Tuesday, April 3, 2007

You too Brutus

The good novel are store house of philosophy, unfortunately we have a less time for it this days. The Julies Caesar is a novel which is very apt for today’s political world . So an introspection is made on the novels character as one of us may be Brutus, Mark Anthony or Ceasar.May be Brutus who is Penned as the most famous disloyal friend in the History by the World Famous Novelist William Shakespeare the character who was shown as the most loyal friend and later turned as worst foe who is portrayed as the disloyal friend cum murderer of Julius Caesar the Emperor along with mark Anthony which made the Caesar to gave that famous exclamation, You too Brutus,’ that famous word which made the Brutus an object of hatred for the ages. But may be he was never brought up in his true perspective may be he loved Caesar but he loved something above everything else the protection of the system itself were even the power of Caesar was based that system which also gave right to the common Citizens which was ensured by Councilors as Greece was the first City State to do away with Dictators and follow Democracy by electing its rulers through Councilors.

Mark Anthony and Brutus must have earlier tried to advice his old friend to refrain him from being so ambitious but the changed friend might have given little importance to his old friends advice who had been responsible for the making of Caesar . It is to be realized that most of the Shakespeare work was made during the time of Queen Elizabeth-1 who was fighting a lost battle against the Constitutionalists who wanted to restrain the Power of the British Queen in the line of Greece City States. Shakespeare is alleged to be a close friend of Queen. So grim picture that is portrayed of Mark Anthony and Brutus is understood as like our modern Politicians who want to control the media and try to manipulate all the stories; the earlier Emperors also might have wanted to control eminent writers like Shakespeare. The Poor Brutus never get the chance to clear his name and still seen as a Disloyal friend but to many Greece Publics may be he might have been a hero as no body in Greece City State was supporting Dictatorship but there views were never reflected by Shakespeare as he was sponsored by Queen who was afraid of the Constitutionalists so there is a presumption that everybody was against Brutus. The old friend might have tried to advice the Emperor but who after testing the nectar of power become Whimsical and reckless so for the greater interest of Society may be he did this but at least they did not committed this when Caesar was out of Power this is worth pondering ; before murdering it is seen that Mark Anthony gives a very convincing speech which should have awakened Caesar to the ground reality and he should have repented, the message of the Julies Caesar novel is out and clear friendship is also important but nothing is comparable to the welfare of the Society. For all the power and glory enjoyed by the Caesar was dependent on his good equation with the Society and its system. Those Guys could have enjoyed good life themselves due to close proximity with Caesar but they were also Democrats as such they could not tolerate a stage when there own post were also at risk in the hand of a Dictator for a Dictator friendship seldom has any meaning he never likes a person happy in even No.2 position that is the typical feature of a Dictator as to became develop quickly if necessary they make enemy out of friendship and future threat was also there from simple looking Publics and other leaders who wanted to put Caesar under the ground alive which Brutus alone with his close proximity with the critics alone might have known. Remember how most of Iraqi senior leaders were ordered to be assassinated by Saddam Hussain to maintain his Leadership. Sunil Dutta Sahib was never elevated to the Union Minister Level during one Prime Ministers time time or for that matter Amitabh Bachaan dropped like hot cake by a Politician friend; in personal Economic crisis time only when he came in the fold of Mulayam Singh yadav which openly challenges the ambitious plan of Congress hegemony of look india policy by depriving the U.P below its nose than only Amitabhs new relationship with Amar Singh is criticized as today he has become an important man and a majore player in U.P Politics. At first there was greed and today there is egoism who to approach first that is the question as he is needed today so he is criticized .The challenge will be however to maintain personal friendship between two ideological dissimilar person which is difficult but not impossible specially if the rich friend shows little magnamity.Why in friendship one will always be at the receiving end ? If Brutus had anticipated the mob against the Caesar and warn him he had maintain his friendship but if due to a revolution his family itself was under direct threat than he was also right in spearheading the revolution against the Caesar for in Russian revolution Bolsheviks first of all killed the Rasputin the spiritual Guru of Russian Emperor before Russian Revolution whom they blamed for whole mess; may be Emperor might have also wanted to make him escape Goat. But how he can be blamed completely for the whole mess who joined the Royal camp so lately when the Russian Revolution was about to start whereas those who really enjoyed at the expense of Emperors name had already sided with Bolsheviks so it is wrong to blame Rasputin for that matter Brutus as the earlier old innocent friend Julies who have become a power crazy Dictator he could have never heard the advice of Brutus in any case ; Whatever may be the arguments Brutus also seems to have gone too far he should have definitely not himself murdered his friend, Unfortunately in our Society many Brutus are secretly ready to murder there friend that too without warning when there power is no more.

Sincerely your’s ,

Adv. Togo Basar

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