Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The hanging of Saddam and its Effects:

In this world the Saddam Episode will be a mystery for ever, it can change the Muslim world once for all; but for the intellectuals who knew the pulse of the Uncle Sam I,e- Americans in dealing with the Arnosto Che Guvera of Bolivia episode the revolutionary leader killed by the American marines it was frankly no surprise as the pentagon Think tank seems to be well aware of the fact that the general Publics has a poor memory. The shrewd Executors choose the timing so perfect at the Holy month of Idd when even the hard core Jihadi refrain from any evil action and the worst adjact date and place of Saddams hanging was not said before hand in the fear of Public backless. And the worst saddam was hanged initially before other Co-accused as popular Public Pressure would have definitely compelled the Iraqis to abandoned Saddam execution. God alone knows who was adjactly behind the Saddam execution as later the Iraqi Govt. also accepted that the Americans wanted to postponed the execution and as George Bush is not suppose to get any good response from Voters for this act as the American Presidential Election is very near. But never less the theory that if due to Public pressure Saddam is made Iraqi President again than things would have been more difficult for Present Iraqi rulers. That regarding so called clash of culture theory between the West and the Arabs the West stand was always clear as after 2nd World War they even didn’t pardon the Nazi’s in Nuremberg trial which was a trend setter in the International Law. The Arab American conflict may go on for pretty long time and it may only subside one day if surprisingly a Leader like Mohan Das Karmachand Gandhi who understood the mindset of the Western Peoples defeated them in there own game plan by the means of Ahimsa . Though It will be impossible to defeat the Western Country in straight battle ,the way Japanese defeated them by keeping there nerves cool and diverting there energy in a positive way and by modifying there many of there redundant Okinawan and Samurai culture and tradition and finally succeeded in destroying there monopolistic International market specially in Electronic sectors, something has to be done in this line. May be Saddam realize this lately, this is seen by his last appeal to his Iraqi Publics to forgive even the Americans in the line of Jesus Christ. It is to be seen weather the deterrent punishment given to the saddam publicly makes the fear chilling down the spinals of one likes Laden and Dawood etc.

Unfortunately all the Muslims are not Terrorists but most of the Terrorists are unfortunately found to be from Muslim background. though Muslim brothers are not sitting idly specially to some Muslims credit lies for many of the amendments in Shari at- Muslim personal Laws. But they are in helpless condition against the years of isolation and wrong interpretation and later addition of Holy Quoran were excessive glorification is made of war and sacrifice things that not happened in Prophet Muhammad times as shown in National geography recently. The Muslim brothers need our all prayer support to fight this true Jihad to first kill the enemy within themselves I,e- Lust, greed, hatred and murder etc. Let they seek the true meaning of there original Great Allah’s communication to prophet Mohammad. Till than unfortunately more of Saddam and Laden etc.is ready to sacrifice as Genii Pig at the alter of there ignorance ,illiteracy and misrule; if they don’t do something about it soon than as Mussarraf has divulged in his autography that America had warned Pakistan of bombing and reducing it to stone age if it did not cooperation against Al- Quaida operation that may be a reality as when a Country having Islamic atomic bomb is itself well aware of Western Power it will be meaningless to boast on old historical glory by other Muslim Countries. The Muslim brothers should take there revenge in a Democratically accepted manner but before that let they fight there enemy within the Dictators and Tyrants that are ruining there Country in the name of Allah.

Sincerely Yours,

Adv. Togo Basar

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