Monday, April 2, 2007

Wild West of the East

I wonder why Bollywood Directors don’t ponder upon stories of Frontiers of North East regions were the clashes of Civilizations took a very interesting turn in late 30’s to 60’s were as in Hollywood movies like - The Billy joe , last of the Mohicans and Apaches a movie made on Red Indian Tribal warrior Gerenimo is a blockbuster hit in Box office the flood gates of Frontier stories based movies started with the success of , `Into the West,’ a famous American serial which depicts the epic war between the initial White Settlers and the Red Indian Tribes of America famous Hollywood Director of Jurassic park fame .Our Indian Directors wonder why India movies filled with jathka and matkas are not given Oscar awards whereas they are missing the perfect script in our State like the incident in Achin Mori , Killing of William James and fight in Foot Hill areas for settlement in Durpai areas were the stories are filled with romance and glamour like the famous Hollywood movies. Unfortunately foolish Indian Directors still seems to be unaware of English mindset who after all will decide the fate of Oscar awards and bank on movies like Rang de Basanti who only fits on Indian mindset. I Challenge the local story writers and movie makers to document there stories while the Characters are still alive for all the boys have become part of the History; so what they were notorious once upon a time but there style, glamour and attraction were unlike others in there time and they seems to have un knowingly become part of a legend in a place were we desperately need a History to tell to our successors. This historical facts are our legacy and must be documented as this may one day become the source of attraction for Tourists if a good director undertakes to make a movie on them; as the movies gives greater than life image to the characters and places, this has made the World audience die to see Colarado river etc were much of the fight between red Indians and Union Chavalary took place and immortal Buffalo Soldiers song were made.

Only our Devanandji had some far sightedness and vision to make movie like Wild west based upon the Frontiers. His movies on Nagas in a movie called ,` Yeh Gulistan,’ was later on banned due to Public pressure, may be he was too advanced for his time, but later it inspired movies like Sholay,Shalimar and Joshilay which was a remake of Western movie Client Eastwood starred-Good ,Bad and Ugly. We should be not ashamed of our unique culture and tradition , the way our forefathers dressed and customs earlier, the way the Red Indians in America are proud of there legacy and famous warriors like Geronimo who were though treated as savage by the White settellers during his life time but after death he become a legend of sort inspiring the generations; so after initial confusion the Indian audience will soon appreciate the unique culture and tradition as it is fed up with the bolly wood monotony and

Manmohan Desai formulas brother separating and meeting in kumb melas etc. and shooting of ambitious movies in our State will pave the way for boosting of tourism to a great extent . Our Govt. should assign some agency to promote this true stories in Bollywood and Hollywood as the movie has a great potentials to increase our Tourism potential and the Indian film Directors who have run out of ideas it will be good for them also. If a single Minister is so rich to invest in movie like Koila why not in this themes which has so much potentials ,remember we can never compete with Dehradun, manali, Nainital etc in beauty what the Plain People will want to see about our state is its mysterious history which will be so peculier to them. Given the full Govt. support experimental Directors like Mani Ratnam and Priya Darshan should be invited as State guests and be made aware of this script were in lies there chances for Oscar also and our luck as Discovery and exposure of Vergin Arunachal pradesh will open a vistas of opportunity for us. This is why other State tries to develop its P.R with Bolly Wood and Holly Wood Personals by inviting them as State guests. Today Wild West movies have become an instant hit in silver screen singers like Kenny rogers have establish themselves as experts of Country songs, glorifying those who once ruled the ranches, Inn and Sallons of Wild west in California, Texas and Arkansas .

Once upon a time not long ago Basar had also resembled the Western Country place as we now see in in Holly Wood blockbuster movies like Kurt Russels Tombstone , Mackenas Gold etc were the cowboy gangs are shown to ruled in there Horse back in Wild West. It will be surprising to some Peoples now today but fact is Basar was the only place in the Indian Frontiers which were worth comparable to the Western Country land in style were there were no abundance of wild horses used by locals for riding . The Horses were first introduced by some one related to me who brought it from from Plains who wanted to show this peculier animal to his community members he himself was a famous horse rider during his time and later horses came which were basically of Tibetian breed and cross of Army and Tibetian breeds which the Tibetians left it on there migration towards Plain in Chinese aggression which crossed with the army horses stationed in Basar there were horses of all shape and sizes for one thing Basar seems to be suitable for horses .Some of the good and evils frequented the place at that time they had style ,romance and attraction and lived the life full size one of my uncle was a big name in his time there were regular fighting between his gang and other notorious person both were no less a gangstar the fight between his and other enemies is a talk of the town; many Peoples have said to lost there carrier in academy due to there loyalty to this Gangsters, this are perfect plot for making Movies as they used to were dresses with style and were feared by the rest as there running horses were a nuisance to others. There is unending tell of there fight with themselves and with Assam Rifles Guys stationed in Basar who had bigger horses with saddles and our locals like Red Indians used to ride without saddles ; stories are filled with jealousy , hatred and betrayal like in Western movies .As for Basar the man on the Horse backs killed there own legacy by selling all the Wild Horses to the plain Business men at throw away price to live a lonely life but who knows one day they will get there due recognizance.

Yours sincerely

Adv.Togo Basar

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