Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Securing the Galo land

The Galo highlanders who are enjoying the security and peace must be always grateful to the brothers who are staying in low hill Foothill areas and protecting the motherland from Assam’s nefarious design. Though our forefathers have always frequented the foothill areas on the way to Dibrugarh and Sadia and showed extreme sense of intelligence though illiterate in dealing with the clever Plain peoples, in one occasion which represents one of the funny sides- a group of Villagers while cutting bate for there Contractors were caught by the owner of the cow which was slaughter by them and one of them showed his extreme sense of commonsense and sense of humor when they were compelled to swear that they had not eaten the cow in the name of God; this he did by swearing in local dialect by cutting the ground with the Daw and swearing in the name of Doni- Polo that they have eaten eaten eaten his Cow this is the translated version of the Galo language; the Cow owner was said to be satisfied as he thought the Villagers will not lie in the name of Dharti- mata as he could not understanding the language was convinced by his sincere act, in this way the clever fellow also saved himself from Gods wrath.

The credit for the settlement of Galos in foothill area can be given to the forefathers of Taipodias legend has it that lots of initial Tai forefathers were killed by man-eating tigers, however in recent case to Sri Jikom Ribaji and late Gumken Riba the Prodigal Galo’s who played main role to search for land and has secured our boundary to great extent , sri Jikom Riba still residing in Naharlagun and enjoying a happy family life may God bless him for ever and Late Gumken Riba though no more will be remembered for his immense contribution to the Galo Society. The present Foothill area was earlier thinly populated but the credit for mass settlement of the area definitely goes to both of them. In Present Seren Village which is located in between Pasighat side and Likabali this was discovered by Sri Jikom Ribaji; towards pasighat side other Galos might have been there but in Likabali side other than Tai area, Silli was earlier jungle area first occupied and cultivated by Daring Village youths under the leadership of Sri Jikom Ribaji .This happened on early part of 1963, while the prodigal son of the soil was on a vacation in his 2nd year St. Edmunds College days. He initiated a campaign in the Foothill area along with all landless Dari Villagers they went well armed carrying guns and dynamite for catching river fish and found the Silli area good for hunting animal, catching fish and rice cultivation but they found the Deories already cultivating the land who were very afraid of them mistaking them of being Chinese aggressors after hearing the sound of dynamite used by them for catching fish. They constructed a Dere and stayed there till they made there permanent house. On one occasion one Assamese Gaon Burah called Hojai met them and acknowledge Galo suzerainty upon those land and as token of acknowledgement of Galo Ownership of land gave rice 1No. and 10 No. of Ducks as posa as he accepted that Daddinpatta I,e- Rupees in kind was taken as tax by the Galo’s since time in memorial by the Galos in Likabali side and Koyu side. The Deories were given 7 days time to vacate the land and they started selling there rice to go to other place. Meanwhile Tamik Dabi the Base Superintend of today’s C.O rank send a warning that about 20 Assam Police was ready to strike and he has cleverly calmed them by saying that they were Chinese aggressors. Than before leaving the Silli Sri jikom ribaji is said to have divided all the land equally among the Villagers who accompany him from the Daring Village. Later on the young Jikom remembers that had hard time going back to College as there was threat perception from Deory sides. Another person who played formidable role was Late Gumken Ribaji who had to confront with the Nepalis for land.After Ribas kadus than Zirdo peoples came to settle in those areas. Unfortunately many Galo’s left the foothill leaving there land and some of them left there land completely at the mercy of there labors who later on claimed Ownership. This adventure attitude of Galos have been really helpful in Catering the ever-increasing need of land for our peoples need not to say today there is Galo every where and is contributing immensely to the growth of Local Indigenous Population as well today it will be foolish to reject the coming of quality peoples like America; good for the clan and state if its landless Peasants extend up to no mans land in Mechuka and Nacho side above Talia after proper study and negotiations with the local Population if any as the empty lands are better occupied by our own Peoples instead of refugees like Chakmas .Hajongs and Tibetans this project can be also backed by the APSU as the future is in the Snowfall areas in terms of Tourism for scenic beauty and costly fruits even though it will be difficult initially as the climate is said to be very hostile but no pain no gain like the earlier Tai Galos went through untold misery to secure our border for ever they are thoroughly worthy of our standing ovation. Today we have completely lost faith in our Galo dignity and failed to fight for even our due rights the Outsider are being preferred as Chief Guests for our Community meeting leaving our local senior Citizens in lurches, some Galo Community have shamelessly shown double standard Communal loyalty to other Community as well, every thing has become Politically and self interest motivated need not to say undermining the weakness of this Community it will be not surprising tomorrow even if the proposed broadening of National Highway from Likabali to Mechuka if diverted through other way the Galos will stay as silent like Caws.Inspite of the facts that Bogi Bridge will make our State very near from Likabali and State can also develop the Tourism as the Malinithan will be on the way and also in spite of the fact that some place have got Airport without any effort our representatives should fight for our Galo interests as it will be good for every Arunachalee after all this is the only most liberal place in State were there is marriage terms with all the Community and above all even outsiders have successfully opened there Business in Petrol and Gas sector without any objection whatsoever quarter other exception being in Capital. Therefore no body can be our enemy we just have to have belief in ourselves after studying the unblemished record of our forefathers and thrive to secure our future which has direct nexus to the well being of States future.

Sincerely your’s

Adv. Togo Basar.


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Interesting history, I think such historical facts should be accumulated for better establishment of the facts, I am not saying to initiate the conflict but I hope such steps will help people to understand the issues. With regards
Arup, an Assamese

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