Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The world of religion is going through a worst transition period and with the mingling of modern thinking due to globalization the orthodox Spiritual leaders are finding it hard to maintain there hegemony as today People has become very liberal in approach of religional topics and are seeing its utility rather than its doctrines, its good also as incorporating good of all the religion and seeking the truth by evaluating all the religion can only liberate us by helping us finding the truth as God must have given something good to all; In case of Muslim also it is seen that Liberal Muslims are trying to cope up with the Neo-thinking by modifying Shari at Law etc.; it is good for Muslim brothers also as from time immemorial Social reformation were not seen in Muslim Society as a result some bad doctrines and teachings might have become integral part of there religion so much so that Persons like Salman Rushdie who speak against Islam excesses are issued Fatwa by Powerful Spiritual leaders like Ayatullah Khumani.Whereas likes of Bin laden and Saddam hussains are prayed as heroes who have there own brothers blood in there hand. This may be due to the facts that there is paucity of exemplary leaders in Muslim community, all great Leaders being exterminated like Sadat and Najibullah.The Spiritual Books like Koran must be understood in its true spirit and any meaning has to be construed after comprehensive study or we might end up going precisely against what Allah command. The teachings dates back to thousand year back were things were different remember prophet Muhammad was fed up of fighting with the enemy at his time whereas today is there any jihad like situation , killing innocent people is an act of terrorism and shear Cowardice; even the weather conditions were different earlier so they have to be interpreted nicely or Muslim brothers themselves might end up being kafirs remember Sura Ul bakra were like day of Judgment it is said that sinners ( terrorists ) will be one day accountable for there sin.The problem with 3rd world country specially Muslim countries is lack of Democracy since time in memorial were Caliphs enjoyed uncontrolled power since ages. So what there is oil in Arab world, the richness is not going to majority Publics, so the Leaders keep fuelling Sectarian infighting like Shia and Sunni to divert the innocent publics; today things have gone out of hand as seen by latest attack on Pakistan army rangers by terrorists- evil deeds have boomeranged on themselves.

Today only the Arab is valued for oil ,earlier it was never a important place; more a place had commercial value more was war fought for its conquest and also more was of cultural exchange slowly and slowly for example Emperor Akbar might have become more Liberal by marrying Hindu wives. This process happened for a long period of time so much so that many of the alien culture was incorporated by the Society so slowly that it was accepted as integral part of that Society itself, for e.g- phallagus ( Shiv linga) was initially not accepted by the first batch of Aryans; another e.g- Buddhism surprisingly failed in its place of origin. All the religion definitely seen to arise from common forefathers this can be verified from the mark similarity of Veda,Purana ,Old Testament and Doni Poloism.The present Hinduism which is completely different from Vedic age is seen to be effect of Tulsidas writing of Ram Charitmanas- during the period of Mughal invasion as Tulsidas wanted to express Hindu Superiority against invading Mughals like our Talom Rukbo started Doni Poloism basically against influence of outside religion.Intrestingly Ramayana and Mahabharata were never as popular during Vedic times. It is officially documented that the idol worship was only systematically Started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak one of the Freedom Fighter in the name of Ganesh Chaturvud to unite the Indians against Britishers basically .The irony is Lord Buddha who warned against idol worship during his life time his own idol was worshipped by his disciple after death. The feeling of spiritual superiority infused by our leaders have narrowed our view by thinking that other religion are foreign whereas all religion are our common legacy as it originated under the hand of one of our own forefathers and are mutually complementary. The intra religious hatred are created by vested interest politicians who was since there form the days of East India Corporation.

The change is inevitable according to new need of Society there will be new equations and adjustment, you like it or not for eg-our freedom fighters had to play anti Christian and anti British card to unify the Country by emotionally charging the Indians though it had a desired effect but later it boomeranged with the raise of Militant form of Hindutva. Govt. must do something regarding the growth of Terrorism which seems to emanate basically from of dated and redundant doctrines which has no relevancy in today’s time which makes one utmost emotionally satisfied but gives little help; as by prolong isolation Muslim Brothers might be developing inferiority complexion which they want to hide by false show of boldness; plus misconstrued negative doctrines might be ruining Muslims themselves as today they are viewed with suspicion everywhere, unless it is removed and for which the madras has to be monitored as it is seen to be single largest producer of Terrorists by misleading and telling of heaven filled with virgins girls which one get after martyrdom this is pathetic and the worst Muslim Elites are keeping mum; the Govt. should and must start a separate ministry for observing and modernizing the madras as as it is now question of national interest; if the Muslims want pardon for those who attack parliament it must be kept as a pre-condition for his release, as this is not Islam country like Pakistan but a Democratic country were the motto is,` Jeo or Jine do’. The madras as should be officially monitored and helped if they follow the Govt. guidelines. The Govts. Failure to do so have left itself in a peculiar situation weather to hang or not the one responsible for attack on parliament itself. The Muslims in general and Arunachal Muslims in particular need to make an introspection why they are so ill popular as they are the worst victim themselves of this mayhem and destruction, though this topics will read to be unpleasant initially but more it discussed it is better as in India there is seen to be lack of Spiritual Democracy which is one of the main reason for the bad State of our Country.Even other spiritual centers which bread fanaticism should not be pardoned. Why young Muslims are growing up so emotional to the point that even intellectuals those who studied in London School of Economics are accepting terrorism as the way of Allah. The Muslim scholars ought to make a soul search. In Holy Bible and in Old testament period and Vedic period there were also narration of so many death and destruction as if the earlier Gods were after blood but later the Spiritual leaders in this Sects changed many of teachings according to the Social needs and precisely here Muslim seems to fail as they lacked a messiah a short of revolutionary who fought against excesses of Spiritual doctrines for e.g.- Christ Jesus by revolting against Old testament excesses has paved the way for future inner Democracy as according to him the religion is made for the people not the People for the religion. And also Raja Ram Mohan Rai who abolished Sati system with the help of Governor General William Bentick.May be Gods original dialect is so divine and failed to be understood by us the Muslims might be cursed for failing to understand the true meaning of Allah’s dictate as today’s People are sinful so they might be making wrong interpretation of one of the legacy of whole world. Or why the Muslim brothers are ruled by one they hate most USA the way India was earlier ruled by Britishers as may be God had wanted to abolish cruel things like Sati system through them.

For one thing the gun totting Taliban’s may be trespassing Gods jurisdiction as for example those who commit adultery there is chance of getting aids disease that is Gods way of punishment; only angels have the authority to jealously protect the Gods whip if God protect his kingdom in his own way than man and devils have to mind there own Bussiness.May be in Day of Judgment the Fanatics who have made Allah as the best Business venture may be themselves be the one to be thrown in Jahannum.

Yours sincerely

Adv. Togo Basar

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