than will come seven years of famine.’ Lately though the Govt. is trying some popular measures but fear psychosis of publics subsists as such they are not giving constructive suggestions and had end up becoming like Narad Munis , Tenali Rama and Birbal for there Political bosses this is bad for our State. As long as some intellectuals are like anil Kapoor in Nayak who challenges the Chief Minister to give him power for just one day and like Munna Bhai are trieng to change the Socities in Gandhian way before the situation is taken advantage of by Leaders like Mao- Wadi supreme Prachanda fortunately the things are not as bad yet so still peace is there and it must be there at any cost as the common Publics will be at maximum loss as in the Nepal like crisis as the Leaders will run to there safe places like Delhi,Bombay and Foreign Countries and we will be enclosed in the bottom of water like second class travelers traveling in Titanic who helplessly met a watery grave.

So we must elect good leaders who are ready to sacrifice like earlier Kings who left there kingdom in there old age, need not to say many leaders are themselves in the line of fire for there whimsicalness and for this they themselves are responsible the word sacrifice seems to be missing in there dictionary. Unless you sacrifice something you don’t get anything the same is in Politics the day the Govt. is formed purely on merit without horse treading than only we can dream of corruption free Society for this Gandhijis ideology should be followed in letter and spirit by all the Tom Dick and Harries in Political parties and it has to begin with at least someone in the helm of authority for leader is one who leads unfortunately there are less Politicians who take the idea of taking sanyas seriously like N.T.Rama Rao by staying in a Cottage instead of C.M bungalow though he lost his power Andhra become the Business destination .May almighty God give power to our Politicians to make supreme sacrifice for our State.

Sincerely your’s,

Adv. Togo Basar


Unknown said...

I hope this will wake up our politicians. But the sad part is

"Jo Sone ka Bahana karta hai, use koi nahi uta payega"

Bomken Basar said...

Truly said.

Unknown said...

kite...good effort...