Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Spiritual Centre and Politics

There is always argument weather a Religion Centre should play Pro active Politics like it happens in some place a friend of mine joked once You see Peoples Vote them because they fear going to hell the Holly mans should be in Holy place but if need be if the Society fails in producing a genuine leadership it must play a pro active role as we cannot accept the corrupted Leaders to inspire the Society. The Spiritual centre in India have failed to maintain a theological balance they preach what they cannot practice . We try to spiritualize everything in our own way, but we do not recognize the Gods truth for justice and if some body fight for justice he will be criticized specially in some belt who want lawlessness to continue as they believe in a make belief World that they gain that way . When whole world is praying for good leaders the preference for corrupted once is really surprising, at least a God fearing person from any religion is expected to deliver much better now that all the Publics have been cheated by false promise of Promotion, appointment, land allotment etc. yet they may want to have the hope by welcoming another batch of liars; to get something we must sacrifice, if we resist ourselves from temporary Political Blitzkrieg during election than the way after Samudra Manthan Amrit comes it may be for our State as no pain no gain . The evangelism and Socio-Political environments are both part and partial of Spiritual duty and faith without work is dead.

It will be a shame on our part if we do not wake up with a new sense of responsibility for self- reliance and self-identity and response to the Prophetic call to fight for justice this is same for all the religion followers. For many years we have not been able to speak out our own rights , not to speak of writing something about it. The Church was preaching only about the future salvation as if it were the only role , and social responsibilities were set aside.W.C. Bannerjee founded National Congress in Dec.30.1885 and Rev.C.F. Andrew Christian missionaries’ played a majore role for shaping Indian politics later was even called as,` Traitor,’ by the Britishers but he stood for justice and was later appreciated by Britishers as well. A Country without having genuine Patriotic leader can never usher prosperity into the Country, a Patriotic Leader will call spade a spade this can be only possible if they are from spiritual background to inspires a high moral standard of living to others like Abraham Lincoln who even selected his enemy No.1 called Stanton as the war Secretary in spite of the apprehension of his adviser, his reply was,` I know that Stanton has said terrible things against me, but looking about the Nation I say he is the best man’.Very often we forget the word Life Service and preach soul winning but ignore the cry for justice. If the love of God and love to men is absent in our life, no gift , no talent or possession can substitute to fulfill the will of God. Than let us see the historical act of God from time to time which is seen in all religion-

At the Central point of the revelation history, God acted to liberate the poor and

God acted in history to exalt the poor and the oppressed and to cast down the rich and
the oppressors.

God’s People, if they are truly God’s People, are also on the side of the Poor and Oppressed.

The God destroyed Israel not only because of idolatry, but because of economic exploitation and ill treatment of the Poor.

Again , God’s word in Holy Bible through the Prophet Amos are also harsh-

………. Take away from me the noise of your songs;

to the melody of your harps I will not listen.

But let justice roll down like waters,

and righteousness like an overflowing stream.

(Amos 5: 21-24 )

May be this was same of Lanka during Ravans time; When Jesus said greatest commandment was to love your neighbor he mean to say each day we pass by the street were our own brother still lay injured like it happened once in Jericho road were so called Gods People passed by avoiding the injured traveler but a Samaritan supposing a non Christian in today’s time stop to help him; thus by not bringing the word of God to a practical utility we might have failed God as well. Martin Luther King had rightly said in his book,` Strength to Love’, that religion which concerns only with human soul and not his economic and social life is not a good religion. When the wall of Jerusalem were broken down and every thing was in confusion, there was no one left to build the defenseless city. Only a man called Nehemiah came back from Foreign land, filled with burden for his homeland and told his People,` Let us rise up and build’. Holy Bible ( Nehemiah 2:18 ). I challenged the so called born again spiritually awakened Person of all the religion to come forward and take the burden of cross of our Country which is going to be

crucified alone for our chalega type attitude as Jhon F. keneddy the young president of America once said,` think not what Your Country has given to you but think what you have given to your Country.’It is time for members of Hindu religion the majority Peoples of great India at they are member of great religion were there is no scope for violence and hatred; to love oneself and co-religion member is easy but the real taste is loving a person from other religion that may be reason God has made each of us so different to taste and find the real soul inside us in this temporary world so henceforth clarian call to all the religion members let us together make a better India amen.

Sincerely Your’s,


Adv. Togo Basar

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