Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Golden Opportunity lost

The golden opportunity is lost for the Indian subcontinent with the death of Gandhiji who was only man whom the masses respected truly, the Country have become orphan in his absence. Can the Gandhi success story be revived now, no never will be the instant answer specially the corrupted Politicians will give a long lecture forgetting that he might be one of the main problem, when it comes to cleaning the mess -as a old building has to be first demolished , before a new is constructed; as a long monopolistic rule is seen to develop a sense of dependency and a lack of interest for experimentation and exploration in other fields a situation is not congenial for development as everybody is seen with suspicion like it happened in Nithari U.P recently were many Childrens were murdered under the very nose of Police as the Police fed up of Political interference sit idle ;The true introspection of soul is need of the hour, the way Japanese come back more stronger after the dropping of atom bomb, as unfortunately after a disaster and revolution alone a Country is seen to rise from long sleep or it is seen to be same old wine in new bottle in each Cabinet reshuffle for revolution can be never spearhead by one in power unless one takes a Political risk to fill his Cabinet with clean image Persons which is improbable as corrupted Persons will get the Political trust of his master easily or as they may have a common interest of saving there Skeen against a resurrected Publics who are at present sleeping, that’s why Mussaraf is being laughed at when he talks at removing corruption, it is a Human tendency to govern according to ones point of view not trusting others this mindset Aurangzeb even ruled from his bed, in fact it’s like maniac state of mind . The way the house owner spoils the party if he is not receiving the guests and and pock into affairs of all the servants. The way Pope generation survived our MTB generation Children’s may also survive one day, though there activities are very irritating initially to us but this was the way our father felt, this is generation gap. So some of our seasoned Politicians should not feel divine responsible to change the world without changing themselves first as they are the idle of the Society, as some Younger generations may prove better bet then there Predecessors given the chance, some smart Politicians by staying for such a long time may have become a bad example of this Society like cricket dominating the Indian Sports . Political lecture is easy but if they themselves are not from other background like agriculture, horticulture and business how can they expect others to excel in the various fields so does they have any moral authority to refuse Publics for Contract favors’ or a job? as they had diverted there talent only to mint easy money via Politics in there hey days and has today shown it as the easiest Business venture and never showed the Political will to clean the whole mess in there life time it is doubtful how the older folks who are basically the architecture of everything what is happening right now can demolish a system they have built so pain takingly, kudos to them that Politics has become the key to Palatial mansions and colorful life; the greedy workers have been reduced to become middleman for procuring any thing and everything it is heard and some even elevated to higher post it is suspected for managing immoral things for there Political masters. There is seen to be a pre-meditated effort to mislead the Peoples about the value of having them who are rich and established as if they have not earned it at the cost of State treasure and as if they are not afraid inside .By letting the People forget the power of righteousness and truth so that there Political shop continues to open which is exemplified by the way big bosses are favoring corrupted persons like themselves and surprisingly it is heard that even the opposition leaders are enjoying party together with them in Five Star Hotels need not to say such type of Party will they ever come to power. But Public are also not right either, by calling all tom dick and Harries and scam stars as Chief Guests in there cultural festivals who have earned pot of gold in a dubious way they have also indirectly promoted Corruption. For the all the Nova rich are seen to spend money like anything to get respect whereas original rich Peoples need not to have to prove there credentials for they were original rich Peoples when even there State capital was a jungle they earned out of there shear hard work though some will pooh pooh this claim specially those who suddenly come from no where and are the one who are trying to convert there black money into white. But some of the Young and Nova rich are also modest enough to accept there sudden rise and also said to be undertaking charity in a big way at least this is a consolation for them. Another weakness of the Public is seen in slavish mentality and jealousy of preferring the existing Leaders against a new dynamic once. This is because today publics have become immoral to such an extent ; our last hope is in Church and Temples which can be jointly used effectively against this moral corruption.

Unfortunate for India that it lost a prodigal son in N.T. Rama Rao who to some extent, tried to imbibe the Gandhian way by sacrificing the C.M.Banglow and staying in a cottage, though he lost the power but Andhra Pradesh gained so much as the revolution starts from top only and Ramarao show his political and personal will , but today will there be anybody so foolish enough to take that risk and leave that privilege position from were he can control and manipulate everything to his greedy hearts content; the way N.T Ramarao’s

relatives throw him out at his new avatar, no body wants to make that risk as no body truly loves the motherland he only pretends to get Vote, our Leaders are not following the promise he makes in Swearing in Ceremony in letter and spirit and that’s why some of the Politicians specially in North east have become too big for the simple poor mans understanding who are enjoying rich and living high profile life like Nar Bahadur Bhandari once lived with unlimited power that prompted Sikkim Voters to elect a honest person like Chamling who did not fail them either so danger bell may be also awaiting those who think themselves as Untouchables likeAlcappone the mobster of Chicago who was finally convicted in Disproportionate wealth case; have our Leaders overplayed there all techniques as is seen by dwindling small gathering of Publics in election Rallies and having to content with marriage ceremonies, Promotion parties and Communal meetings. Tactics like divide and rule and Political enacted dramas like pretending as if no horse trading was done for garnering M.L.A support are of course effective tools to fool the Publics but it has also its limitations ,what happened of Jamir in the end, the coordinated attack was the last thing he had anticipated and was not prepared for and similarly Laloos over smartness may have provoked the People of Bihar to be more united and let him face defeat in spite of his media Blitzkrieg by proclaiming ,`jab tak Samosa mey alu Hain,Bihar main laloo Hain.’ The furious Publics could not tolerate his whimsical attitude they made sure that Alu was continued to be put inside the samosa in Bihar even after Laloo was no more. What is the determining factor today in Election result no body can fathom , annoyance against too much of manipulating or the fast changing need of the Society, this days Political Pundits are unable to predict the Election results.

Amidst the chaos the good part is intellectual democracy is also improving, armed with latest facilities like mobile and telephone and above all willing to stand tall as an Individual and community as the Education and Spiritual realization has prompted us to question ourselves like never before, if the Nepali peoples could make their kings run for there money we have absolutely no reason to be fearful of voicing our views that seems to be the new mantra, as greatest freedom is freedom from fear, today as there is unity of thinking like never before and we as an Individual and community are more powerful unlike in Emergency days were they had to fight against odds .Today as we have also more or less crossed the transition period and there is no scope for disunity of mind due to our common goal and wants good governance at all cost as much talked about money Publics had accepted from Leaders in election has been rightfully found to be a mare hoax by the publics as the Leaders have increasingly realized that if they don’t play other cards now, the hungry Publics will probably devour themselves as spoiled by the Leaders now God can alone satisfy there need and probably tired of helping Arunachal Publics he is also resting as for

Now. Publics also seems to be fed up of as the saying goes- howsoever Wild Cats goes after Elephants its testicles will never fall. Therefore coming Elections will be a litmus tests for the Politicians.

In the front of mighty adversary the way Gandhiji become immortal you never know how much potential man have, he can do great wonders. Today we need to fight against that mindset that- if you have more pots of gold, palatial mansion and hefty Bank balance better that too even in Swiss Bank its best, for you have an extra confidence to bribe even the C.B.I.as that have been disapproved by judicial activism, today many corrupted Politicians like Laloo have been sent to jail were is there rightful place by the order of Supreme Court and High Court, unfortunately today also some Duryodhans seems to choose Sri Krishnas large army and money instead of choosing one who is the embodiment of righteousness and thus lost the battle- for the battle belong to God. Let us together fight against those ones- serving expired Whisky and rums at throw away price and putting common whisky in Black Dog bottle to brainwash the innocent Voters and playing with there life’s, I appeal all the Ngo’s specially women NGO’s to destroy those stuffs in Election like it is done in Mizoram which is disturbing election of good representatives . The Publics should also not live in a make belief world that all of there sons and daughters will be saturated in job one day or other if they oil there Political Bosses, the seasoned Politician used to commit this to his numerous supporters but which ultimately are given to their relatives or are confined to Vicious circle, but if the job is really sell for cash or kind or for mischievous considerations which pertains to morality as it is commonly believed now it will have dire consequences one day as there will be a chances of revolution by undemocratic way .

But accepted that the Political system cannot be also not made full proof unless new batch of Guys who are less corrupted and less power crazy and at least from any religion background with strong conviction in God checked thoroughly the way the Nithari Killer was checked in Lie Detector basically from Professional background like Doctors, Advocates, M.B.A and Charter Accountants etc. who should continue there professional practices so that they don’t gobble up M.L.A and M.P. funds . Today Govt. tries to control everything, if somebody is an honest Journalist than what more to say, but things are changing one should respect each others Individuality if the Society has to continue. So much of controlling upon the Officers and Publics

will today show a negative results as they will lost interest in entrepreneurship, need not to say the Industrial houses in India are seen to favoring Coalition Politics as they are not in a position to control the State machinery which disturbs the Business as one Party Govt. serves only those who are in the helm of power.

But surprisingly even today if great persons like Gandhi had been born he would have cleared all the mess, instead of blaming others he would have started the good Samaritan work himself. And would have replied the press in the same way on being asked why you are traveling in 3rd class compartment of the train, that as there was as no 4th class compartment ,as he felt for the majority Publics who were unprivileged. His connections with the poor was his strength, unfortunately others fail to see this, as the greatest asset is to make a place in others heart not building a palatial mansion as our Country men are yet to make a decent house, the burden of richness itself will one day kill a person as the robust Nixon in the eye of Water Gate Scandal had to eventually resign on the order of Supreme Court; so the richness alone is also not the ticket to success. Had Jesus Christ been there instead of hating them he would have convince them like Jackeous the tax collector to make charity to the Poor’s before the day of Judgment after all they are the one who are having sleepless night and sick of all, slogging like donkeys and amassing wealth for there next life as well like the foolish Pharos of Nile those lunatic Pyramid makers.

The way Swami Vivekananda could excel in everything as he meant Business in whatever he did. I want to appeal to the members of third Estate to realize the responsibility and power of the media and stop being ending up as Tenali Rama to there Political betenoirs. The way corrupted Politicians shamelessly fight to keep there folks intact by hook or crook by giving all sort of explanation justifying there actions, using Carrot and stick policy why we cant fight for our Society as we are in majority and if Gandhi alone can do it why we cannot. Lets together fight against the decisive forces who use divide and rule tactics in the name of religion, caste and communalism etc, meeting the groups separately and poisoning each others and encouraging the Publics to take money as they cannot change and have no moral authority to change there already started ways in Society and want it to continue that way. There seed of communalism which they had planted one day when they had to compensate for there lack of money in there initial Political carrier have today become a big banyan tree, they are the new East India Company sometimes worst than them, ready to gulp others as later at least removed some evil practices like Sati system and left the Country in time feeling responsible like a good master without making an excuse to complete its Third Diamond Jubilee which would have been its own achievement as they had excel the art of manipulation, of course credit also goes to Nehruji who maintained his personal friendship with Lord Mountbatten and Family at the same time was committed to his mission . For ending the evil of corruption it is imperative that there is immediate separation of Judiciary in all the States specially in Arunachal Pradesh if necessary there should be a Presidential order so that innocent Publics are not cheated; Today a Political vendetta against the one who speaks for the Publics will have serious reparcations as they have large fan following it will be more prudent to appreciate each other. But may God also bless our Leaders so that they be able to repent and pave the way for smooth transition like Bism Pitha Ma in Kurukshetra; as there are also some die hard supporters who will like there leaders to retire respectfully resigning like Australian Cricketers in the helms of form and power ; not that the older flocks were bad always but it was good when it lasted but may be time has come to make a new houses after hold house whatsoever we have an emotional feeling with have become delapithed, destroying old before making a new will be more prudent, the Youth Leaders who are the Future generation must come together leaving all there differences for common good to solve the issue of future Leadership openly and honestly. It will be a great danger for the State if present Leadership suddenly leave the arena as they have hardly groomed any leader due there Political whimsicalness and insecurity , this is fact at all levels. Now the ball is in the Court of veterans to get a standing ovation farewell like Shane Warn in the height of achievement man you can now create a history as later it may be case of Azzaruddin.

Let us appreciate those Peoples those who fearlessly guided our Leaders at the risk of there personal life and who at least took up the issues of scams in a majored way. There are too many questions to be answered. If soon something is not done in the line of N.T.R of Andhra People the future of our States are in doldrums, will Publics be happy to face the increasing Govt. tax after each successive elections and facing dangerous grim situation of educating once relative without the chance of getting job based on merit this things if not improved it will lead all us to a dangerous stage were the interests of the siphons’ of the creamy layers will be first challenged .Hope this article will be an eye opener and a cause of spiritual re-birth for everyone including those in the higher echelon of Politics.

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