Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Village Community Land

Lately the Village Community Land has become a source of scorn for the whole Villagers and Society with the old owners trieng to maintain there control and the raise of Land Donators Union have become a common features and the poor Villagers are seen to weep more for the place to bury than for there dead relatives eternal soul.This has further provoked making of rules for controlling of fishing and hunting as well ; this is good as well as bad good because our animal and fishes are also on the verge of extinction due to excessive exploitation and bad because there is already a Wild Life Act for that and by putting so much control we might be relinquissing our own right as Schedule areas has been given number of facilities officially and unofficially which we can lost by precedent we set . Therefore a thin line has to be drawn so that there is no mass uproar. Good for some Villages that they have made Village level rules for maintining the Status Quo of the Village land giving due recognisance to already occupied Village land for construction of house and grenarries by the respective occupiers, but still the legal battles are seen to be common features inspite of the atmosphere of the Society being vititated as a rich and Powerful man can be seldom stopped unless there is a clear cut amendment by the State Assembly as one way or other State is also responsible for appointing Gaon Buras based on political considerations alone leaving the deserving candidates .

In the eye of problems it has become imperative that Govt. does something as the time has come to enact a permenant Community land policy covering Village settlement areas, it is seen that some Peoples are misusing this legal Loopholes by donating a land for construction of Dere etc and after availing all the facilities take back the area surrounding it so that the donation has becomes meaningless. A new law must be all encomposing giving due respect to the Land owner by putting the land donors name in the foundation stone if possible along with the foundation stone layers and give an undertaking to give certain facilities to the land donators but the right of the land over private land other than Community land and land donated to Govt. has to be maintened at all cost only in case of Foothill areas different law can be made if possible as there due to failure of local Populace to control there land effectively many outsiders encroachers have came it is heard which is bad for State interests. The time is running out for us, tommorrow we wont get good land near Village for basic burial purpose even. Therefore the Village Communities should take initiative of procuring the land for this purpose at top priority. The Govt. though sometimes tries to control this problem through executive orders through D.C ,E.A.C and C.O but it is not sufficient as something more has to be done as sometimes the Public servant themselves are seen to co-operate with the rich and powerful Peoples in Local kebas.May be we have to have an amendment in Regulation act itself so that this Problems can be solved for ever as today no one will be that interested to give land to Govt. for development purpose and for other Charitable work as the rich and powerful take that back in the garb of land allotment; therefore we need to preserve what we have; why not the Govt.introduce this bill in the State Assembly as there will be lack of sincere officers like Tope Bam atleast in this field who have earlier also when he was E.A.C Basar was instrumental in passing an Executive order, and after becoming D.C Aalo vide an Executive Order dated Aalo the 18th December 2007 No.WS/JUD-8971/Vol-II has tried to dealt with this problem to do away with the Owners who try to claim back there donated community land in Villages.Lastly let atleast the dead ones rest in eternal peace.

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