Monday, April 2, 2007

The Political Scenario in this Part of the World; Arunachal Pradesh

The Politics has unfortunately become art of staying in Power; some of the Chief Ministers in North East were destined to enjoy the Power and glory, born in a time when Central Govt. Via Lt. Governor was doing anything for there Puppet Govt. unlimited wealth and power was used for Indranisation of North East mindset. Jamir after years of enjoying unlimited power got ousted by the Nagas for failing to understand the new Environment as one has right to think himself as smart but no right to think other as fool; this fall was an interesting incident in the North East it was only possible because all the rank and file irrespective of all party affiliation interestingly within the Party as well fed up of his dictatorship and afraid of there unpredictable future made it a political issue to remove him by hook and crook at grass root level by convincing the Public about his misrule so that M.L.A’s cannot dare to sell themselves after election as it happen each time in earlier elections , though Naga experiment seems to be not possible in our place as of now because the Old Professional still have much of his claws intact, master manipulator has so far overcome all the tide and the Socio Political condition is also different here unlike Nagaland; however Political Pundits have always failed to understand the mindset of North East voters .The shrewd old man has been able to exploit everything to his advantage to the discomfort of his critics, but the man is nevertheless professional, hard working and visionary that cannot be denied, if only others have that statmanship for example the man realized the importance of media long time back and lo there is Times of Arunachal to blitzkrieg on his behalf . Howsoever the Publics cry foul, man has the moral authority to command any leader any time to lick his Shoes whom he made or who take help from him to make a easy entry in Politics as the present aspiring leaders instead of curving a niche for themselves by making a distinct identity and image of there own try to imitate the master and in the process ultimately get easily swallowed by the Big Old mans greater than life image. ; therefore danger bell for those who aspire to get his blessing, it is heard that there was so much fear by the Cabinet Ministers that they refused to accept the Post of Home Ministers as successively earlier Home Ministers were dropped as if it was the last Political level which others can dream of in his lifetime, but in a State where no body is following any rule he cannot be blamed alone but only in case of Sri P.K.Thungonji and removal of jarbom Gamlin faul play is seen; however in Politics nothing is surprising Deceive and betrayal is at present made the mantra by Power crazy politician; as there is always scope for blaming other and the publics who are prone to saluting the rising sun will have definitely no comment like always.

In this part of the World in Politics either be close to the Establishment I,e- be a Coterie or commit virtual hara-kiri this is the mantra for Political success as of now, in first category of persons comes new faces in Politics whose chamchagiris will be rewarded initially they will be always praised in the front of others until there ego gets better of there personality and they are dropped instantly target practised to warn others as an example like a mouse killed randomly in lavatory ; and in another category come Peoples like late Bakin pertinji,Tomo Ribaji and at present Hon’ble MLA Itanagar Sri Kipa babu who have proved that others equally command obedience if they are Dare devil, and sincere as there is beauty in character and personality also like so many great leader though devoid of pot of Gold; The present Politicians cannot escape responsible for spoiling the test of Publics to the extent of no return; the Carnivorous like politicians in the highest order of food chain from social perspective has spoil all the Herbivorous like common Publics to the brink of a common fate, a place in hell.

Politics seems to be all about curving a niche for themselves by hook or crook; this is something everybody knows but nobody wants to leave his comfort zone but Naga experiment is a danger bell for the Untouchable as things are today also more easy than the days of Tomo Riba ji and Bakin Pertinji as the concept like Freedom of expression, free and fair Election, fundamental right and Human right, Right to Information and access to modern transportation and Communication etc. where no where. In this Democratic Society today the violation of Civil rights can be seriously viewed by the Publics as gone are the days when the innocent public like herds of cattle used to follow a leader for any issue personal as well in the fear of persecution upon themselves and there relatives as the media and the Public sees and understand everything and as the public who have increased manifold in terms of Population cannot be controlled like earlier by Individual wit hunting the Opposition Leaders; so today the leaders has to be extra cautious as Publics today only want delivery and respect one who bring changes in the Society not necessary who has mastered manipulation and can stick in the coveted post for eternity.


Adv. Togo Basar

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