Tuesday, April 3, 2007


The recently released Bollywood movie Munna Bhai Lage Raho Vs Rang De Basanti has nicely reflected the Present Ideological clash, confusion and doubts present in the Indian mindset to follow which way Gandhian or Bhagat Singhs? The movie also depict the grim reality of the long ideological clash between Naram dal and Garam dal vis a vis Congress and BJP which was always there and recent Ideological Preference of the General Publics whatsoever may be Political numerical after selection of Rang De Basanti for Oscar Award due to popular pressure shows the general Public tilt towards radical thinking Party like BJP which talks of strong action in the line of R.D.B.The sense of betrayal by the Youths and common man by the Politicians may be mostly responsible for it as depicted in the movie as they want radical action against everything preferring even war upon pakisthan if necessary. Gone are the days when Father of nation even when slept with her assistant there was no cause of concern unlike today the Politicians who have become father of Donations and are only busy minting money for next life as well and shamelessly marrying wife’s smaller than there daughters .

Amidst all the door close for the actor and his friends in the Movie Rang de Basanti the suicide is the only way left for the chaps who are die hard fans of Bhagat Singh school of thought and one thing unemployed Students don’t lack is courage, the Pertinent question is are we as a nation starting to recognize the Terrorist Outfits who believe in Dhamaka like Bhagat Singh? The selection of the Rang De Basanti for Oscar Award is a Political Victory for alleged extreme Ideological party who see Congress Party as only using Mahatma Gandhi’s image for its Political gain. After waging lots of war with Terrorist Outfits have we not become like Terrorists ourselves or is politicians virtually controlling everything to compel the Youths and general publics to take any extreme action of shooting at the politicians whom they consider as 2nd Britishers before accepting martyrdom, fortunately that stage has at least not come in our Society and should not either unlike in other States were there is farmers commit mass suicide. This present National Psyche is dangerous, however for this state of Earth everyone is responsible, the Society for being as innocent like Cow ready to be butchered one by one in the alter of Political egoism and mismanagement ; why? other States cant be like Mizoram where even this misutilisation are questioned like- MLA, MP laid fund, non implementation of Central sponsored schemes for this we should refrain from electing corrupted Leaders who have dozens of scams against there name and selecting good leaders so what they are poor they can only lead the Society as there is no end to ones greed and what is the guarantee that he will live his old ways unless he starts living in a cottage like N.T.Ramarao. But in kalyug trend seems to be to discourage man with clean image even deny him party ticket as he is a future threat this mindset is discouraging honesty. The recent cabinet decision to take action against those responsible for APEX Bank scam is a very appreciable move as the Public is completely against giving soft loan to those gentleman who have given so much unhappiness to there poor brothers, sisters and mother but there question that what about those responsible for numerous earlier scams like Lottery scam, power scam, Subha Projects, FDR,Vana Plantation, PDS etc? Is also worth pondering, to bury the ghost of corruption once and for all there has to be a impartial investigation by CBI in all the Scams and Disproportion wealth case of every one who dare to throw money to purchase the poor voters through may be hawala transactions in spite of Election Commissioners directives. A new set of Contractor and Businessmen’s diligently doing there assignment and throwing out the Firms and Agency whose previous 5 years record is questionable is need of the hour. Than only may be Bapuji’s soul will ultimately rest in peace when all the ill gotten money of the Publics is recovered, for he never wanted his leaders to enjoy but to work like a Saint for the Publics. A journalist who is jealously fighting a war for truth under democratic norm is one of the last hope he must be at least given prayer support for his dangerous mission for exposing the mukhota of the Politicians and they are better bet than the suicide missions as envisaged by the Movie which has cash on the popular demand of the Publics to see the death and destruction of the Untouchables who should be also given a last chance to clean the mess unlike in the Rang De Basanti.


Adv. Togo Basar

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i think kitte u r doin a great job by awaking the people of our hometown........by writing such a beautiful article....so i think after reading this many will improve their way of thinking...