Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Healing thing

From time immemorial there is wonderful stories of healing of the sick People in all the religion and Society, the recent healing crusade in General field Along was a welcome move may God bless organizers and everyone associated with it. The God is for everybody and everybody is his creation, therefore it is high time we rise above our parochial thinking that there is no healing in other religion, as scripture says that Gods way is different from us, in this evil days when we ourselves might be in upside down prostitution we might be seeing other right Persons in wrong perspective; though every glitters are not gold but never less we are attracted by it. The Culture and tradition which binds us together should not be used to spread hatred and ill will, as our difference of opinion is not comparable to Gods eternal love for us. this is the only truth as a Society without love will be catastrophic. God loves for each of us is everlasting; therefore in a Poor place like ours were People cannot afford medicine and costly medical treatment, He has been merciful in sending His Prophets from time to time, It is wrong to deny the presence of God’s mercy in other religion also as some of my friends also honestly accepts .That though they perform sacrifices to evil forces but in time of crisis they cry to God alone, therefore the concept of good versus evil was and will be always there in all the religion, thus the Christians ought to think that oriental Culture is equally our legacy as the religion started from a simple belief of good Vs evil , so is the Holy Bible should be revered by the Peoples as a common legacy as unlike other things, Spiritual development is for every one- as a matter of fact not a single passenger in a bus will like the bus to be driven by a drunkard driver so who knows due to holiness of one single person how much blessing a Society is getting like Mahatma Gandhi who cause maximum benefit to the whole country for his spiritual open door policy, he successfully used the Bible verses to his and Countries advantage, Great man thinks life is so short make maximum use of all the Spiritual Doctrines and religious Philosophy, it doesn’t meant they had no weaknesses but they are definitely seen to place God above every thing else ; as the saying goes concern with eating mango give a dam’n about counting its seeds, after all our Forefathers were same and scriptures were written by one of our forefathers or thoughts were some of our forefathers therefore all the religion are our common legacy and today we are in the advantageous position of using its best part according to our need, so don’t let this golden opportunity go out of our hand according to all the scriptures seeking Gods kingdom has been termed as the most important work in life as worldly life is said to be temporary; some of us may be in this World for a very few days,Scripture says due to good deeds one is said to go to kingdom of Heaven which is eternal, Lets pray for all People so that they also feel absolute peace and gain surety of Salvation which is said to be the beginning of the kingdom of heaven in earth so that our Society become less corrupted ; the idea that Christianity have come to exterminate other religion is highly questionable- basically remnants of the Colonial nausea when some of the freedom fighters wanted to artificially create a Quick Pan Indian feeling by resorting to anti English and anti Christianity Political rhetoric’s as at that time Independence was the main issue which later boomeranged today in the form of rise of Communalism also , it is high time we appreciate each others beauty and leave other emotional and controversial question like Cultural loss and conversion up to God who according to scripture can alone judge. convert and punish each of us after death in the day of the judgment, and regarding loss of culture loss of everything theory it will be more prudent for us if we give more emphasis on more important issues like more growth of agriculture which is the need of the hour this can be made by our solemn promise during Mopin Festival which is the true intent for its celebration also, this can be of immense benefit to Society, excess emphasize on one particular emotional issues is bad for future Communal Harmony; things should be seen from practical utility point of view. Initial doubts in transition Period is natural, the way Holy Spirit possessed person cannot be changed so a Poor Person wanting worldly need cannot be changed overnight to follow even it may be a wonderful gospel ,therefore there has to be relegious tolerance from all the side so that only the calling of God alone is heard. The Christians should accept that had it not been for there strong culture and tradition they won’t have got the present spiritual realization and at the same time the others should see Christian revivalism as a spiritual development for the whole Society. One should feel fulfilled in wherever he is if he has not gone into depth of his roots where ever he is he will be always unhappy.

In any case Society will be always dynamic as we have earlier also derived from other alien Cultures and left bad ones like the evil practice of human sacrifice to Sun god has been left; but as this things happen so slowly that we did not felt its impact, thus change according to new need is inevitable the good things of others will be always incorporated that is why the Society survives that is the law of nature, it is the way it works for eg- Budhism failed in India were it originated; perhaps it may be the will of God so we being mare mortals should not tress pass on God’s jurisdiction when we should be concern with our bread and butter; therefore it is bad to hate and judge some body only because he is Christian or vice versa or it will not let a State develop as the hidden agenda of any religious groups claiming there superiority will later create a communal tension of worst order were every one will suffer accept few Peoples who are at present in the advantageous monopolistic position and might be allergic to concept of justice,transperacy and equality concept as preached by new religions to whose credit lies to a great extent French revolution and Russian Revolution etc. after years of Social injustice it is but natural that there will be initial tremor like it happened in Nagaland but later on hope things will be as good in Mizoram which unlike in Assam is prospering day and night and later due to lack of strong coordinated Spiritual belief system which promt meeting of minds the ULFA’s in Assam are yet to even sit in negotiation table with the Govt. of India; therefore it is bad to argue on those portion which suit one and not telling anything about other portions which clarifies that controversy, let us be beware against Politicians who always play divide and rule tactics everywhere to deviate the Publics from there misdeeds. Let all the religious followers of our State unite as they are in fact riding in the same boat; the critical subjects like religion should be understand in its totality or it is highly dangerous, meanwhile we should have respect for holy people of all the religion and whatever religion one belong must come together to make a better Society as no body can doubt the credibility of a Person searching the God if he does he is doubting himself; in all scripture emphasize has been not in eating and merry making together but to love and help thy neighbors during time of crisis; good for the followers that today they are also trying to modify there practices according to the new need, we should refrain from addressing each other in a provocating manner calling animists as Satan’s is highly condemnable as the Satan basically will like to control deeds of a Person motivating him to do evil things.Let everyone of us change our evil deeds which may be the main issue for the God and also accept that from Gods perspective no religion is foreign as this is certified by the common God above the earth and interdependence of all the religion for its growth as love is the ladder to reach heaven.Meanwhile I wish happy new year to all the Church and Gangi goers who are seeking God’s kingdom and aspire to make this world a better place.


Adv. Togo Basar

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